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The Power of Silence and the Power of Science.

Murli 22.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Spiritual Father explains to the spiritual children about the Hatyog (the physical yoga) and Rajayog. Whatever people teach is Hatyog, physical exercise.

Renunciates renounce the action but you are not renouncing action. The sanyas (renunciates) religion is different from the religion of householders.

Yours is deity religion, the deities attain kingdom by Rajayog. Deities remain in household and remain pure. You are known as Rajrishis (Saints as well as kings). They are rishis, they never attain-desire kingdom by their pure life, you know that you make effort to attain pure kingdom.

How you become pure? you have karmic accounts of 84births.Yours is the ancient religion. Those who come late belongs to different religion.

There are many varieties of Hatyog which starts from copper age. Rajayog, you learn only in confluence age. You attain kingdom, heaven (in golden age), then all other religions disappear.

Sri Krishna and Radha also remain pure (in golden age). Krishna is known as Mahatma (the great soul in whom there cannot be a single vice). Great souls remain pure, you are also great souls and Rajrishis. These are not mentioned in scriptures. Scriptures are written about the past, like a play. The history of confluence age has been written in the form of scriptures.

You children tie rakhi and remain pure. Sikhs wear the bracelet as the sign of purity. Hindus wear threads as the sign of purity but they never remain pure. People - brothers and sisters tie rakhi but do not understand the real meaning (to remain pure in thoughts, words and actions).

Lust is the greatest enemy. They brahmins never make promise to remain pure. You call Father to come and make you pure. In golden age (where all are happy), no one calls for God. Now you are receiving inheritance of heaven, Father had come to give you the inheritance, so you remain pure.

In jaipur museum, the varieties of hatyog are shown by which you come down the ladder of 84births.

When Bharat has become impure, after copper age, the land shakes, earth quake happens, the golden palaces goes deep within (the earth). The conquerors had stolen the wealth (of temples in India), you have lot of attachment for gold. You go to heaven-golden age, wear ornaments and rule the kingdom not others, You receive inheritance of heaven from the God-Father.

Father never teaches by reading Gita. People have made scriptures by listening My words. You go and rule the kingdom (of golden age). Father teaches only in hindi. In reality ancient language is hindi. Sankarachariar introduced sanskrit. Sanyasis never rule the kingdom but you do.

Buddha, Christ remain in household, they get vairagy, disinterest. Only pure souls can establish religions. The pure soul appears in them and establishes religion. There is a big difference between Rajayog and Hatyog, you must understand this. Those who do not understand (study the knowledge) keep yawning, intellect wanders and so never attain elevated status.

Father establishes heaven not Sri Krishna, you become very wealthy. You attain very elevated status in golden age, still you eat (varieties of pure food), go around (to visit places) but remember the One Father.

The rich ones eat varieties of food, malpova, roti you eat but have to remember the One Father.
Why do you have money? The most important is, just you have to remember the Father.

In establishing this kingdom, there is no expense, how much they lose in war planes. To the extent possible remember the God, at the end you go home (to soul world) and come in heaven. This unlimited play happens in every 5000years.

Only human beings can understand. This world is a forest of thorns. The main thorn is of lust and the second is of anger. All war, fight happens because of these vices.

Now such bombs are created that lives-things are destroyed in a second. Scriptures show the war between deity and demons. In reality deities never fight.

The power of remembrance is silence. By remembrance you attain the kingdom (of golden age).
Father says, by the power of remembrance, you attain the kingdom. You have to remain in silence. By the power of science, the destruction happens. In golden age science will provide facilities (to live a life of comfort) for you. In future, people will come to know about the power of silence.

The God of the real Gita (spoken during this time of confluence age) is Shiv not Sri Krishna. The soul of Sri Krishna becomes stained after 84births, hence he is known as Radheshyam. The five vices make all the souls impure from copper age due to body consciousness.

Father says, Sweet children, become pure, when there are vices (due to body consciousness) draupatis (souls) cry  for God and Father saves you from Dushashanans (vices). There are women who want to remain vicious, they are known as Supnaka, Puthna (as mentioned in scriptures). Puthna feeds poison through milk (memorial shown in scriptures). Those who cries for vices are known as jarasandh, sishupal.

You know about the world cycle. When you come into body consciousness, you become vicious. Make promise that we will not become vicious. Lust is great enemy. The Ocean of knowledge, the Purifier gives the knowledge of the True Gita. He creates the new world and the old world disappears-transforms.

Father is also known as Babulnath, the God-Father who turns the thorns like souls into pure flowers. The Supreme Soul teaches through this chariot of Brahma-Adam. You must not spoil the name of the divine clan. By becoming impure, you never attain elevated status of golden age.

The wealth of rich people would disappear, you know that, the death is about to happen. By earth quake (war and natural calamities), many would die, souls get visions of destruction and heaven in devotion, but souls cannot go to heaven without knowledge, divine visions are the toys of devotion.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you follow all instructions in both a subtle way and a physical way and become one who completely follows all instructions.
The children who follow all instructions in a subtle way can develop the power to observe all instructions in a physical way. The most subtle and important instruction is to stay in constant remembrance and to be pure in your thoughts, words and deeds. There should not be any impurity or uncleanliness even in your thoughts. If your thoughts are touched by old or impure sanskars, you cannot be said to be a complete Vaishnav or completely pure. Therefore, only when you don’t have a single thought that is not according to instructions can you be said to be one who completely follows all instructions.

Slogan: To recognise the Father and to say “Baba” (Father with love) from your heart is the biggest speciality.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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