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Do you remember the God-Father?

Murli 08.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, ask yourself every day: How pure have I, this soul, become? The purer you become, the happier you will feel and you will have enthusiasm for serving.
Question: What effort must you make to become as elevated as a diamond?
Answer: Become soul conscious! There shouldn't be the slightest attachment to your body. Remain beyond all worries and stay in remembrance of one Baba alone. This elevated effort will make you become like a diamond. If there is body consciousness, you should understand that your stage is weak and that you are distant from Baba. You have to look after your body because you have to attain your karmateet stage while in that body.
Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Father explains to the children, the sins are removed by the power of yoga to those who make effort.  Their level of mercury, of happiness, increases. The more you become pure, that much even others become intoxicated to become yogi because you are Rajayogi and Rajrishi. Hathyogi remembers the Brahm element, you Rajrishis remember the God-Father. By remembering the brahm element, no one can go back to Soul world (Brahm element) becoming true yogis.
You soul, the more you remember the Father, that much you will have happiness. Children know about your stage. Check if you have any body consciousness. If you have body consciousness, know that you are not ripe and you are far away from the God-Father.
Father says, I make you like a diamond. Father never has body conscious but the children. By remembrance of the Father, you become soul conscious, so you have to check yourselves how much you remember the Father, the more you remember the Father, you will remain happy and make others like you.
It is not that someone  has attained the karmateet (free from the bondage of actions) stage. No, the race is going on, then the final - end would come, now there is little time left out. Even Dada (Brahma-Adam) says, children now, little time is remaining. At this time no one had attained the karmateet stage, when you fall ill, it is the bondage (accounts) of karma.
Now, no one has attained the ekras-constant – stable stage. The more you make effort, that much vikalp-waste thoughts come. You children must have more happiness, it is not ordinary-simple to become the master of the kingdom. Even now, you take more happiness from the God-Father.
You do not have much happiness in peace like you get in wealth. Sanyasis renounce and go to jungle, never keep money with them, but now they are very rich. Everyone has the need for money,and people fight against each other. In golden age fight never happens. Now, you children must be happy that you are going to your kingdom. There, nothing of fear exists, there is nothing of tax. Not there is worry about the body, here you worry about the body. You know that you are making effort to become free from worries and for 21births, there won’t be any worry. By remembering the Father, you  remain very stable.
The story of Ramayan is about you, you become the Mahavir(hanuman) in reality. Soul says, Ravan cannot make us move, this stage you would attain at the end. When there will be war in the world, then you will understand that the time has come. Now, it is the time to make effort, later there will be war, now you have worry over health.
Father says, take care of body, you have to attain the end stage karmateet with this final body. Father gives blessing, children remain alive (remain away from vices).The more you remain alive, that much you will attain elevated status through Father. Take care of body, never make mistake, if you take care of food, your health will be good, this body is most valuable. With this you make effort and become the deities. This time is most valuable.
The more you remember the Father and the inheritance that much you attain elevated status. Check how much happiness and intoxication you have. The poor ones must have more happiness. The rich ones have worry over wealth. Amongst you, who does not have any worry, the kumaris – young students.Yes if there is some relative, you have to take care of them, make them awake (by knowledge), but if they do not wake up what you will do? Father says, become serviceable, or make your wife do spiritual service. God needs hands for service. Mothers has to involve in service, you co-operate with the Father.
You give the messages to others, you have to plant the sampling. Father says, to the extent possible become co-operative. Father has come and you have to receive inheritance, do not remember any bodily being, know yourself as a soul. In Gita it is mentioned about Manmanabhav- remember the Father alone to attain elevated status. Even sanyasis like this word. Then there is Madhyajibhav-liberation in life.
The impure ones cannot follow this path. You had become impure, now have to become pure. You have been doing devotion, you know that in the beginning, the unadulterated worship started, now even the body is worshipped which is known as Boodh Pooja. Deities are pure, but now they are tampradhan, even pooja becomes tamopradhan-impure.
Now, you must not use the word of devotions (like Hey Prabhu, Hey Baapayya,Hey Maa,Hey Ram).Like this you must not cry out, here you do not have to say anything, even om shanti need not have to  say again and again, Om shanti means Iam a peaceful soul,others never understand the meaning. Others praise Om a lot, even saying om shanti is not worth, instead you can ask each other do you remember the Father?
Brahma-Adam is the chariot of God, the memorial is shown as horse of hussain. When the religious founder comes, first time the soul remains pure. Now, shiv Baba establishes religion through you. Father is very humble, He says Himself, I come at the end of the world cycle. The first King and Queen will be Lakshmi Narayan who is known as Krishna (and Radha) in younger days. Krishna is worshipped more, Krishna Birthday is celebrated. First is Shiv Jayanti (birthday of God Benefactor), later Krishna Jayanti (in golden age) and then Ram Jayanti (in silver age). Shiv Baba comes in the body of experienced chariot (Brahma-Adam) at his final days.
Father says, this knowledge would disappear. When I come and explain, you can also explain to others. You know that you will become deities in golden age. Father had made you see visions of 4to 5 kings of golden age. But this is not known in the world, they know when they do good actions, they would attain elevated status. Now you make effort to become deities from human beings, this happiness ,they will have who make effort to attain karmateet stage.
You say that you would follow the Mama (Eve) and Baba (Adam) to sit on throne, you must know how much service you do and how much happiness you have, if you are happy, you will make others happy. You say, you have the ghost of anger within, you have to explain with love, Father never gets angry with anyone, there are many who do false praise. You say to doctor to give medicine and make alright. You are studying here for service(if you study and do not do service what is the use of knowledge?).The more you study, more you earn an income. God is known as eternal sugeon, but this praise never belong to God, He is known as Purifier.I come and explain to remember Me. The more you remember, that much you attain elevated status.
Those who have learned Gita, they feel it easy, you make effort to make the world pure, it is a very big responsibility, you give your little finger in co-operation. You know the New world is about to come and you have to learn RajaYoga. You understand that the Father explains rightly. You have to teach others to remember Me. Now, You have to become virtuous, it is praised of 16 celestial degree virtuous. You have to check yourselves how much service you do, to make others like you.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become egoless like the Father. While looking after your body, stay in remembrance of Shiv Baba. Become a helper of the Father in this spiritual service.
2. Don’t allow any evil spirit to remain inside you. Never become angry with anyone. Interact with everyone with a lot of love. Follow the mother and father and claim the throne.
Blessing: May you die alive and gain victory over your physical senses with the awareness of a new life.
The children who have completely died alive will not be attracted by the physical senses. To die alive means to have died to everything and your old lifespan has finished. When you have a new birth, how can you be influenced by the physical senses in the new birth? Go beyond the knowledge of what it means to be influenced by one’s physical senses in the new life of being a child of God. Do not let any breath, that is, any sanskar of vices stick anywhere.
Slogan: At amrit vela (early morning from 2 to 5 am), merge God’s love in your heart and no other love will attract you to itself.

For service through the mind: With a subtle, powerful concentrated mind, do the service of making the elements satopradhan. Transform the tamoguni vibrations of souls with tamoguni sanskars.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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