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The Truth about Sri Krishna-Deities and Prophets.

Murli 29.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you guarantee that you will make this Bharat into heaven with the power of your yoga. There, there will be one religion and one kingdom.

Question: By remaining safe from which of Maya’s obstacles can you children perform great wonders?
Answer: The greatest of Maya’s obstacles is to become body conscious and trap yourself in the name and form of one another. The children who remain safe from this obstacle will remain safe from Maya’s deception and will show many wonders. Their intellects constantly have new thoughts for service. When you become soul conscious, service will expand.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Father explains to children, the sign of one whose sins get destroyed by the power of yog is that his mercury of happiness increases, children can know about the status of their own effort. The more you become pure, that much you will have intoxication to make others pure. Because  you are Rajyogi and Rajrishi, you consider God as your Father, yogis see the elements as their Father, by remembering the elements you never achieve power or able to get rid of sins.No yogis can go back to soul world – (attain liberation on their own, until the world cycle ends).

You children can know about your status, the more you remember the Father that much you have happiness, you children know about the stage of self and others. Children have to check themselves, If I have any body conscious, it means we are far from the father. Father gives direction. Children, now, you have to become like a diamond (become soul conscious). Father is making you soul conscious, Father never have any body conscious because He always remains incorporeal. Children come into body conscious, By remembering the Father you become soul conscious. Check how much you remember the Father.

The more you remember the Father you will have happiness and you become worthy. No children have attained the karmateet stage (so far), now the race is going on, and the final results will be declared, then the destruction-final transformation would happen. Now, you must not see any vices of others. At the end, everyone will come to know about each others status, now very little time is left.

This Dada-Brahma also says very little time is left. Hence, make fast effort and become complete. The illness are known as karmic accounts, you know yourself how much you suffer. Now, the ekras (concentrated and stable stage) stage, no one has attained, the vicious thoughts , storms comes a lot. To become the master of kingdom is not that simple.

The rich people build big houses. Now, you receive unlimited happiness (and heaven in palaces) from the Father, you attain the kingdom of heaven. By just silence, you never attain happiness. Yogis go to jungle and lived there, but now they remain very rich.

People worry about wealth. Kings care for people and hence keep weapons, in golden age, battle never happens.You must have happiness that you are going to the kingdom. Tax of the government, illness, worries never exist in heaven. You children know that you are making effort, to remain free from sorrows, just for one birth (and attain happiness for 21births). By remembering the Father you remain very stable, you become the Mahavir (the great warrior against vices-obstacles).

The more you make effort, that much you benefit, now it is time for making effort, later the fight would begin. You have to take care of the body, this is your final birth-body, you have to attain karmateet (free from bondage of actions) stage by this body. You have to remain alive, you have to remember the Father. The more you remain alive (listening to knowledge), that much you make effort. You have to take care of the body, If you have attention over food (what you eat), the body will be healthy.

This body is most valuable, you have to remain happy by remembering the Father and the inheritance. You attain elevated status by the power of remembrance. You must know how much happiness you have. The young ones do not worry about anything, the poor ones also must have more happiness that they do not have much bondages.

First, individual self has to become serviceable, you are the helpers of God. How God can change the souls being alone. I give you the mantra (of remembering One God-Father) and you children have to make souls of the world aware of this. Father says, to the possible extent, become the helper of God. Your scriptures also mention about ones who give message - do service to all. To attain inheritance, remember the God, do not remember the bodily beings. By remembering God, you attain kingdom of heaven.

The mantra is Manmanabhav, by remembering the God-Father, you attain liberation. By Madhyaji bhav, Manmanabhav, you attain liberation in life and  liberation. By madhyajibhav, you attain heaven. The souls have to become pure by making effort to attain elevated status.

You have been doing devotion for years together, you have been worshipping bodies, which is known as Boodh Pooja (worshipping the ghost). At this time, everyone is impure - tamopradhan and the worship also become tamopradhan.

You must not use the word of hey God, hey Ram here in the knowledge, you need not have to say anything here. Peace means, soul is the embodiment of peace, there is nothing to say, tell others about peace and you also have to remain in remembrance. People praise (chant) more about Om (without knowing its real meaning), you understand the meaning of the Om. You can ask each other if they remain in remembrance of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). When I (Brahma-Adam) ask (Lachchu Dadi) whom you decorate, she says, I decorate the chariot of Shiv Baba.

The religious founders (Christ in the body of Jesus, Gibrael in the body of Prophet Mohammed, Buddha-pure soul in the body of Siddharth) who come to establish religion, they remain pure. The impure ones (who has taken a birth in the vicious world) cannot establish religion. (The pure ones-the real religious founders appear first time in the body (of Jesus, Prophet Mohammed and Siddharth) directly from soul world and establishes the religion. (Later their purity level comes down and hence they take birth in the world in a physical body).

You cannot establish religion (of golden age). I establish the One religion (of golden age) of ancient deities through Brahma-Adam and you children, hence I make you pure. In devotion there are lot of decoration (decorate horse of hussain – the memorial of God appearing in the body of Brahma-Adam). Here, God makes you pure, never do any decoration for Himself (Father never even accept flowers). God is very humble, He says, I come-appear in the body of Brahma-Adam at the end of his final birth at his retirement age.
First Narayan comes, later lakshmi comes who will be younger than Narayan. Krishna is praised more than Narayan, because Krishna is the name of Narayan during the childhood days and no one knows that Sri Krishna becomes Sri Narayan.If someone takes birth, the childhood name becomes well known. First is Shivjayanti (Birth day of Shiv-Benefactor God), then Krishna jayanti, there is also Gita jayanti. Narayan’s birthday is not celebrated. Even if explained clearly, no one understands.

Father says, this knowledge disappears later. In the beginning, Brahma was shown visions of four kings – his future forms. Now, you children can understand this, others of the world never understand this. They know that if they perform good actions, that much good status they would attain. You know what status you would attain in golden age. They have happiness those who make effort to attain karmateet stage. You say that you would become like Mamma and Baba. You have to check how much you make effort and how much happiness you attain. Many keep worrying, they know they have spirits of anger within. They have to ask within why they have to become angry?

God is praised as the ocean of love, Father says, you are the master of even the God-Father, with this intoxication, you never have ego. Father is very humble, He comes as the server of children. Shiv Baba is praised more, even in a wrong way. God-Father is very humble (although He does most elevated action).

Those who had learned gita, it is easy to explain to them, now you are becoming the king of kings, later you become worshippers. You make the world into heaven. You must know how to transform the rock of iron age. Now, you children know that the new world has to come, for this you have to learn Rajayog certainly, you have to become satopradhan, pure. Those who have become in the past, they will become again.

Father says, Manmanabhav, Remember Me. You children understand, how much you belong to God and the elevated religion, you were completely virtuous and once again you have to become like that. Check yourselves, how much you remember the Father, how much you have become pure, how much service you do to make others elevated.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. You children are on a battlefield and you are battling with Maya (vices), Ravan. Maya causes many obstacles. You children must remain very cautious.
2. Each of you has to think about your own progress and how to explain using the pictures and how to increase service. What should we include in the pictures so that people are easily able to understand?

Blessing: May you be an image of experience who reveals the face of the Father and the Teacher through your own image.
To remain in your original position is the pilgrimage of remembrance. Remain stable in the awareness of who you are and whom you belong to. With the faith in this real form and with the awareness of victory achieved many times, you will continue to move along with the waves of the ocean of the stage of intoxication. Since you are the children of the Bestower of Happiness, how can you experience waves of sorrow? How can the children of the Almighty Authority be powerless? Maintain the experience of this position and the face of the Father and the Teacher will be revealed through your image.

Slogan: A truthful person has divinity on his face and in his activity.

For service through the mind:
Let there be such practice of remaining stable in the avyakt stage that the soul, the spirit, is easily able to know the feelings of souls and the intentions in the minds of other souls. When there is no disturbance in your mind and intellect, you will be able to give co-operation through your mind.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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