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you soul,is a point of light-a tiny star,like God.

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Essence: Sweet children, awaken in the early morning hours of nectar and pour in the oil of remembrance of the Father. The light of the soul will then remain constantly lit.

Question: Which task is the children’s, not the Father’s?
Answer: Children ask Baba (God-Father) to open the lock on the intellect of such and such a relative. Baba says: This is not My business; this is the task of you children. The locks on your intellects have opened, so you must open the locks on the intellects of others and make them also worthy to go to heaven, that is, you must show everyone the path to liberation and liberation-in-life.

Song: Awaken, o brides awaken! The new age is about to come.

Sweet Children,
You children are awake number-wise, and now, you have to awake others. You have to remember God constantly. It is good to remember God during early morning hours so that you will remember throughout the day.
You remain in the awareness of soul-light by remembering the God. Your  memorial is the garland made of lights. The light of remembrance exists from this confluence age to the silver age.You receive this direction of God at this time.
The more you remain awake number-wise, that much you can make others  awake. You have to remember during early morning hours. By remembrance, the soul remains pure, the sins will be removed. Now, the soul is covered with the cloud of ignorance.
You just have to remember God, which removes all types of diseases. Now, you children are becoming great by the power of purity. By purity, you receive a long life, by the power of remembrance.
You have to remain pure at this final birth. Sanyasis go to jungle to remain pure, here, you have to be in household and remain free from the vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Sanyasis take rebirth on this world of sorrow (iron age), you children have to finish your vices and take birth in the world of heaven.
You must get rid of all types of attachment and go to the eternal world. Sanyasi does all types of hathyog but they don’t know about liberation and liberation in life. Whatever actions Sanyasis do, they still take birth in the world of sorrows. But you children go to the world of happiness.
Sanyasis don’t know about the real renunciation, to remain free from vices being in household, hence they go to the forest to remain free from vices. They don’t know how souls receive liberation and liberation in life. You know about the aim object, you know that you go to the world of golden age.
You have to make effort in this spiritual life, there is nothing of any blessing. The lock of your intellect opens up, still you have to make effort. God-Father never opens up the lock of the intellect. Whoever understood this knowledge in the previous cycle will listen to this knowledge.
When the soul comes down from soul world, for the first time, they remain pure, later they undergo the stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo  and tamo. The religious followers come according to the plan of the world drama to establish various religion.
It is God, who is ever pure, makes you pure.  God never goes through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. You receive elevated status according to your effort. The unlimited God-Father gives you the very easy method.
God is a point of light, still He is your God-Father, Teacher and SatGuru. He is the Purifier, makes you great kings and queens. Only the unlimited Father gives you the unlimited knowledge. There is no one who  lives a long healthy life like the deities.
In golden age, soul understands that we will leave the body and become a child. Father explains daily, Hey living soul, you live on earth with a body. Now, you listen directly from God-Father. Whatever scriptures you have listened for so many births were not of any use. This time (when God appears on earth) is known as the most auspicious confluence age.
Here, you receive the right introduction of God-Father. But very few have faith in God. At the end, everyone will understand that God has come to teach you children. People ask how the God-incorporeal come and teaches you, you can make them understand but very few understand the reality.
The sapling of you children, are being planted now at this time. People call God as omnipresent. They worship deities. In reality the unlimited God-Father is only One. He has been praised as the Purifier. He is the only God-Father, who comes at this confluence age. He has come and He says, Now, remember Me, so that your sins will be removed.
Now, you children know that this is knowledge. People would create obstacles. God is the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of happiness, certainly He would have performed some actions. God simply says, Remember Me. God never gives any difficulty. Sri Krishna cannot say this. God says, you take care of household, children, but remember Me. If you find no other time, wake up early morning and remember Me.
You have to sleep at the right time, keep your chart of remembrance. (Early to bed and early to wake-to remember God in the morning). Whatever spiritual effort, you make at this time, by this, you will become ever healthy, every happy and ever wealthy in golden age.
All types of festivals like holi, Rakhi are the memorial of this confluence age. It is good to remember God during early morning hours. You have to wake up those who are in the sleep of ignorance. Now, you are awake, you belong  to the God-Father and you will receive inheritance of heaven from the God-Father.
In this spiritual life, you have to make effort for your own self and also serve others.

Essence for dharna:
1. Increase the practice of remembrance. Do not become tired on this pilgrimage or make excuses. Keep a full chart of remembrance. Prepare and eat food in remembrance of Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father).
 2. Have unlimited renunciation through the intellect. Renounce this dirty world from the intellect. Give everyone the mantra you have received from the Father. Since you have awakened, you must awaken others.

Blessing: May you be a spiritual server and attract others with your attractive stage.
Spiritual servers can never think that there isn’t growth in service or that there isn’t anyone to listen to them. There are many who want to listen, but you simply have to make your stage spiritually attractive. Since a magnet is able to attract metal towards itself, then, can your spiritual power not pull souls to you? So, become magnets that have spiritual attraction through which souls will automatically be attracted and come in front of you. This is the service of you spiritual server children.

Slogan: In order to become an embodiment of solutions, continue to give love and respect to everyone.

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