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Share your treasures (of God) with great humility to benefit yourself.

Murli 07.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) dated 08.05.1973
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Essence: Most elevated self-respect.
In present time, which self respect do you have for yourself? You receive the highest self-respect at this time, but what is that? By explaining about it, you understand there is nothing above that self-respect.
You become even the master of God, before becoming the master of earth-world, you become the master of ShivBaba (Benefactor God), thats why Father says valaikkumusalam (namaste to children). In the whole world cycle, you cannot make God belong to you, now in whatever form you want, whenever you want, you can make the God-Father belong to you.
Now, whenever you want, in whatever image you want, you can see God in that form (relationships). Now, God is in the bondage of children, so, you children are the ones who bind the God Himself and make God your servant (with lot of respect), such highest self-respect you receive.
(But you feel how we can make God your servant). You have made God your servant, this is the pure self-respect you have and you do not have ego in this, there is no ego in the pure self-respect. Like this, in your pure (different) self-respect where there cannot be any ego, do you remain aware of those self-respect?
Father says, Yes child, sweet child, children understand and create the crown (fortune), do you remain in the stage of your crown (self-respect, fortune). You are the crown of the God-Father. Father gives self-respect and makes you children like Him. Like this, you children also give self-respect to others and make equal like God.
Now, do you have this awareness that, you take from One Father and give to souls, you never take anything from souls but from God and give to others what you take from Him. God is the Great Benefactor and you too. Do you have this awareness of being a great benefactor? Where you need to give, there, do you have any expectation from them? If you have any desire to take from souls, then you attain very limited attainment. You attain limited attainment from limited souls and you attain unlimited attainments from unlimited Father.
You have to take from where you have to take and give where you have to give. If you have even little desire to receive from souls, it makes you fall from your self-respect. If you give anything to others, you have the awareness that you give what you have received from the God-Father. By this awareness, you can bind them in elevated consciousness. We are instruments, let there be awareness of elevated self-respect.
Along with that, you receive happiness. The more you have intoxication, that much you have humility. If there is humbleness in your eyes, there will not be any loss. Not just intoxication, one end you have highest intoxication and other end you must have highest humility.
Like when Father comes to earth, the highest on high Father comes as a servant to serve you children, you have to keep the balance of highest intoxication along with humility.
When you have the highest intoxication of being a master over the God, the benefit for the world cannot happen without humility. Father also belongs to you only because He becomes very humble towards you. Like that, follow Father.
Now, check how much treasures you have attained being a master, it is unlimited, what are the important ones, how much you have received? The highest treasure what you have received is God Himself, this is the first important treasure. When someone has received the key, it means everything has been received. Along with the Godfather, you have received knowledge and eight powers. You have to elaborate every power one by one, so that every power remains in the form of treasure.
When you also elaborate the qualities of God, each quality can be elaborated in the form of treasure. Then, there is the treasure of time, every second of this confluence age is like a treasure, every second you can create multimillion fold attainments. If you compare with all types of treasures with one second of confluence age, this one second becomes more valuable, because in one second you attain the attainments for a very long time.
So, check all these treasures, how much treasure you imbibe with in? It should not be that some you have imbibed but not all. Do you not remain incomplete in any treasure? if there is incompleteness, you come in the moon dynasty, not in Sun dynasty.
Sun dynasty means complete, perfect in all. If you lack in anything, cannot be called as sun dynasty. So,  check how much you have imbibed, how much you have become complete. Also check what you have become with all these treasures, you have become the master but you also have to become great Benefactor. The Benefactor gives even what they have for themselves but they never become empty, because whatever you give, it increases. Check the purity, bliss, how much you share it with others? you have to use them for the sake of the world. Check how much you use it for yourself and use it for others.
The perfect stage is whatever treasures you have, use it for the world. If you use the powers of knowledge for yourself (along with using it for the world), it is not said complete stage, then when you will become great donor and one who receives blessings – Vardani? Now, make such practice that you do not use it for yourself but for others, if you use it for others, will you become empty?
The father (Brahma-Adam), even during the time of rest, he made use of the time for the world benefit, like that, every power, use it for world benefit not for self, when everyone has to become equal like Father, you have to imbibe that stage. When you give others, you will experience the stage like Father. When you teach others, you also teach for yourself automatically, everything becomes double. Now, double means you spend time for you and others separately. Now at one time, do it together because there is no time. Now, the time is coming close, so along with giving to others, use it for your self. If you still use it only for yourself, spend time for yourself, you cannot become the master of the world.
The aim is to become the master of the world. What was the speciality of the beginning (of this Institute), what is the difference of the old ones and souls of this time? Service is happening but the heirs are not seen now, they go into expansion. The main reason is, during that time, there is nothing (no thought) of self-benefit, everything (thought) was for world, they were of eknami (remembrance of One God alone) and economy in using all treasures, there was no waste, time, power were used for others, there was the stage of mahadaani –great donor, there is  difference of stage of that time and this present time.
Now, first you think about yourself, then about service. First salvation, then service. So, Father says, whether you receive salvation or not, you did service at that time (olden days), you never thought about things, companion, or anything. Wherever you went , you did service with your stage of patience, this is the stage of Mahadaani – great donor.
By the sacrifice (renounce) of self (interest), others get benefitted. Father (Brahma-Adam) sacrificed him-self and you attained the fortune. The more you sacrifice, that much you attain-create fortune for others, hence heirs are hidden, so, now, although you have all attainments and possessions, do not get into possessions, but do sadhana (effort).Now you have less sadhana, but more attention of sadhan-possessions. Now although you have things, do your sadhana by which souls would attain their fortune, Father has given the line of fortune, the authority of creating fortune for others, to you.
Because of lack of sacrifice, you reduce the line of fortune of others, you have a big responsibility. Like the time keep coming close, you have the responsibility of not wasting even your thoughts ,this responsibility keep increasing, now, do not see yourself as a child. What you do during childhood days, it was good-entertaining. Do not do the same now. The carelessness of child is good but when you are matured, the carelessness is not seen as good. So, now manage-be aware of your responsibility.
To those who give all treasures to all souls, the Mahadani, Vardani and  souls who sacrifice-renounce themselves, to the multimillion fold fortunate souls, Namaste.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be a donor and become a great donor and generous hearted who donates at every second and through every thought.
You children of the Bestower are not those who take but those who give. You have to give at every second and in every thought. When you become such donors you would be said to be generous hearted and great donors. By becoming such great donors, there is automatically the attainment of great power. However, in order to give, your own treasure store has to be overflowing. You have taken whatever you had to take. It now remains to be given. So, continue to give and, by giving, your treasure store will continue to be filled.
Slogan: In order to accumulate full marks in every subject imbibe the virtue of maturity.

For service through the mind:
Make this firm promise in your mind that you will definitely become equal to the Father. Just as Father Brahma makes His loving and co-operative children emerge and continues to give special sakaash for them to become equal, in the same way, you also give sakaash to your brothers and sisters.
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