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Human beings have to receive inheritance not the souls (of soul world and subtle world).

Murli 13.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, remember with great love the Father who gives you happiness. There cannot be love without remembrance.
Question: Why does the Father signal to you children to remember Him every day?
Answer: Because it is only through remembrance that you souls become pure. Only through remembrance will you be able to claim your full inheritance. All the bondages of the soul will end and you will become free from sin and be liberated from punishment. The more you stay in remembrance, the happier you will become and the closer you will experience the destination to be. You will also never be tired, but will experience unlimited happiness. Therefore, it is essential to practise remembrance.
Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood.
Om shanti. (I am a peaceful soul).
Sweet Sweet spiritual children know that you belong to the unlimited Father being alive, to receive the unlimited inheritance.
People expect a lot, wealth, health and happiness, even if people know the destruction is near, no one knows what to do.
Even with small disturbance, big fight-war happens. You know the old world has come to an end.
By remembrance you will have happiness, by coming into body conscious, you lose happiness.
You have come here to become Kings and Queens. At the end, you will know about yourself, how much effort you have made.
Everything depends upon remembrance. Many become tired, they do not know how far the aim is.
People say God is present everywhere (which is not true). Father says, wherever you are, you have to remember the Father.
Souls cannot become  pure without remembrance of the Father.
You know that you are receiving the inheritance. Mama(Eve) Baba (Brahma-Adam) become deities and you would also become deities.
This is very easy yoga (remembrance of God), if you commit any sins, you know you undergo sorrows.
Those who belong to God become Trustee and receive inheritance.
Father creates the new world to give inheritance to the children. Human beings have to receive inheritance not the souls (of soul world and subtle world).
Bombs are not made just to keep safe, it is created for destruction.
Father says, remember Me, otherwise you will suffer a lot at the end, you will have visions at the end that what you would become at the end.
You have to sit together in remembrance so that you receive help (of the gathering). Even in foreign countries, if you are, the most important is to remember the Father alone. Wherever you are, even in household, remember the Father.
If you do not become pure, you cannot remember the Father. After listening to the course-Mantra (to remember the Father alone), you can go anywhere and remember the Father. If you cannot come out of home (due to any reason), still you remember being at home.
If you forget the Father, then you have to undergo pain. People say they would receive whatever in the fortune, by this, you never attain highest status.
If you do not make complete effort, you become , you attain low status like maids. Many bonded ones  (at home)remember the Father very well being at home.
At the end, you may not come out of home, Bombs are being created. It should not be that the battle begins before you become perfect in yoga. You know that you have not become ready and hence battle (transformation-destruction) won’t happen.
Nowadays death has become normal, but before death, you have to receive complete inheritance by sweet remembrance. It is explained very simple, just to remember the Father.
You have become impure by falling in vices, by remembering Father, your bondages, sins will go away.
If you remember, you can make others remember the Father, with intoxication.
Even if you find difficult about food, remain at home and remember the Father.
You tell others to remember father considering yourself as souls, by this you benefit many souls.
Only by remembrance, the souls become pure, There is not much difficulty.
The deities are made elevated only by the Purifier God. Those who were worshipworthy become worshippers.
You have to remember the Father and have to show right path to your relatives and every one.The Incorporeal Father is the Benefactor of all. Even old mothers can do this service.Go to marriages, functions and give the simple message to remember the God.
Fahter says, if you remember the God, your sins and obstacles get removed.
You must be happy that you receive inheritance for 21births, by forgetting Father, you undergo pain.
Time will come, you cannot go out of home.
Deities come into their dynasty in golden age, only by just remembering the Father, I make you the master of golden age, hence remember Me.
Essence for dharna:
1. Never be careless about this study. Claim your full inheritance before the war begins.
2. Follow shrimat and remember the Father with a great deal of love.
Blessing: May you be a constant server who transforms the lokik (physical) into alokik (spiritual) household through love for service.
The duty of a server is to serve constantly, whether it is serving through the mind, through words or through deeds. A server can never separate service from the self. Those who constantly have love for service in their intellects are able to change their lokik household into a godly household. A server does not consider his home to be a home but moves along considering it to be a place of service. The main virtue of a server is renunciation. Those who have an attitude of renunciation remain images of tapasya through which service continues to take place automatically.
Slogan: In order to make your sanskars divine, surrender your mind and intellect to the Father.

For service through the mind:
Seeing the part of someone who doesn’t have knowledge, do not forget your own elevated stage. Become an incarnation of peace and give that soul a donation of peace and power through your good wishes and pure feelings.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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