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Only God-Father gives salvation to souls not any Saint or Rishi.

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Essence: Sweet children, you mouth-born progeny, of Adam-Brahma, must definitely follow shrimat in order to claim your full inheritance from the unlimited Father for 21 births.
Question: What preparations are you children making? What is your plan?
Answer: You are making preparations to go to the land of immortality. Your plan is to change Bharat-India into heaven. You are engaged in the service of changing Bharat into heaven through your mind, your body and your wealth. You are the Father’s complete helpers. Your new kingdom is being established through the power of non-violence, whereas human beings are making plans for destruction.
Song:     Mother, o Mother! You are the Bestower of Life for all.
Sweet Children,
The God is known as the Mother and the Father. God appears on earth to create New World and transforms the old world. The physical father is the creator of  the child. God-Father creates you children of God through Adam-Brahma and gives you unlimited happiness.
God can also be known as Grand-Father because Adam (Brahma) and Eve (world Mother) remains father and mother of human kind. Children experience happiness in golden age, and sorrow in iron age. You children know that the unlimited Father creates heaven.
The Adam-Brahma becomes subtle, now you children belong to the subtle Brahma-Adam. The Supreme Father Supreme Soul creates Heaven, you receive heaven, the inheritance from the God-Father. I create you children every 5000years world cycle.
You children are made to belong to God-Father. You become angel-deity from being a child of God.  Father explains , you have been deceived for so many births. Even if one person on earth undergo suffering, it will be known as land of sorrows. In heaven, no one experience sorrow. Certainly, the deity religion is no more.
The God of the Gita is the Incorporeal God-Father (not Sri Krishna as mentioned in scriptures).It is said Shivratri, Benefactor God comes at the night of unlimited ignorance. Sri Krishna takes birth through a mother. (God never takes birth).
By following the direction of God, you become the master of world. Those who belong to the Sun and Moon dynasty learn Rajayoga at this time. You promise to remain pure because God establishes pure world at this time.
God-Father is only One who says I teach you Raja Yoga. You have to remain pure at this final birth. You have to get rid of lust. When you receive the unlimited inheritance, why not you leave the vices? I even liberate the Saints and Rishis. Only God knows the path to the Soul world. Every soul has to take rebirth on earth.
Christ established the religion, his followers has to follow him from soul world. The Ocean of Knowledge is only one God-Father. There will be very few in golden age. Many go to the soul world, receive only peace and you receive both peace and happiness (in golden age).
Those who belong to the God will become the master of heaven. Whoever belongs to the Sun dynasty would follow the direction of God. The world drama would make them perform spiritual effort. You have loving intellect towards the God-Father. You create foundation of the New world in co-operation with the God-Father.
The Scientist create bombs for transformation, later there will be the drums of victory. There are many who leave God after belonging to Him. People listen to the scriptures, but never transform their nature-sanskars, they keep falling down.
Essence for dharna:
1.            Be true Children of God and take care of this Rudra gyan yagya. Just as corporeal Adam-Brahma becomes subtle, make effort to become subtle in the same way.
2.            In order to become happy for 21 births, promise the Father that you will remain pure for this one birth. Leave the pyre of lust and sit on the pyre of knowledge. You must definitely follow shrimat.
Blessing: May you become master trikaldarshi and perform every action knowing the consequences of each action because of being knowledge-full.
Trikaldarshi children perform every action knowing the consequence of that action. They never say, “It should not have happened, but it happened”. “I should not have said that, but I just said it.” This proves that you do not know the consequences of your actions and simply performed those actions out of innocence. It is good to be innocent but be innocent in your heart: do not be innocent in situations and actions. For that, become trikaldarshi as you listen to and speak about anything, for only then would you be said to be a saint, a great soul.
Slogan: Instead of copying one another, copy the Father and you will become an elevated soul.

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