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The more you become pure, you will have visions of golden age.

Murli 10.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, the story of Bap (Father) and Dada (Grand-Father) is wonderful. When the Father enters the body of the elder brother (Dada) you children of father of humankind-Brahma-Adam can claim a right to the inheritance.
Question: Although you understand that the drama is fixed, what aim should you children definitely keep?
Answer: To make effort and to gallop. That is, you definitely have to keep the aim of staying in remembrance of the Father and of becoming karmateet (free from bondage of actions) before destruction takes place. To become karmateet means to become golden aged from iron aged. There is this short time for making effort and you must therefore make your stage unshakeable and immovable before destruction takes place.
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
You are children of Brahma-Adam, the father of human kind. Certainly, you are also children of God Father who is also known as the Grand Father.
You receive inheritance from Grand-Father who is also known as Shiv-Baba (Benefactor-God). To become the resident of heaven, you receive inheritance from the Father.
For half the cycle, you experience inheritance, later you keep falling down, now you know the omen of eclipse-saturn has disappeared which is very bad (beginning of vicious actions starts from copper age – when the omen of Saturn (body consciousness) appears).Now you have the omen of Jupiter.
Now, once again Father says, if you donate the vices (of body consciousness), you get rid of the omen of Saturn.
Now the battle is near, and now you know that the golden age is being established. In the kaliyug (iron age) whoever and however more they are in numbers, everyone’s body will be destroyed. Souls will finish their karmic accounts and go back home. This is the time of judgement day for everyone.
Souls leave the body and go away, this you have it in your intellect, until you attain the stage of karmateet, till that you will remain in confluence age. One end there is people of iron age and other end you (aware of being a child of God) are very few.
Those who have loving intellect will become the bead of the rosary. One is rosary of Rudraksha, other is rosary of Rund. In this rosary of rund, there are small faces shown. There is rosary of eight and 16,108. These rosaries are remembered, why do you recollect these? To explain others. Whoever kings, were there, they will become once again. The more you listen to this knowledge, you will understand everything. Now, you are here, later, there is destruction, after that, few would come in golden age and the population increases.
You become aware of the customs and things of golden age. When you become accurate being worthy of completely virtuous, you will have many visions of future. Now, still there is time, you will have more visions. The preparation of war is taking place. The disturbance would happen in foreign countries.
In golden age, there are no expenses on any objects. Because every storehouse will be filled with treasures and you prepare varieties to eat. In the temple of Shrinath, different varieties of eatables are made and they eat for themselves, and would say we offered food for deities and if we do not do it, deities become angry. There is nothing of anger, you (would be deities) never become angry with anyone.
You know whatever you see will be destroyed. According to the drama, new cycle has to begin. According to the drama, Father has come now. There cannot be any difference of even a second according to the drama. Like Father has come now, you know Father has come even in previous cycle.
You know the destruction is very near, now you are galloping, you know that you have to attain the stage of karmateet by remembrance. If you do not make effort now, you attain low status. Hey souls, now, you have become impure. You know that many would come, those who got converted to other religion will come back here. And they will make their effort to receive inheritance from God-Father. They will become (aware of being) children of God and will come in deity religion. You children will be increasing in numbers.
You will know that destruction-transformation is nearing, people will know that You children of God are saying right about the destruction. Your tree grows to become full and would go back home (to soul world).Now you learn Rajayog in confluence age, which is known as the beneficial age. Here you have the Ocean of knowledge and the rivers-Ganga of knowledge which has appeared from the ocean of knowledge. Only the Ocean of knowledge can be the Purifier not the river Ganga.
These rivers are there since golden age, nowadays, the rivers get filled up and create disturbance.At this time the nature, even the ocean has become tamopradhan- impure. The sea if get disturbed, it creates destruction (like Tsunami). In golden age, you live in the shore of River Yamuna. Delhi was heaven and once again it has to become a heaven.
Now, it is the end of iron age, you have to understand this well. You are the actors of this world drama but people never know that this world cycle is of just 5000years old. Now, you are in the light, you have received the light of knowledge, you have received the inheritance of Father. Father says, Manmanabhav, you have to remember the Father, it is spoken by God Shiv (Benefactor), Krishna never gives directions. There is a lot of difference between the praise of deities and Supreme Father. Deities are known as completely virtuous, you are becoming like them. It is said, God Father who is incorporeal is teaching Rajayog, so certainly He has to appear in physical body to teach you.
God is praised a lot, so, certainly He had to come on Earth. His birth is very unique-spiritual. You know there are physical fathers and there is Spiritual father. God is the wonderful spiritual Father adopts you children through the Brahma-Adam. The physical father may have 8 to10 children. But for ShivBaba-the spiritual Father, there are many children. All the souls of the world are children of God and hence they are known as brothers.
You don’t receive this knowledge in golden age. You have this Brahma-Adam, only when God appears on Earth. The physical father appears throughout the cycle, no one remembers the spiritual father in golden age. In golden age, you have only one physical father, no one cries out for God. From copper age, you have two fathers (physical father and God), now at the confluence age, you have three fathers (physical father, Brahma-Adam and God) .
Now, you know all these-knowledge very well, and remember the God. In golden age, there is no need to remember the God-Father. In sorrow, everyone remembers the spiritual Father, it is very simple to know that, in golden and silver age you have one father, now you have belonged to the God by which you would become deities.
You children would see the destruction happen, being here, how they drop the bombs, people would die. Even in Japan, they dropped the bombs, and you have seen how people died.You know how the battle happens since years, by bombs things destroy in a second, there will be fire, now you children know that Father has come to establish at the time of destruction.
Now, there is very little time remains for making effort. Maya makes you waive, how much stable, immovable, have you become? Many do not remember the God, even for half an hour. Father says, you are the karmayogis (those who remember the God whilst performing actions), eight hours you have to do service, eight hours you have to remember the Father.
By the fire of yog, the sins get destroyed. Those who have belonged to the Father here (at Mount Abu) do not remember more, like those who remembers God remaining in household. There is effort in remembering the Father, you also have to remember the world cycle, you have to become stick for the blind, you have to show path to others, you have to become the one who spin the discus of self-realization.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Make effort to stay in remembrance for at least eight hours. In order to make your stage unshakeable and immovable, increase your practice of remembrance. Don't be careless.
2. This drama is created absolutely accurately. Therefore, don't become upset with anyone. Become one with faith in the intellect.
Blessing: May you be master knowledge-full and powerful and keep the eye of your intellect clear and careful.
Astrologers are able to know about the calamities that are to come through their knowledge of astrology and the stars and omens. In the same way, in order for you children to pass with honours, you have to recognise Maya-obstacles in advance by knowing the tests that are to come through Maya. Therefore, keep the eye of your intellect clear and remain careful. Day by day, increase the power of silence and you will know in advance that something is going to happen on that day. Become master knowledge-full and powerful and you will never be defeated.
Slogan: Purity is newness and this is the foundation of knowledge.
For service through the mind: First of all, make your attitude very pure and full of good wishes for only then will your attitude create an impact on the atmosphere. The atmosphere will then impact on the elements and transformation will take place through this.
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