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Being vice-less is important because you know that the impure ones bow in front of the pure ones.

Murli 04.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, in order to be loved and remembered by BapDada, become serviceable. Your intellects are full of knowledge and you must therefore rain it on others.
Question: Which intoxication takes away the clouds that are ready to rain and doesn't allow them to rain?
Answer: If there is unnecessary intoxication of body consciousness, the clouds that are filled and ready to rain are blown away. Even if they do rain, instead of doing service, they do disservice. If there is no love for Baba (God-Father) or yoga with Him, then, although they do have knowledge, it is as though they are empty. How could such empty clouds benefit many?
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Many clouds have left (for service-to rain the knowledge) Some clouds are still remaining to leave(Mount Abu). When the rain is about to stop, there will not be cloud over the sea. Like that, here also clouds disappear. They are called clouds who become refreshed to go and rain. Otherwise they are not clouds. Here it is the cloud of knowledge, there it is cloud of rain. When the season starts, clouds come and get refreshed. The duty of clouds is to rain, to make the seeds sprout and grow, to make the earth green. Everywhere there is drynesss, you clouds have to make the dry land green. The great (Maharathis-Elephant riders) serviceable children are to be given remembrance and love.
The important point to teach is about the True God of the Gita, who is Incorporeal God Shiv not physical Sri Krishna. You must have interest to teach others that,there is a limited physical father and there is an unlimited Father whom you call God. The people of the world are seen to be very rich (but in the eyes of God, they have stone-like intellect)The saints do not know about the God. Scriptures, do not have knowledge of God, by which no one can be liberated in life.The God of the Gita sits and gives the knowledge here. To rule the kingdom ,you need new world. God is teaching you Rajayoga. You teach to those who had taken knowledge in the previous cycle.
The battle at the end will be different than what is happening now.The bombs which are created are not made just to keep unused. Golden age never comes unless the vicious people-souls disappear from this world. It is God’s job to created peace in the world. You have to leave (forget) all the bodily relation along with the own body (by your intellect) and remember the bodiless God-Father.This is the world of mortality, you study this knowledge to go to the world of immortality. The deities are completely virtuous, no one of this time are like that. You children have to imbibe divine virtues, you must become completely vice-less. Becoming completely vice-less is most important because wherever you see, the impure ones bow in front of the pure ones. In golden age, everyone remains pure and hence there is no temple built in golden age. When you become worshipper-impure, you create temples.
Now, this is your final birth, you have to forget the old world and old body. For this old (dry-vicious) world to disappear, it takes very little time. This old world and everything which exist would disappear in a short time, but no one understands it, only when you understand, it would sit in your intellect. Father says, consider your self as a soul and remember the Father. You know that the Unlimited Father is teaching you, He is the God-Father and all others (souls) are brothers. All people of this time – soul and the body-  belong to hell.
Now, you children have to become soul conscious, it is not that simple, you have faith that Supreme Soul Supreme Father teaches now. The Incorporeal Father is teaching you, you soul appear in one  body to play roles and take another, if the soul takes the sanskar of fighting, while leaving the body, it takes birth with the same sanskar. You know about the sanskar of the God-Father, the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of love. He is the Incorporeal Father, the seed form of world human tree, He comes and makes you pure.
God says, If you remember Me, your sins-bondages of so many births will be removed, otherwise you will have to undergo pain (pull from worldly thoughts and objects-punishment) and lose the elevated status. Father says, forget the religion of body and bodily relations (by your intellect) and remember the Supreme Soul. Remembrance is known as the fire of yog. The word yog is common, it is also in the Gita but by mentioning the name of Krishna (instead of Incorporeal God Father), you lost  in the darkness (of ignorance).
When you explain, people say it is your imagination, when they do not know that it is God who is the unlimited Father teaches you, there are many who never understands, never wanted to come here. You are the children of God, it is a Divine Family. The father of humankind (Brahma-Adam) has a very big family but many do not understand. When people ask about your aim, you tell them we are from one family, receive inheritance from God – Grand Father. Shiv Baba creates you children through the mouth of Brahma-Adam (by speaking the knowledge). Here there is father (Brahma-Adam), Grand Father (God) and you children. Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father) is an incorporeal being and hence He gives inheritance through the Brahma-Adam, tell that this is also home for everyone (because all are children of One GodFather).
Other than the God-Father, no one can teach this Rajayoga. In devotion, it is sung, Father when you come, we will go with you, will leave the body and come with you, will belong to you and certainly would come with you. When a girl gets engaged with a boy, the boy takes the girl with him. Here also God takes you all with Him. This Shiv Baba is also your most Beloved One, would take you to the world of happiness relieving you from all sorrows.
Those who are new to this knowledge also make a lot of effort, give challenges to the great saints that they would make them understand the truth. Serviceable children must not sleep comfortably (to have more interest to teach others). (aaram is haram). Those who consider themselves as maharathi, have to go around everywhere on service. If not now, sometime in future people would understand the truth. Keep waking up the great saints, the maharathi must explain to them. Those who do not have love for God-Supreme soul (even if they have knowledge), they are like empty clouds, what they would do? They bow in front of the knowledgeable ones.
Every one has to check how much service you are doing, if the clouds are full but not raining, then what is the use of cloud, if you remain in useless body conscious, you never attain elevated status. You must ask hall with the government, to do spiritual service, you have to explain to the important people that, by this knowledge they would attain elevated status, Lakshmi Narayan attained their status by this elevated knowledge. This knowledge is not for this (present) world but for future 21births. People study for this world, (but that also to be studied) along with that, you have to learn this spiritual knowledge.
You must tell others that this knowledge is very important, children are yet to become ready, you are entangled in jobs, if you are free from bondages, you have to engage in service. If you do not do service, maya-vices puts you into trouble. There are many who are not intoxicated with service. Many have the interest but there is no intoxication to do service. When you become matured, why do you sit idle, you have to do real service and make the human beings into deities, Father is surprised, why children are not getting intoxicated?
You must not become proud (egoistic) while sharing this knowledge with others. There are many who are good  at sometimes and not other time. You must have intoxication that you will make the resident of hell into resident of heaven, impure ones in to  pure. But amongst children, you are intoxicated number-wise.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become free from bondage and do the true service of Bharat. Do spiritual service and change human beings into deities. Don't have arrogance of knowledge. Maintain spiritual intoxication.
2. Have faith in the intellect and first make your stage strong. Break away (by your intellect) from whatever you see, including your body, and connect yourself to the one Father alone.
Blessing: May you consider BapDada to be your Companion and become an easy yogi who carries out all tasks with double force.
While carrying out any task, make BapDada your Companion and the task will be carried out with double force and you will very easily be able to have remembrance because you naturally have remembrance of the One who is constantly with you. By being such companions and by constantly having the company of the Truth in your intellect you will become an easy yogi and because of having powerful company, there will be double force in every task through which you will experience success in every task.
Slogan: A maharathi (great warrior-against vices of self) is one who never loses control through Maya’s (vices) influence.
For service through the mind:
Stabilise yourself in the volcanic form in a second and spread rays of powers. Be a master world protector Shiv Shakti and give all souls an experience of peace and happiness by giving them power through your mind.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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