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The most Highest and the most Elevated Godly University of the World.

Murli 03.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Sweet children, The Father has come to liberate the lives of all of you from sorrow and to give you inheritance of heaven. At this time, everyone receive liberation and liberation-in-life.
Question:- Which sapling are we children planting now and with what method?
Answer :- We are now planting the sapling of Deity flowers.
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Shiv Bhagwan speaks. But Father never says Shiv Bhagwan speaks. You must not say like this but it is said to make you understand that Shiv God speaks. Shiv is also known as Supreme Soul, You children are made to understand about Shiv (Benefactor). He is the Liberator of all, He is known as God, Easwar, He is also known as Antaryami, but it is wrong. Father says, I never know about the inner matters –thoughts which appear in the minds of people. I am your Father, I come at the end of world cycle, My name is Shiv (Benefactor),I am also known as Supreme Soul Supreme Father.
You souls have name for the body, God also must have some name and Supreme soul is known as Shiv, which is the name of the Soul not name of His body (God does not have a body of His own). His name is Shiv and He is Supreme, He is known as Shiv according to the plan of the drama. He remains far beyond (in soul world), He is the highest on high and (He is very unique-indifferent-from any other) He is so much detached from everyone at the same time so much loving towards all souls.
God Father says, remember Me, People call GodFather but not in the name of Shiv. People celebrate Shiv Jayanthi without knowing about it. Ling, is worshipped in temples, which is known as shiv. He teaches and hence He is known as Shivachariar, being a  teacher. The unlimited Father explains, you children have received a body to play roles according to the drama. God gives the elevated directions and hence it is said Bhagwan speaks. All are children of Shiv, Krishna is not known as father of humankind but Brahma (Adam).
You receive inheritance from Shiv, He is the Ocean of knowledge, the inheritance is heaven, He gives liberation and liberation in life. He liberates the soul-life from sorrows. (Every one receives liberation in life according to the period-time they appear) You come on earth when there is liberation in life (heaven). Christ comes (later) and his followers come after him. You appear only in Bharat, only in Bharat the kingdom of deities exist, they cannot be called as God. They belong to the religion of deities which has disappeared now, no one knows who gave the kingdom to them.
You know that the history and geography of the world starts only in Bharat. Deities are worshipped in Bharat and you know they have attained elevated status. Father establishes the religion of  confluence age, golden age and silver age. You become the creations through Brahma-Adam, to receive inheritance from God. Brahma is known as Adam. People know Brahma as Adam and Saraswati as Eve. You call them as Brahma and Saraswathi, they are Father and child not a couple – husband and wife (at this confluence age) as people call  them.
From religion of Brahmin – being mouth born creation of God through Brahma-Adam,then comes deity religion (of golden age) and then religion of kshatriya (of silver age). You are asked to remember the Supreme Father not God. You are told that you are a soul and Supreme Father is also a point of light. You are known as souls and He is known as Shiv (Benefactor). You know that soul leaves one body and takes another, keeps playing different roles, you have been calling God to come and purify you but without knowing that Shiv Baba is the One who is the Purifier, He is also the Ocean of knowledge and love.
You have two main pictures to explain, one of Tree (of 84births) and the other of world (of four parts-each of 1250years),the needles are also shown by which you know how much time is left out for transformation. In golden age,very few people live. You spin the discus of self realization, you have the conch shell-to speak out the knowledge. Soul and Supreme Soul remain separated for a long time and now You receive the true Satguru. Through Brahma-Adam, Soul and Supreme Soul get engaged. Even Brahma says, remember the GodFather. God Father says Remember Me. You also ask others to remember the GodFAther. By rememberance your sins are removed.
You know about the world cycle. Jagadamba (world mother) is the mother of the world but it is not that Jagadamba is the wife of Brahma (at this confluence age). No, but child of Brahma. Brahma’s child (mouth born-by listening to knowledge) is known as Saraswathi , daughter of Brahma, she plays the role of taking care of children.
Shiv Baba gives knowledge through Brahma by adopting you children. Since Brahma is male, He gives the urn to the mother Saraswathi – mothers in general. People show in scriptures, the urn is given to Lakshmi. The urn-of knowledge is given to mothers not to brothers. (coconut is shown in urn as symbol to break the body conscious of hard shell). Gyan gyaneshwari is Jagadamba and also you all mothers, God gives knowledge, you are gyan gyaneshwari become Raj rajeshwari (in golden age).You are all rishis (saints)-sign of purity, you are the real Rajrishis, they are hathayogis. You renounce the vices to attain the kingdom. Now, you are in the confluence age, you take bath in knowledge, God is the Ocean of knowledge, you are also master knowledge-full.
Sri Ram is shown with bow and arrows, to make the people understand this is Ram (of silver age not as mentioned in scriptures), but people think bow and arrow is of violence, even goddess are shown with weapons (not as a sign of violence).It is explained that at this time all kshatriyas are in the battle field. It is your battle with maya-vices. By not able to remain in remembrance of God completely, you are not able to overcome vices, you find difficult to attain karmateet (free from bondage of actions) stage.
This is your battle field, those who remain strong –stable in battle of vices is known as Yudhistr. There is also Dhridrastr. All these stories are made, in reality such names never exist (not kept in real life). Your this study is very simple, the more you study and remember  God, that much you attain elevated status. You must have lot of attention in this study. You are the Godly students, you must have a very big university. You give this knowledge of world cycle to the whole universe, this is God-fatherly university, you learn the highest study. You have to explain to the world why this is known as Godly university, you are studying through God, the complete knowledge of the world history and geography, the knowledge of the beginning, middle and the end of the world cycle.
This knowledge remains in the golden aged intellect. By remembering the Father your intellect becomes one with golden aged, otherwise it remains iron aged. You forget to remember God repeatedly. You are planting the sapling of deities, people plant sapling of trees to increase the forest area. You are planting the sapling of deity clan according to Godly direction, you never conduct any ceremonies to do sapling, this also has to be understood.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing :- May you be humble instrument and bow down by considering yourself to be a server and make every one else bow down.
Slogan :- Do not be an embodiment of problems but become an embodiment of solutions.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD https://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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