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You must remember the Allah to go back to His Home – heaven.

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Essence: Sweet children, by belonging to the Father you claim a right to liberation-in-life in a second without spending a shell. As soon as you have faith you receive the inheritance.

Question: What is the duty of the sensible children with shrewd intellects?
Answer: To go on the true pilgrimage and to inspire others to go on the true pilgrimage is the duty of the children with shrewd intellects. The true pilgrimage is Manmanabhav. Through this pilgrimage, you will be saved from all types of wandering. Just as the Father is benevolent, so children with shrewd intellects would be as benevolent as the Father.

Question: What does the Father tell you; something that you continue to whisper in everyone’s ear?
 Answer: Baba says: Children, remember Me; don’t remember any bodily beings (by looking at everyone as a soul). If you remember bodily beings, you become body conscious. Therefore, always think that all bodily beings are already dead and that you have to remember the Father. Continue to whisper this in everyone’s ear.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,
When a child is born or get adopted, the child never spend anything instead they belong to the inheritance of father. Here, you children become rightful owner of liberation and liberation in life (heaven) without any expense, by belonging to the God-Father.
God is the creator of heaven and you receive it as your inheritance without any expense. In devotion, you wander a lot, spend a lot unlike here.
You can ask others what is your relationship with the Purifier, the Ocean of knowledge. Through God-Father you receive liberation in life just in  a second, like the King Janak. People never has the right knowledge, the Knowledge-full is the only one God-Father.
The only One God-Father is known to purify the impure souls – vicious souls. The old vicious world is about to end – to be transformed into the New world. You know that you are the children of God. You must just remember the God-Father and the inheritance of heaven. By doing this, you become rightful owner of the inheritance of heaven.
The most important is, you must know about God-Father and what you receive from Him. Parents always like to have an heir. God-Father speaks to you souls, you are the brothers amongst yourselves , belong to Me, then why you are not remembering God and the inheritance. God speaks to you through the body of Adam-Brahma. Adam-Brahma is not your guru, he is the father of humankind and the God-Father is your grandfather, the Satguru.
Children never understand the knowledge, when they grow up, they understand the knowledge that God gives the inheritance of heaven. You must use different methods to explain this Godly knowledge.
Those who are sensible children, do service to give introduction of God-Father. When you are a child of God, you must come in heaven.You must remember the Allah to go back to His Home – heaven. You have to remember the One God-Father, none else.
You children must not remember body or bodily beings. Remember Me alone. The world is full of sorrows, gives pain to each other. Here, you must remember only the Alpha and Beta – God and His inheritance. This is the meaning of Manmanabhav (Rest your mind on Me alone).
You children must become the benefactors, must know whom you have served every day. You must establish the true religion. With this knowledge, you need not have to do any other spiritual pilgrimages. You must just remember God-Father in His abode of the world of silence, which is known as the true pilgrimage and remember the golden age. Manmanabhav. Children must have the shrewd intellect.

Essence for dharna:
1. The way to become like a diamond is to have remembrance of the Father. By having remembrance of the Father you will receive the sovereignty of heaven without spending as much as a shell. Therefore, constantly stay in remembrance of the one Father.
 2. It is better to die than to ask for anything. You have received everything from the Father. Therefore, don’t ask for anything. Become benevolent and show everyone the true path.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor and become full of all treasures and remain busy in service at every moment.
 Souls who are instruments for world benefit will first of all be full of all treasures themselves. If you have the treasure of knowledge, you should have full knowledge and not lack anything for only then can you be said to be full of knowledge. Some have full treasures and yet they are not able to use them at the right time. They remember them after the time has gone by and that too would not be said to be full. World benefactor souls would remain busy in service at every moment through their thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections.

Slogan: Make your nature, of knowledge and yoga, and your every action will naturally be elevated and yuktiyukt.

Essence: Sweet children, you are now being taken beyond with the Father’s glance. To be taken beyond means to become a master of heaven.

Question: Who can put into practice the direction to break away from everyone else (by looking at the soul not the body) and to connect oneself to only the One?
Answer: Those who have the aim and objective clearly in their intellect. Your aim and objective is to go to the land of liberation. You have to remove your intellect’s yoga even from your own body. Practise staying in silence, beyond talkie and movie, because you have to go into silence, that is, into nirvana (the land beyond sound).

Song: Why should the moth not die?

Essence for dharna:
1. Remain stable in your original religion and experience silence because it is now time to go to nirvana, the land beyond sound.
2. You are the children of the Bestower of Happiness. Therefore, give everyone happiness. Do not cause sorrow for anyone. Become a true flower. Serve to change thorns into flowers.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and be a destroyer of obstacles and remain constantly unshakeable by knowing the secrets of knowledge.
By your remaining stable in the stage of a destroyer of obstacles, no matter how big an obstacle is, it will be experienced to be like a game. Because of considering it to be a game, you will never be afraid of obstacles, but will instead become victorious with great happiness and also remain double light. With your awareness of the knowledge of the drama, every obstacle feels as though it is nothing new. It will not seem new, but something from long ago. You have been victorious innumerable times. Achalghar (home of stability) is the memorial of those children who have such faith in the intellect and who understand the secrets of knowledge.

Slogan: When you have the power of determination with you, success will become the garland around your neck.

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