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Determined thought to have good feelings and wishes for all brings success.

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Sandhesh on Mamma’s day

Every child has to become victorious child like Mamma. To become victorious, early morning when you remember God-Father, after receiving the power from God-Father, create a thought that whatever test paper comes in the form of Maya-obstacles, I have to become victorious through determined thought.

Have good blessings good wishes towards every soul, then check this every night if you had good wishes and good feelings for all whatever others say or do.  If good feeling is not there at any time, repent for it with God-Father. Mamma said, if you repent now, God-Father becomes happy with you, otherwise you will have to face the Supreme Judge at the end.

Create a determined thought to become victorious and to make others victorious.

You are all instrument souls who have good wishes to benefit everyone. This good feelings and good wishes are to be there always.

Now, bring the time of completion closer. The sufferings are increasing, our brother and sisters are suffering, now bring your kingdom closer.

Now, it is the time for fast spiritual effort, the days become worse day by day, so invoke your golden age kingdom and bring closer.

You instrument souls will become instrumental in creating pure offspring by the power of yog.

Create a determined thought that whatever actions you do, you will do it with determined thought. Success means determined thought. Together, create the thought to finish the world of suffering and bring the world of happiness closer.

God-Father said, I did. If you keep this in your awareness and perform action, you will receive the co-operation and support of Mamma, Baba and Drama. Remember this gift all the time to become victorious and bring the time of completion closer.

Om shanti.


Essence: Sweet children, you should not become trapped by the name and form of any bodily being. Become bodiless and remember the Father and your lifespan will increase and you will continue to become free from disease.

 Question: What are the main signs of sensible children?

Answer: 1. Sensible ones firstly imbibe knowledge themselves and then inspire others. The clouds fill themselves and then go and shower on others. They do not yawn at the time of studying. It is the teachers’ responsibility to bring here only those who become refreshed and who then go and shower on others.

 2. Only those who remain in yoga accurately, who help in creating a powerful atmosphere and who do not create obstacles, are the ones who should come here. Here, silence should be observed all around; there should be no noise of any kind.

 Song: Salutations to Shiva (God, the Benefactor).

Sweet Children,

The soul and Supreme soul is the embodiment of peace (the meaning of om shanti). God-Father says, you never experience peace from outside but from within. At this time, you just have to remember the God-Father. You must not get entangled in the image and form. You must remember only the God-Father by which you will become healthy.

The deities (human beings of golden age) remain decorated (with virtues). You have to forget the body and bodily beings and remember the bodiless Incorporeal God-Father.

You have the bondage of sins on your head, without remembering the God-Father you can not reduce the sins. The one who becomes No.1 impure, becomes No.1 pure. The God-Father is the most loving whom you must remember doing all action.

You must have deep love for God-Father, not towards any bodily beings, by which you will become healthy.

Sri Krishna will come once again in golden age like in the previous world cycle.

You children know that Paradise existed 3000years before Christ, you can calculate the duration of world cycle by yourself.

You remain completely virtuous in golden age. The scriptures are created in the name of Religious founders. God-Father says, remove your intellect from the old things and rest your mind on One God, remove your attachment from all beings and things.

In golden age, you would know that you have to leave one body and take another once you reach old age. In golden age, even the animals live with lot of love.

You have to make this spiritual effort, you have to remember the God-Father - who is your Father, Teacher and the Satguru - not Adam-Brahma or any deities. Then you will come in golden age.

You listen to this knowledge and make others imbibe this knowledge. You have to remain cautious at this time. To the extent possible, you have to remain in remembrance of God-Father. You receive direction to remain in remembrance of God-Father, to experience silence.

When you detach from body, you will feel yourself as a soul to experience peace-silence, instantly. When you remember the God-Father, your sins will be removed and you benefit by this. To the extent possible, remember the most sweetest God-Father.  

God-Father says, become soul conscious. You receive this inheritance of heavenly income in every world cycle. You listen to this true story and become the true master of heaven.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain detached from the body and practise stabilising yourself in the religion of the self. Remember the most beloved Father to whatever extent you can. Remove every thread of attachment from everything.

 2. Pay full attention to the study and have blessings and mercy for yourself. Break the intellect’s yoga away from the limited and connect it to the Unlimited. Sacrifice yourself fully by belonging to the Father.

Blessing: May you be an image that attracts by imbibing the fragrance of complete purity as well as colour and beauty.

 By becoming children of God, all of you have got colour and your form has also been transformed. However, the fragrance is numberwise. In order to be an image that attracts, together with colour and beauty, you also need the fragrance of complete purity. Purity does not mean just celibacy but also to be free from attachment. Your mind should not be attached to anyone apart from the Father. Be celibate with your body, in your relationships and also in your sanskars. Only spiritual roses with such fragrance become images that attract.

 Slogan: Recognize the real truth and it will become easy to experience supersensuous happiness.

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