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Where there is love,there is no effort.It becomes natural.

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Essence: Sweet children, repent (understand, experience and release) sincerely for your sins by staying in remembrance and you will become conquerors of sinful actions and your past karmic accounts will be settled.

 Question: Which children are easily able to renounce everything?

Answer: The children who have internal disinterest in everything are easily able to renounce everything. You children should no longer have any desire of wanting to wear, to eat, to do something etc. You have to renounce the whole world including your own body. The Father has come to give you heaven on the palms of your hands and so your intellect’s yoga should be removed from this old world.

 Song: Mother, o mother, you are the fortune of the world!

Sweet Children,

It is said those who become No.1 Charitable soul become No.1 sinful soul. Then he once again becomes No.1 charitable soul. He has to make a lot of effort certainly because like God, he also has to become a teacher and teach others.

Illness is caused according to karmic accounts of so many births. So, you need not have to fear about it. With happiness you have to settle the karmic accounts and pass the test paper. Because, the karmic accounts are created by yourself. The settlement can happen by remembrance of One God-Father.

You have to study this knowledge till you live on this earth, you have to remember God-Father till the end. You have to settle all the karmic accounts here, with happiness.

There are various types of unlimited karmic accounts, to be settled. You have to settle them in various ways. There is unlimited happiness in golden age.  When the soul leaves the body, it takes birth through another body. The body of human being is never used unlike the body of animals, when they leave the body. The impure body of human being is not used for anything.

Yours is the unlimited Father who is remembered for half of the world cycle. The True child of God, one who listens to this True Gita, has to remain completely virtuous and pure.  The people of the world who listens to the worldly Gita never remain pure. This  True Gita is the mother of all scriptures, is unknown to the world.

The God is praised the most than any deities.  Although people worship deities, no one can give them the liberation and liberation in life. Now you are in iron age, you had lived in golden age earlier. There is only one World Mother. Jagadamba – Saraswati – Eve is the daughter of Adam-Brahma at this confluence age. She cannot be called as wife at this time. Even in scriptures, Brahma is not shown with wife.

Even Adam-Brahma is adopted by God-Father to give knowledge to the world. Then World Mother – Eve is adopted for the world service. God gives you knowledge directly. God comes to you personally to give the knowledge, through Adam-Brahma. Adam – Brahma never teaches you but God Himself.

The Supreme God-Father is known as the Ocean of knowledge not Adam-Brahma, the father of human kind. The golden age – heaven appears on earth. Subtle world is present up above. The world far beyond is soul world where souls reside. You rule the kingdom in golden age – heaven in Bharat.  You never become king for the soul world.

This creation one earth is physical world. The Bharat – India was heaven earlier and will become heaven once again. When people leave the body, it is said, they go to heaven which is not true. The heaven exists on earth not up above. Now, the world is impure now, which was pure earlier. Hence, the pure world of heaven is known as world beyond (parlok).

When you go into retirement iron age, the golden age is known as the world afar – beyond and is known as pa(a)rlok.

Now, you say that you will rule the New world once again. Everyone makes the spiritual effort according to their fortune. Those who study well, imbibe knowledge, become king of the golden age. You transform the world in to heaven. Bharat was heaven, deities ruled the kingdom, but nothing exists now. Once again the golden aged heaven has to be created. The golden palaces will be built once again.

We will become prince princess once again through this college. You are the students of this college which belong to the God-Father Himself. You study to attain kingdom. In the past lives, kings attain their kingdom by doing a lot of charity. You children are adopted by God-Father , study this knowledge and attain kingdom.

The prince and princess of golden age study in a very good and royal college. The students go to college in Pushpak vimaan, the aeroplane which is present outside their palaces. You never have to walk to the college. The college consists of beautiful garden and palaces, remain No.1 in the world. The five elements remain completely pure. You were served by the five elements by creating best fruits and flowers for you. Everything will be created for you.

Whenever the beautiful, best flower and fruit is created for the first time, it is offered to the King and Queen (of golden age) as a gift. Here, your father is ShivBaba (Benefactor Father) who does not have a body to consume any food, still you offer food through the body of Adam-Brahma. In reality what you would feed to the Incorporeal highest God-Father? He never has any desire for any food or dress. Even you children must not have any such type of desires.

If you enjoy the pleasure of physical objects here, your fortune of happiness, of golden age, will be reduced. Here, you have to sacrifice yourself completely by your intellect, die alive to the God-Father. You need not have to make any effort, to sacrifice, when there is true love for the God-Father.

God-Father has come with the gift of heaven for you children. Wife never forgets the husband, here you never forget the God-Father. By God’s remembrance your sins are removed , you receive liberation and liberation in life. Here, you have to remember God in silence with faith in your intellect. God transforms the impure to pure. You have to remember God-Father constantly, known as Manmanabhav.

The One who Purifies the impure souls, One who gives salvation for all souls is only One God-Father. Only He has to be remembered not the first Prince of golden age Sri Krishna or any other deities. When you remember Me, you will become the King who become victorious over the vices.

From copper age, you start coming down the ladder, fall in vice. In golden age, there is nothing of attachment. Children and everyone remain happy constantly in golden age. There will be many souls who would serve you. You study now in such a college by which you become Prince Princess of golden age.

There is a difference between king and queen of this time and Great King and Great Queen of golden age. Now, you know there is no essence in doing charity or devotion at this time. The world has to become old according to the world drama, in all aspects like purity, anger, devotion, etc., People fight a lot against each other at this time even try to kill own father and take the wealth.

This world of vices and impurity is about to get transformed, the world of golden age is to arrive very soon.


Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become a pure charitable soul, make effort to stay in remembrance. You have to settle your karmic accounts, pass with honours and return home with honour. Therefore, do not be afraid of the suffering of past actions, but settle your accounts in happiness.

 2. Always stay in the intoxication that you are becoming future princes and princesses. This is the college for becoming princes and princesses.

 Blessing: May you be a soul who is an embodiment of success and receives good fruit from the seed of good thoughts.

 All thoughts of a soul who is an embodiment of success for the self and others are successful. Such souls receive success in every action. Whatever words they speak also become practical and this is why they are said to be words of truth. Every thought, word and deed of souls who are embodiments of success prove to be practical and do not go to waste. If the seed of thought is very good, but the fruit that emerges is not good, then the soil of determined inculcation is not good or there is something lacking in paying attention.

 Slogan: In order to become free from waves of sorrow, be a karma yogi and then perform actions.

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