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Now,God teaches you.He had come even 5000years before.

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Essence: Sweet children, there is no pleasure in this old world and old body. Therefore, die alive to it (by intellect), belong to the Father and become true moths.
 Question: What is the fashion of the confluence age?
Answer: It is only at this confluence age that you children, while sitting here, go on a tour to your in-laws' home, Paradise. This is the fashion of the confluence age. Only at this time is the secret of the subtle region revealed.
 Question: With which method can you easily forget poverty and sorrow?
Answer: Practise being bodiless and you will forget poverty and sorrow. The Father only comes to the poor children to make them wealthy. Only the poor children are adopted by the Father.

Song: The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering of moths, for the sake of love

Sweet Children,
The love for God is very good. When the soul gets detached from body, body is said to be dead. You have to detach from body (by intellect-by relaxation)  being alive.
You must become like moths in the love of God.
The soul leaves the world and goes to the soul world. There are people who are poor, who remain in sorrow. When you detach from body, you forget your sorrows.
Unless you become pure, you cannot go back to the soul world.
God Shiv (Benefactor God) does not have a body, unlike you souls.
GodFather comes to transform the world in to heaven, transform human beings into deities.
You attain more elevated status by this Godly knowledge. Here, God teaches you souls. You never become ill for 21births in golden age. You become master of the world, none else.
Now, you are in the presence of the God-Father. You know that our Father of the souls has come. You visit the subtle world.
At present, the gold has become more valuable unlike in golden age. The Bharat-India has become very poor.
God has come now, He had come even 5000years before. Sri Krishna takes birth in day. God Shiv takes birth in the night-darkness of ignorance. God-Father comes to create the unlimited day. It is known as the day of Brahma-Adam and night of Brahma-Adam. Brahma never takes birth from the womb (Brahma is adopted by God-Father).
Brahma-Adam is made as your mother (father of humankind). Children-souls come in body conscious and forget this knowledge. Body is perishable, soul is imperishable.
This is your final birth, now you soul has belonged to the God-Father along with the body.
The soul has the only One Beloved. Soul struggles a lot to meet the God-Father in devotion.
Here, God appears in the body of Brahma-Adam. This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge. There is no other gathering where people become deities, unlike here. You receive inheritance from God, here, you become the master of the world.
In golden age, vices never exist like here. Golden age is known as the world of virtuous deities-vishnu-Krishna-angels.
You have to keep your aim object in your mind. You understand difference between the Incorporeal God-Father and the father of humankind (Brahma-Adam).
Virtuous deities-human beings exist in golden age, not here. Brahma-Adam becomes deity and God is known as the Supreme Soul.
God explains, the death is about to come- all souls have to go back to the soul world. God comes in every world cycle of 5000years.
Every soul has its imperishable role recorded in it to play. This is the nature.

Essence for dharna:
1. Consider yourself to be a soul and connect the love of your heart to the one Father. This vicious world is of no use. Therefore, remove it from your intellect.
 2. In order to make your life like a diamond, sacrifice yourself (by intellect) completely to the one Father. "Mine is one Baba (God-Father) and none other." Make this lesson firm.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and become victorious and overcome even a big situation of Maya (obstacles-vices) by making it small.

It is in your own hands to make something big small or to make something small big. Some people’s nature makes small things very big whereas others make even big things small. No matter how big a situation of Maya comes in front of you, become bigger than that and that situation will become small. By remaining in your original stage, even a big adverse situation will appear small and it will be easy to gain victory over it. If you remember at that time that you are victorious every cycle then, through this faith you will become victorious.

Slogan: Make the Bestower of Blessings your true Companion and your apron will be filled with blessings.

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