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Remember God in silence even whilst doing action,make life easy.

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Essence: Sweet children, it is now the stage of retirement for all of you. You now have to return home. Therefore, remember the Father and the home. Become pure and finish all your accounts.

 Question: What is the patience that the Father gives you children?

Answer: Children, there will be many varieties of obstacle in this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. However, you have to have patience. When your influence spreads, countless people will come and they will all bow their heads in front of you. Then the bonds of those in bondage will finish. The more you remember the Father, the more your bonds will continue to break, and you will become conquerors of sinful actions.

 Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,

God Father is teaching the highest study at this time to you illiterate poor mothers.  Here, God has come to relieve you from the jail of Ravan-to liberate you from sorrows. Then you will go back to home along with God-Father.

God-Father knows that no one can receive liberation in the midst of this world drama. Every soul has to become impure. The original foundation of the ancient religion gets degraded but some memories are left out. If there is no memories, how souls can remember about them.

You know that Lakshmi Narayan were the Prince and Princess – Krishna and Radha at their younger age. Deities cannot come in impure world. God speaks the Gita but Krishna’s name is given to Gita. In reality the deities like Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar live only in subtle world.  Human beings live on earth. Sri Lakshmi is devi (goddess) and Sri Narayan is devta (god). In reality, you belong to the deity religion, which gives a lot of happiness.

Not every religious follower comes in golden age but those who got converted to other religion and those who belong to the original religion. God takes birth in Bharat. God has come to relieve you from the world of sufferings. This world is the vicious Rajasthan, God takes you to the virtuous deity Rajasthan.

God just asks you to remember Him and the inheritance of heaven. You need not have to say anything through words, even in mind. You just have to remember God in silence, doing household works. Make effort to remain pure being at home. Tell that God gives direction in dreams to remain pure.

Now, it is the time for judgement. You are in the retirement stage. God speaks to the whole world, Now, it is the retirement stage for all souls of the world. Every soul has to return home (soul world). So, souls have to remember the home. Otherwise God never gives you any trouble, it is very easy to remember God in silence.

Remain at home, prepare food, but do it in remembrance of God-Father. You remember your husband about his needs, here God is the husband of all husbands. Even if you don’t get holidays, still you can remember God being anywhere. You can receive the complete inheritance by remembrance of God-Father.

There will be obstacles in this sacrificial fire of knowledge, there has to be courage in this spiritual path. Tell everyone to remember God-Father and receive the inheritance. You have to remember only God-Father, not any deity.

If you remember God from now, you will remember God whilst leaving the body. All the obstacles will come to an end. Take medicine for health, at the same time remember God-Father. By remembering God-Father, your bondage of relations will also be relieved. The more you remember the God-Father, that much sinful action will be removed. There is also bondage of sinful actions. Lust is the number one sinful action.  You have to become victorious over vicious actions. At the end you will become karmateet, free from bondage of all actions. Then the account of happiness will begin.

It is easy for the businessmen to finish old accounts and start new. The more you remember, that much you will accumulate. Unless you remember, how it will be accumulated. God-Father never gives you any difficulty, you need not have to keep wandering, like you have been doing birth after birth.

God explains you the Truth and hence it is said, God is Truth. All others are false. What God teaches and what human being teaches, this is as per the world drama. Once again it will repeat. By following the direction of God-Father, you will attain the elevated status.

You make effort to go to golden age where there will not be any vicious sins. Those who never follow the direction of God-Father are known as non-believer of God.

Shrimat is to make you elevated. God has taught you in every world cycle. Scriptures belong to devotion. People have lot of regard for scriptures and images. Now, God says, forget all these.

1) Become a point completely.

2) Apply full stop.

3) Don’t listen to anything else. Hear No evil, See no evil, Talk no evil. Other than God-Father, don’t listen to anyone’s direction.

4) Become soul conscious,

5) forget everything else.

You soul listen through the physical organs. However much effort others make they cannot receive liberation or liberation in life. People study this knowledge if they have it in their fortune. It is very easy to explain to others, You just have to make others remember God and the inheritance of heaven. This is known as Manmanabhav in Sanskrit.

Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind. Then who is great. If you remember God-Father, you will receive the inheritance.  Many would come to this knowledge, where they would go? You know that you are creating heaven with your body, mind and wealth. Ask about relationship of God and Adam with the souls.

Supreme Soul Supreme Father creates New world of purity through Adam-Brahma. People say God becomes a worshipper. If God becomes a worshipper, how He would make souls pure? You souls become worshipworthy to worshipper.

It is said, Son shows Father, Father shows Son.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become a clever businessman, finish all the old accounts and begin the new account of happiness. Stay in remembrance and cut away the bonds of sin. Be patient and do not rush.

 2. While preparing food at home, and performing every action, stay in remembrance of the Father. Fill your aprons with the imperishable jewels of knowledge that the Father gives you and donate them to others.

Blessing: May you remain unshakeable and immovable and free from any upheaval of “Why?” or “What?” by applying the tilak of the three dots at amrit vela.

 BapDada always says: Apply the tilak of the three dots at amrit vela every day. You are a dot, the Father is a dot and whatever happened or whatever is to happen is nothing new, and so put a full stop. To apply the tilak of the three dots means to maintain your awareness. You will then remain unshakeable and immovable throughout the day and the upheaval of “Why?” and “What?” will finish. Whenever any situation arises, put a full stop at that moment. It is nothing new, it had to happen and so it is happening and so just continue to watch as a detached observer and continue to move forward.

 Slogan: Finish the force of the flow of waste thoughts with the power of transformation and you will become powerful.

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