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Remain in your household, perform all your actions and Just remember the God-Father.

Murli 18.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Essence: Sweet children, remain tolerant in every situation. Maintain equanimity in praise and defamation and in victory and defeat. Don’t believe things you hear from others.

Question: What is the easy way for souls to make constant progress in the stage of ascending?
Answer: Listen to only the one Father and no one else. Don’t waste your time in unnecessary talk and in useless thoughts about others and you souls will be constantly in the flying stage. By listening to and believing wrong things, even good children fall and this is why you have to be very careful.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Sweet sweet children now have the awareness that for half the world cycle, you have been remembering the God-Father, from the beginning of copper age, when there was the kingdom of ravan-vices, when you were experiencing sorrows.

Now, you know, in devotion, you have been coming down the ladder of 84births, you know the secret of drama.

Here you need not have to speak or use much words. You know that since we belong to Him, there is no need for much knowledge. You become the rightful owner of His inheritance by just belonging to Him.

You have been going to pilgrimages, had undergone difficulties by travelling and performing rituals, there cannot be anyone who had travelled all the temples and even if you had visited all temples, you never attain anything. There are lot of rituals with music and singing praise of gods in devotion but here you do not have such things but only you have to remember the God-Father being at home.

You remain in your household, perform all your actions and remember the Father. You know that you receive inheritance from the Father. Your food has to be pure. You should imbibe patience during name-fame and defame, hot and cold. Now, the natures, five elements, creations are impure, they keep giving sorrows, in all situations you must have patience.

People speak about what they heard from others without knowing the truth, indulging in gossip. They speak in such a way that you become ill listening to them.

By listening to useless words, even good children come into misunderstanding. They become  a traitor and keep spreading the rumours doing disservice.

Now, you children never say Hey Ram, Hey Bhagwan-God (like you did in devotion).

Sweet children, know yourselves as souls, Father explains with lot of love. Do not listen (rumours) from anyone but only from the Father.

One point of knowledge, make it strong that, I am a soul, soul is eternal, soul is imperishable. Now, you soul have to become aware about yourself.

Again and again you must remember that, you belong to the unlimited God-Father, follow the direction of God-Father.

Every cycle, Father gives you the inheritance. He gives happiness of all relations (by remembering Him), all other relatives (of physical world) gives sorrow. The most important is to know yourself as a soul and remember the Father.

You must have good relationships with your relatives, explain everyone with lot of love, that it is the time of transformation-destruction. This vicious world is about to end, have to imbibe divine virtues. Deities never eat onion and garlic, you have to imbibe divine virtues at this time of darkness (of ignorance-iron age), then you will come in to light (golden age).

When the time of exam comes, children know about themselves in which subject, they are weak, here also you must know in which subject you are weak (and improve yourself).

God is the Creator who gives liberation to all souls including sadhus and saints (renunciates).

You children have to become more elevated, become very sweet, explain to others with lot of love and live a life of sharing love with others to the extent possible.It is shown Krishna is tied by a rope by his mother (you can control your children by tying them – controlling them with the rope of love).

There is no need for you to keep any pictures, when your Father (God) is with you all the time-alive, what is the need of any pictures? Father is incorporeal, you cannot see Him by your eyes but you experience Him.

Father says, I come in the body of Brahma-Adam. Now your Teacher is the Ocean of knowledge. Your home (Soul world) is the land of peace. Golden age is your kingdom, now you are in the world of sorrows (iron age). You must forget the world of sorrows.

Saints never get merged-leen with the Brahm element (as they believe). The beloved of all souls is the One God. The lover remembers the beloved even whilst doing all actions, the image keeps appearing in their intellect. Here the soul is a point, the most Beloved Supreme soul is a point, you have to realize soul and remember the Supreme soul.

Father (Soul-point of light) comes and sits in the forehead of Brahma-Adam (next to Brahma’s soul), you never become aware of Him. Those  who belong to deity religion understand this.

The more you make effort, that much, you attain elevated status in future, for 21 births. The knowledge and yoga (remembrance) is very simple. Every cycle I come and make you pure.

You have faith that you take 84births.You know that all the pictures (of knowledge) are made by divine visions.By divine visions children feel like flying out somewhere, it was difficult to understand.

The new pictures are created like it got created in previous cycle. The new ones understand knowledge very quickly, they say why they did not come to know about this earlier. Father says, if known earlier, you would have gone back to the old world (of vices).

Those who come late, for them it becomes easier to understand the knowledge (since everything is readily available for them). The New children climbs the heart throne of the Father (in doing service), you have to do service till you leave the body.

Those who are considered to be very good also listen (to gossip-rumors) and go away, make such effort that you remain serviceable (being with God) till the end.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Check yourself. Check whether you have become very, very sweet. What do I lack? Have I imbibed all the divine virtues? Let your behaviour be like that of deities. Renounce impure food and drink.
2. Don’t listen to or relate any useless matters. Become tolerant.

Blessing: May you be a bestower of fortune and a bestower of blessings who becomes a bestower by becoming full of the wealth of all powers.

The children who are wealthy with all treasures experience closeness to the complete and perfect stage. None of the sanskars of a devotee or a beggar such as, “I need the Father’s help”, “I need blessings, I need co-operation or power”, emerge in them. These words of “I need this…” do not suit children who are bestowers of fortune and bestowers of blessings. They are the ones who donate and give blessings to all souls of the world.

Slogan: Words that bring one or another type of attainment to every soul are said to be true versions.

For service through the mind:
While knowing a weakness of a soul forgetting that weakness makes that soul powerful by reminding him of the power of his speciality. With your stage of having pure and positive thoughts for others, uplift that souls who have fallen. This is true service through the mind.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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