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God is praised by everyone because He had come on earth and gone but no one knows what He did.

Murli 05.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, by staying in remembrance, you experience good omens. You now have the omens of Jupiter over you and it is therefore your stage of ascending.
Question: What is the result of not paying full attention to yoga-remembrance of God? What methods are there for staying in constant remembrance?
Answer: If full attention is not paid to yoga, Maya interferes while you are moving along and you fall; you become body conscious and continue to make many mistakes. Maya makes you perform wrong actions; she makes you impure. In order to stay in constant remembrance, put a bead in your mouth. Don’t become angry. Forget everything including your body and practise: I am a soul, a child of the Supreme Soul. Remain aware of the attainments you experience through the power of yoga.
Song: Salutations to Shiva…
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Sweet sweet  spiritual children listened to the praise of your sweet Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). When souls become impure, Father comes and makes them pure. The song is the praise of the unlimited Father, He is known as the Lord of the Tree. At this time, the unlimited good Omen of Jupiter sits over you through the unlimited Father.
Kaas (specially) aur aam (and in general). The meaning of this is known here, by the omen of Jupiter kaas Bharat receives the true swarajy (independence over self) because the Father who is known as Truth makes you deity-gives liberation in life, (and the world in general) all others will go and sit according to their section in soul world and they come one by one from soul world till the end of iron age, numberwise.
Every soul has their role to play in this world drama from Kings to subjects. Every soul has to play their roles. Now, everyone has the Omen of Jupiter at this time. It is not just for one day, your omen of Jupiter lasts for half of the world cycle, now it is your climbing stage, the more you remember the God-Father, that much it is your climbing stage. If you do not have remembrance, you create mistakes.
The followers of religion come after their religious followers to play their roles. For you, now the omen of heaven sits over you. You must know in detail how the world cycle rotates, which is created especially based on Bharat. By surprise many listen to knowledge, speak about knowledge and later go away, by the appearance of maya-vices, in the long run souls fail in following Godly direction. By not belonging to the Father souls fail. Then Father comes and gives the medicine of Sanjeevini, to make you awake. (memorial shown as hanuman brings Sanjeevni medicine to wake up Lakshman). Now, Father gives Sanjeevni booti to get rid of Ravan-vices. The True Father is only One Father who tells you the story of True Narayan(deity) and makes you elevated beings. God is known as the Truth.
Many ask you if you believe in scriptures, you reply that we believe in them, Knowledge and devotion, two are different. When you receive knowledge, it is climbing stage. By knowledge you receive liberation. You are saved at this time when Father arrives. Father says I come and save you from Ravan, you have to win over the Ravan-vices. This Ravan had made you impure. Satyug is the world of purity, then you become impure. When the New house is built, it becomes old after few months, it had to be maintained every year. The world  stage- newness keeps coming down. New has to become old and old has to become New. Every object undergoes degradation.
The golden age is of 1250years and Silver age is of 1250 years, the purity level comes down in silver age. Every one wants to go to golden age of Krishna not the land of Ram (Silver age). Everyone has love for Sri Krishna. When people see Krishna, they want their husband, son, brother like him. Many cry in the love of Krishna. Now it is the land of kans-demons. the land of Krishna is praised a lot, now you make effort to go to the land of Krishna, you can come in to his clan, there are 8 rulers in golden age, you make effort to play with the Prince of golden age.
By not remaining in remembrance of God, you keep falling. Knowledge never makes you fall. There is the story of Allah Allahuddin and Haatamthaayi (in the story of Ali Baba they mention about the one who forgets the secret word to open the door). Those who become angry, they fail in remembrance. Put some object-bead (coin –like) in the mouth by which you never speak – shout in anger. Never become angry with anyone. Father explains, in real life, people are praised when they come and go – like Rabindranath Tagore, Jhansi ki Rani, people make drama-films based on them. Shiv also had come and gone but no one knows what He did on Earth. God is the Father of all souls. People know about the date and history of Islam and Bouddh religion but no one knows when God had come.
The world cycle is equally divided in to four parts, it cannot become more or less. In devotion they do not show four equal parts. Now Father says, forget everything (by your intellect) along with the body, practice yourself as a soul and remember the Supreme Soul. Father never sends anyone to hell (from soul world). In the beginning (when the soul appears on earth for the first time), everyone experiences happiness. Souls first come in pure stage (irrespective of which yug- world ages they appear), later undergoes stages of rajo and tamo.
The people of city are sensible, Bombs are created such that immediately it kills the people without much pain, like nowadays, the dead body is destroyed by electricity within minutes. Like that by throwing bombs, fire spreads and immediately people get killed. At that time (of destruction-world transformation) nothing would exist to get saved. Even in Gita, it is mentioned (about great Mahabharat war). Your tree (of Godly children) keeps growing and establishment takes place. By not remaining in remembrance, maya-vices makes you fall, even in purity, then you get hurt more. Father says, you must not fall in vice.
Here on earth, the river of blood has to flow, in the heaven the milk-lie river would flow. Children had seen in trance, they drink nectar in golden age, Father had sent you in heaven (in trance), all this trance roles are fixed in the world drama but you never attain anything by trance. Many children were going into trance but they are not there now, they went and got married. Many had played very good roles at the time of necessity but still they are not there, maya is very strong, you have the battle with maya, it is known as the battle of yog power against the vices. No one knows what they attain by the power of yog. It is praised about the ancient Rajayoga. The world philosophers never have the spiritual knowledge, God is known as the spiritual Father who gives spiritual knowledge. He has been praised.
God gives you the third eye of knowledge, no one has the power to give anyone the third eye of knowledge, or make anyone a trikaldarshi (one who knows the three periods of time). You become one with third eye and trikaldarshi through whom this sacrificial fire of knowledge is created. Every religion, country has different names for God. Other than One Father, no one has so many names. Babul Nath name is also given to God, Babul is known to an object-thing in which there are thorns. Father is the One who makes the thorn into flowers, in Bombay-Mumbai great celebration takes place there, where there is a temple for Lord of Babul. Father says, the right name of God is Shiv, the business-men  say shiv for point – when the number ends with 0 like in number 10. I am a point-star, many apply double tilak (lines-sign in forehead) without knowing it is the memorial of - gyan Sury (the sun of knowledge), gyan Chandrama (the moon of knowledge-Brahma-Adam).
You children must forget the word yog, you must use the word remembrance instead of yog. By the word of remembrance, people easily understand. If you remember Him as your most Beloved, you will have more love for God, He makes you the prince and princess of heaven. In golden age you have one father, in iron age you have two fathers - physical father and Supreme Father and in confluence age, you have three fathers - One is physical father, second is father Brahma-Adam and third is the Supreme Father. In golden age, everyone remains in happiness and hence they never remember the God-Father. Now, you know about all three fathers, it is very easy to understand.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to stay in remembrance, don't speak; put a bead in your mouth and anger will stop. Never become angry with anyone.
2. This land of sorrow now has to be set on fire. Therefore forget (by intellect) and remember the new world. Remain firm in the promise to remain pure that you made to the Father.
Blessing: May you be a perfect angel who only follows the one path and has all relationships with only One.
In your intellect and in all relationships keep the company of only the one Father in the incorporeal and corporeal forms very firmly and you will become an angel. Those who have all relationships and connections with the One are constantly angels. Just as the Government puts up a board on the roads to say when a road is blocked, in the same way, close all roads and the intellect will stop wandering. BapDada’s instructions are: First of all, close all roads and through this you will easily become an angel.
Slogan: Constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm for service. This is the only means of safety against Maya-vices-obstacles.

For service through the mind: Stay awake at night and give sakaash through the mind. Invoke souls. Give support to the unhappy and suffering souls. With the double lock of remembrance and service close the door to problems.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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