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In the whole world, only you have the knowledge of God-Supreme Soul.

Murli 11.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to remove you from this world of sin and take you to a world of rest and comfort. You receive the two gifts of happiness and peace from the Father.
Question: You are the true nuns in the whole world. Who are called true nuns?
Answer: True nuns are those who have remembrance of the One in their intellects, that is, they remember none but One. Although other nuns are called nuns, they don't only have Christ in their intellects. Christ is also said to be the son of God, and so they have two beings in their intellects, whereas you only have the one Father in your intellects and this is why you are true nuns. You have received the Father's order to remain pure.
Song: Take us away from this world of sin, to a world of rest and comfort.
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
.......Depending upon your type of action, you receive the body. When the soul leaves the body, no one loves the body. You love the soul not the body.
When the soul leaves the body, still they remember the soul and hence they call for Brahmins (to invite the soul which has left the body). Soul has the good and bad sanskars within it. Like, when you do not have any vice within, it is known as being vice-less.
Soul understands, no one other than the Father can take you to the world of comfort-rest. Father gives liberation and liberation in life, as gifts for you but you forget about it. You have to forget according to the drama, only then I can come. You know that you have taken 84births. This knowledge will be understood only by them, those who come in the beginning of the New World. Those who never imbibe this knowledge come in Silver age or at the end of Silver age.
Everything depends upon your effort. In Golden age, there was the Lakshmi and Narayan (Deities). Before that, they were aware of being children of God. Now, you know that you will be happy for 21births and Father is showing you the right path.
Because you have become vicious, you undergo suffering. Now, you children have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. You know that, how much happy the world was in golden age.
Where there is comfort-rest, it is known as peace and happiness. Now, you know that you belong to Godly clan. Souls are brothers amongst each other, Supreme Soul is One, All cannot become Supreme Soul.
By knowledge, you receive liberation in life. Now, The God Himself comes and saves you. Human beings cannot save human being. Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) gives inheritance to all. He is the Father, Teacher and the True Guide. He is also the Barrister because He relieves you from the jail of Ravan-vices.
He fulfils the elevated desires of the children. Ravan fulfils the vicious desires. Through the Father, pure desires get fulfilled. By fulfilling the pure desires, you remain happy always. Pure desire means to remain pure. You have to become pure and become the master of the pure world.
All types of fire is created by the five vices. Deities never have any vice in them, that is the world of purity, Deities were completely virtuous. Bharat was completely pure. Bharat was known as the Golden sparrow, when the deities existed. The souls become impure in the world of Ravan-vices. You have come down the ladder of 84births and have become like a shell. Now You become golden-like through the God-Father. Now, you have become worse than a shell, you have forgotten your own religion, you have been committing vicious actions (sins).
You have various images of deities, other religions have only one picture, like Christians have only one picture of Christ, Boudhi has one picture of Buddha. Christians never remember anyone other than the Christ, hence it is said, None but Christ. Nuns remain pure. You also remain pure in the household and remember the Father, You have “None but One”.
They even remember two, they say Christ is the child of God but they do not have the knowledge of God, but you have the knowledge of God. In the whole world, only you have the knowledge of Supreme Soul. Where does the Supreme Soul reside, when He comes, What is His role? no one knows.
God is known as Omnipresent but do not know about Him, they think God understands-knows everything what is in the individuals heart. But God says, I never know about what is in your heart. What I have to do by knowing others thoughts, I come to make you souls pure.
Father cautions that if you do not remain pure, tell lies, you hurt yourself .Those who come here (Mount Abu) without being pure, they are known as vicious ones (demons as shown in memorials, in scriptures) appear in the gathering of pure souls. They spoil their own status (hurt themselves).
Everyone has to make their own effort, otherwise they destroy themselves. Many come and sit among the pure souls, they say that they never fall in vice, they destroy (hurt) themselves. The Right hand of Supreme Soul is the Supreme Judge, to speak lies to Him, is to destroy (hurt) themselves.
Even in Meditation Centres, souls come not being pure, when it is asked, why do you come, they say there is no other way than this path, to become pure. They say, if we don’t come how we would become pure? Father says, you spoil the atmosphere, how long you would keep coming like this? Those who become pure, they feel that they do not even like food prepared by vicious ones (vibration of thoughts affect the food). You have to take care of food.
It is not that you have to leave the household, job to remain pure, they argue that people can remain pure only by  leaving the household. No one knows it is the Purifier God asks you to remain pure. Shiv Baba is appearing in the Brahma’s (Adam) body, they ask for proof. It is mentioned in the Gita, that I come in the ordinary old body who never know about his own birth. Father has to come in the impure body to show you the right path. He had come even 5000years before and asked to remain Manmanabhav – rest your mind on Me. Krishna cannot say Manmanabhav. The Supreme Soul appears in an ordinary body and asks you to remain Manmanabhav, so that, by the fire of yog-remembrance, your sins will be removed.
Father comes in the body of human being (Brahma-Adam) because human beings have to become pure. You soul were completely 16Celestial virtuous, now no virtue remains with you. The Bharat was known for pure household, now because it has become impure household there is no experience of comfort-rest.
Every soul receives the body according to the action it performs. It is not that same wife and husband come together in next birth. Here it (this knowledge) is not about any race , here it is the study. In devotion when they have lot of love (for God), their desires get fulfilled. The wife who is devoted to husband sit in the fire (when the husband dies) and wanted to born together but what is the use?, they never become aware of each other in the next birth (even if they are born together).
Now, you have aim object in your intellect, you know Brahma-Adam become the Deity-Vishnu and how later once again He becomes Brahma-Adam. In this world the Comfort-rest happens only in Golden age. Father says, You have to know yourself as a soul and remember the God-Father so that you become pure.
The more you remember the God-Father that much elevated status you would attain. This is the race of remembrance (yoga) and knowledge. Those who come in No.1 receive scholarship. Now, you have to study this knowledge, show the path to others, you have to become a stick (guide) for the blind. Give the message (of God) to every household.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Now renounce impure desires and have pure desires. The purest desire of all is to become pure and become a master of the pure world. Don't hide any mistakes and deceive yourself. Always remain honest with the Father, Dharamraj (Supreme Judge).
2. Sit on the pyre of knowledge and race in this study and claim a high status in the future new world. Burn the account of sins in the fire of yoga.
Blessing: May you be a conqueror of attachment and use your body for Godly service by considering it to be something valuable entrusted to you.
When you look after something belonging to someone else, you do not have a feeling of it belonging to you nor do you have attachment to it. Similarly, that body is also something valuable given to you for Godly service. The spiritual Father has given you that valuable property and so you would definitely remember the spiritual Father. By considering it to be a valuable entrusted to you, there would be spirituality and there would not be attachment of it belonging to you. This is an easy way to become a constant yogi and a conqueror of attachment. So, now reveal your stage of spirituality.
Slogan: In order to go into the stage of retirement, underline purity in your vision and attitude.
For service through the mind:
Let the good wishes in your heart reach other souls. Reveal the power of silence. Stabilise the thoughts in your mind in one second and the vibrations of the power of silence will spread into the atmosphere.
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