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The very Sweet God gives only happiness and hence you have to become sweet.

Murli 23.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Essence: Sweet children, in order to become the God-Father’s right hand, become righteous in everything. Always perform elevated deeds.

Question: Which sanskar causes many obstacles to service?
Answer: Because of the nature and feelings of souls, there is a conflict of sanskars and many obstacles are caused in service. A lot of damage is caused by conflicting opinions. The evil spirit of anger is such that it doesn’t take long for someone to oppose even God. This is why Baba (Father)  says: Sweet children, if you have any such sanskar, remove it.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

God-Father says, you souls listen to God through the physical organs. You sweet children have to become elevated like you have been 5000years before.

Father says, He  gives the gift of sweet fragrance - like kasturi, to make you pure. How much you had fallen down, now you have to  become pure.

In devotion you bow in front of deities, not knowing that the Father is a point of light. God-Father and Deities are worshipped because they have done some elevated actions. This Father gives happiness to all. The more you become elevated, that much elevated status you attain.

The incorporeal is known as imageless (vichitr - one who does not have an image).  Father comes and takes the help of the chariot-Branma-Adam to make you a resident of heaven and soul world – to give liberation in life and liberation.

People make effort to attain peace not for happiness. Now everyone has desire for liberation, only you children have desire for liberation in life. People ask with saints and renunciates for peace. They do not know about liberation and liberation in life. With hopelessness, they ask for liberation. In reality the Peaceful world (Soul world)  is the resident of souls, to remain in soul world is liberation.

Father says, I give you the kingdom for the new world not to rule in the old world. I come in confluence age, I neither come in iron age nor in golden age but in confluence of iron age and golden age.

Father comes and gives you liberation in life. You know that the old world is going to be destroyed-transformed, your intellect must remember the New world.

Father comes at the confluence age in every cycle, I relieve you from sorrows and take you to haridwar, the gateway (of God) to heaven. First you come in golden age, then you come in the world of Ram-silver age. In golden age and silver age 4,5 brothers never exist (as shown in the scriptures, they have one male and one female child). One side is the followers of  God other side is the followers of vices-demons.

This time Shiv Baba (Benefactor of God) creates children (souls who imbibe divine virtues) through Brahma-Adam. Father never creates the saligrams (the souls). This has to be understood. Saligrams-souls are eternal.

I come and make you pure. In golden age you were  pure and now you are impure.Once again you are becoming pure. By the increase in alloys (vices), you become impure.

The tree with lights (Xmas tree) are made by christians, the memorial of you souls in the unlimited human tree.

The resident of souls is soul world, then you come in golden age. Pralay (flooding of the world with water) never happens, only the world transforms.

Here, you know that, you have come to become self independent once again through the Father. You have to forget all the chitr - body and bodily beings – all the images and see only the vichitr – the one without an image (souls). The vichitr-soul is the one which cannot be seen.

First understand, we are souls and God is the Supreme soul. You have to remember the One God-Father, you certainly had received something from Him and hence people worship Him,the God.

Unless you become pure,you never go to soul world. When He is the only One, why do you wander in other places. Everyone says God is there up above.

It is fixed in the drama that, people worship God everywhere, become unlimitedly ignorant. Those who follow the shrimat (Godly direction) receive the understanding about God and soul. God is the remover of sorrows and gives happiness and hence you (children of God) must become very sweet, you have to become right hand of the Father. By left hand you cannot do much, by right hand you become righteous. Children become righteous in all actions. You have received the Father and hence have to remain happy at all times.

Remember Me so that at the end you will attain elevated status. The Purifier is only One Father, He comes and takes you to liberation (the land of peace). In devotion after making lot of effort, still you never attain God. I had to come even to give the fruit of devotion, to show the divine visions ( of deities whom the souls worship, from copper age).

Now you children have to become pure. You must remember the sweet sweet Father. He is the Almighty Authority, makes you become very good. You know that this knowledge was not with you. All your effort of doing meditation and creating sacrificial fire belong to devotion.

The Purifier gives the knowledge to become pure, He gives the knowledge of Eternal Fixed world cycle, He gives the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world drama.He gives knowledge of Creator and Creations.

Father gives the understanding. The ancient deity religion is now known as hindu religion and people never know about it. Children have to help in the task of God Father. Many conference has to be done in Delhi but maya (vices-obstacles) never allows. Children have to match their sanskars (to avoid conflicts amongst each other) to do more service. When you have two different opinions misunderstanding happens.

Father gives you the knowledge of world cycle. Now whether you make effort or not, depends upon your own self. Father never gives blessings, if He can carry out action by influence, why He had to come in this impure world?

Now you have received three engines (God as the Father, Teacher and True Guide) together. In the world, you receive father, teacher and guru separately. I make you worshipworthy, you become worshipper later. It should not be that you explain the knowledge and the person becomes unconscious.

Bharat was heaven, the mahabharat war is about to happen (as mentioned in scriptures) to create heaven. You say that you will rest only when you transform Bharat in to a heaven.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be completely faithful and break away from everyone else (by looking at everyone as a soul) and connect yourself to only One on the basis of true love.

Those who are said to be completely faithful will not have anything else in their thoughts or dreams except the Father, His task, His praise and His knowledge. Such souls would belong to One and none other. Let the love of the intellect be for only One and you will not be coloured by the company of many others. This is why your first promise is to break away from everyone else and connect yourself to the One. To fulfil this promise means to be completely faithful.

Slogan: The original stage of truth will make you perfect in adverse situations.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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