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To remember God-Father, remove the body consciousness.

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Essence: Sweet children, you should not debate too much with anyone. Just give the introduction of the Father to everyone.
Question: The unlimited Father has stepchildren as well as real children. Who are real children and who are stepchildren?
Answer: Those who follow Baba’s (God-Father’s) shrimat, who tie a true rakhi of purity, who have the faith that they will surely take the unlimited inheritance; children with such faith in the intellect are real children. Stepchildren are those who follow the dictates of their own minds; sometimes they have faith, sometimes doubt. They even break the promise they make. The duty of worthy children is to listen to and follow all of Baba’s directions. The first direction Baba gives is: Sweet children, now tie a true rakhi of purity and finish any impure attitude.
Song:     Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to come.
Sweet Children,
The New world, New Creation comes after the old creation. The God-Father creates the New World. People say God does not have name or form. But God’s name is Shiv (Benefactor). Only when you have the introduction of God-Father, you can remember the God-Father.
First give the introduction of the unlimited Father, how He creates the children of God, how the New world is created. God-Father remains in the soul world. Heaven exists on earth.Souls reside in soul world. God creates heaven and you children receive the inheritance of heaven. God created heaven, now have become hell (due to vices).
The residents of Bharat understand this knowledge very easily,they know about the vices-Ravan. People say God does not have any limit, indifferent to name and form (which are wrong). Because of this people have lost hope. Now, God-Father says, I have come once again. Devotees get the fruit of devotion here on earth. I had to come on earth. Devotees need God. What they would receive from God? Liberation and liberation in life. Everyone never receives them. Whoever makes effort receives them.
Now, you don’t look out for God. God has to come according to the time (world drama). You were searching for Him but could not find Him out. You had to take 84births. You have to explain about the world cycle. First you have to give introduction that God is the creator of heaven. And you are children of God created through Adam-Brahma. The Father of Adam-Brahma is God-Father Shiv (Benefactor). You belong to the divine Godly clan.
The true children have made the promise of purity. The real children tie the rakhi of purity. After the transformation, everyone’s awareness of soul will be lighted up. God comes and meets the children on His garden, where there are different types of souls-flowers.
God-Father comes and makes His children belong to Him. People desire for One world, one religion, there is also need of purity. Pure souls come in golden age. The temple of unlimited God-Father is known as golden age.
In golden age, there is no name of knowledge. The One who gives salvation is only One God. Human beings, gurus, saints cannot give you salvation. Saints never value the happiness of golden age. They cannot give you liberation. The one who gives liberation and liberation in life is only One God-Father. People have love for Krishna, God creates the land of Krishna.
2500years, there is sorrow, and other half there is happiness. This world is the play of victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow. Sanyasis think of attaining liberation but no one gets liberated. Only God-Father gives liberation to souls (at the end). You children establish your kingdom, here on earth there is only sorrow, you create the world of happiness.
It is said, you have to remember only One God-Father. To remember the One, you have to get rid of body consciousness. Every soul has to return home leaving the body. Those who are real children tie the rakhi – knot of purity,they pass with honour. Those who are real children, make others knowledgeable and pure like them. God-Father says, the husband and wife both can remain pure.
The vicious habits like smoking, drinking are to be get rid of. The real children have to follow the direction of God-Father. Men have more control over women, Women have less control over men – to make them follow God. If you follow the direction of God, you will become the master of heaven, the unlimited inheritance.
This world is known as the world of sorrows. Here, you must not even wear gold ornaments (because of cost and theft). In golden age, you receive the palaces of gold. You know where the soul of Krishna is now. Every soul has to become tamopradhan – impure (according to the world drama), God comes and takes everyone back home after transformation.
Essence for dharna:
1.            You now have to tie the bond of purity. Shed body consciousness and transform impure attitudes.
2.            Follow Baba’s shrimat and become a worthy child. You have to drink the nectar of knowledge and also give it to others. Imbibe the fragrance of knowledge and become a fragrant flower.
Blessing: May you move forward through your words and activity based on truth and good manners and become an embodiment of success.
Always remember that the sign of truth is having good manners. If you have the power of truth, you should never leave your good manners behind. You may prove the truth, but do it with good manners. The sign of good manners is humility and the sign of a lack of good manners is being stubborn. When your words and activity are based on good manners, you will receive success. This is the means of moving forward. If you have truth but do not have good manners you won’t then receive success.
Slogan: Remain light in your relationships, connections and your stage but not in your timetable.

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