Thursday, 5 July 2012

Love never hurts but attachment.

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Essence: Sweet children, inorder to become an heir, always take care that you don’t perform any action against shrimat.

Question: The Father has two types of heir children. Who are they?

Answer: One type is the surrendered children who receive sustenance directly from the mother and Father; the philosophy of their karma is very deep. Others are those who live at home with their family and remain pure trustees. If they remain complete trustee, free from attachment, they can claim a right to the full inheritance.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:

1. While alive, remove your attachment from everyone, including your body and live as a trustee. Perform elevated actions. Never cause anyone sorrow.

2. Don’t have greed for anything. Look at your chart every day and see that you don’t have any vices. Renounce body consciousness and perform the elevated action of remembering the one Father.

Blessing: May you be obedient and claim full pass marks in all subjects by maintaining an accurate chart.

An accurate chart means to experience progress and transformation in every subject. In spiritual life, there will be adverse situations through matter, people and Maya-vices. However, you have to finish any impact of the situations with the power of your original stage and experience those situations as scenes of entertainment. Let there be no fluctuation even in your thoughts. Such obedient children who experience making progress through keeping a systematic chart receive full pass marks.

Slogan: Pay attention that you do not become emotional over trivial matters. Do not become prey to doubts.

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