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The right method and personal stage for stage performance.

Murli 21.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

17.5.73 Murli 1: As is your aim so are your qualifications.

Do you experience the specialities of the Father in yourself? Just as you speak of the four subjects of your study, so the Father has four main specialities. Do you know them? According to four subjects, the four specialities are: knowledge-full, powerful, serviceable and blissful. Do you experience these four specialities in yourself? Is there a lot of difference or very little difference in the percentage of these four subjects?

Are all the four subjects in your life in a natural way or is there fluctuation? To what percentage it is natural? If your speed of effort to reach the complete stage is not fast, would you be able to make yourself complete according to the time? Are you content with your speed?

Do u create plan of service, are you making plan to keep you content at a faster rate, according to the speed in practical effort, success in service becomes that much practical, accordingly you create plan.

You plough your land of intellect and when you find difficult, you take the help of gathering, you take support. Similarly do u make plan to make yourself free from all weakness by the power of yog (and the gathering)?

One who comes into service make plans well before, like that you have to make plan during amritvela (early morning)  to make effort and improve yourself with respect to the weakness.

Check yourself, keep plan in your intellect, check what all and in what percentage you must increase your effort. Along with your daily routine, check this, if your percentage is not improving, check for the reason, if you are not able to bring into practical according to plan, then check and change.

Check how much you bring plan into practical. In real life if plan gets stuck, you make effort to improve yourself. Like that you have to keep aim and improve yourself in this spiritual effort. Keep your aim and repeatedly practice and become perfect in your plan. You must not be careless in this. The determination brings your stage closer.

If you have determined thought you become successful.

You have to give attention specially, the great souls must have attention on self service along with the service of souls, world. Do you have balance of both? Bring this into practical not just keep thinking. By this, within few days, you will feel the great difference.

You make plans and do not check yourself, you have night time for your effort, to check yourself. See how much you can help yourself.

By not being powerful, you never bring it into practical although you are knowledge-full. To become powerful, make practical plans. If you yourself are not ready, how you are going to make others powerful? Now bring the stage of being powerful closer, by sharing your experience, others also get benefitted.

25.5.73 Murli 2: Future plan.

Do you see yourself as world transformers and world benefactors, and how much you give message to souls?  Do you make plans for it always? To give introduction and give knowledge of God, first, you create the stage,then speech and adopt various means of publicizing the programme.

You make effort to give message to souls. But by this only few souls have received the message.

In short time,you have to make effort to give message to all souls and along with that you have to make effort to make the nature also pure.

So, what effort you make? you must have the blueprint in advance, To make the plans short and powerful what two words you have to remember?

What are those two words, unless you do it, it is difficult to bring into practical.

The first word is : Sakshat BaapMurat - Creat such a stage that, by your features, reveal the future stage, let the virtues of Father be revealed by your feature. And the second word is to be Sakhi – a detached observer.

First make yourself ready, by your vision, feature, you must be able to transform the  negative into positive. By vision and feature reveal the position of future. At a glance you must able to finish the weak sanskars of others and take them beyond the glance. Let the waste thoughts transform into positive. By one term make the souls realize their goal and destination of their journey, what is that one word.

The one word, in which mind rest itself, is Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). By saying Shiv Baba, souls must find their destination. Let your elevated action reveal the image of Father by which the world get transformed in a short time.

Like your dress-stage remains white in colour, let your mind-intellect also remain clear. You have to transform souls by the speech spoken being in your practical stage. By being light and pure, your stage of double light is revealed. Let there be might in your mike (words), let the words be such that it reaches far beyond very clearly, by your spiritual vision and powerful thought.

Let the intellect be pure, let your stage be pure, clear, if there is stain in the stage, the attention goes without effort to the stain. Let there be attention on mind, word and action-spiritual vision.

Also you have to remember three slogans by which you decorate your stage. They are

  1. I am an instrument in carrying out God's action.
  2. I soul is a great donor and bestower of blessings, who give blessings to others through the Father.

  1. I soul, by thought and by my feature, have to reveal the nature of BapDada to others.

With these slogans in awareness, remain in the position of your elevated stage. Stage, speech and status all three are to be elevated.

When you remain stable, storms cannot do anything. So, like this are you ever ready, ever happy, so that you can make a practical speech in short time according to the stage, place and land of the souls. This is your future plan.

To the elevated souls  who reveal the perfect stage and the true real status through own stage and status, to the world benefactor souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be one who follows all instructions and claims the first prize by adopting the tilak of taking orders.
The children who have the tilak of the awareness of following all orders and who cannot create even one thought without having received that order receive the first prize. Sita was given the order to stay within the line drawn for her. In the same way, while taking every step and creating every thought, stay within the line of orders drawn by the Father and you will remain constantly safe. No type of sanskar of Ravan will attack you and your time will not be wasted.
Slogan: If you have attachment to anyone, that attachment will definitely make you careless in your effort.

For service through the mind:
Just as you enter a physical place, in the same way, enter your physical body, perform your task and then become detached. Adopt the body in one second and renounce the consciousness of the body in one second.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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