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Three worlds of Silence-supreme region, Movie-subtle world and Talkie-physical world.

Murli 02.08.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, have unlimited intellects. Seek the opinion of eminent people and benefit all souls. Ask them for their halls to hold lots of exhibitions.
Question: By remembering which awareness you now have, will you never become unhappy?
Answer: You have now become aware that you were worthy-of-worship kings and that you then became beggars. Baba (God-Father) has come and is once again making you into kings. Baba is now telling you the news of the whole world. You have now come to know the history and geography of the world. Continue to maintain this awareness and you will never feel unhappy. You will remain constantly happy.
Song: Show the path to the blind, dear God!
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Father says, sweet sweet children listened to the song, children understand it is easy to receive inheritance from the God-Father. Children know that, in one second you have to receive liberation in life in which there is complete peace and happiness. Now, you know that there is the iron age of Ravan-vices. God comes and makes you free from bondages. When a child is born, everyone in the family understand that, the heir is born. Like this, you know that what inheritance you receive from the Godfather, like in previous cycle. You receive it very easily, God is the Creator of the New world. Earlier, you were wandering in devotion. Now, you have received the easiest path.
You share the knowledge with others. No one says, they have two fathers, here the knowledge is very unique. Those who belong to this clan will understand immediately that, they were there in earlier cycle. Many have the awareness, still maya gives a slap by force such that they lose the awareness. There is celebration of Raksha Bandan, the celebration of purity, you have to tie the knot of purity completely.
Lust is the greatest enemy, you have to make promise with Me that you will never become impure. Remember Me so that your sins for half of the world cycle will be removed but you have to make the promise firm. The jewellers (goldsmith) change the old gold to pure gold by putting them in fire. So, God makes you understand, the soul, point of light had become stained, had come down the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Now you have to become pure-gold.
There are pictures-images which can be used to explain others that, God is the Purifier who comes and makes everyone pure. Without the third eye (of knowledge), people are unhappy. In the beginning – two ages (of golden and silver), people never become unhappy, it was very ancient period but no one understands. The rich ones used to wear very good jewellery, Brahma-Adam-Dada Lekhraj have the experience of making the jewellery with diamonds for deities, requested by a trustee. That time Bharat had enormous wealth, Mohammed Ghaznabi had looted (the wealth) so many times (according to the fixed eternal drama).
In Bharat (India), the temples were built by diamonds and jewels, now they have been looted and taken away. Father says, you were worship-worthy had become worshippers after taking 84births, you have to remember this always. Keep churning yourself that you receive knowledge from the One God-Father, No one knows the history and geography of the world other than you children. Earlier there was one kingdom, one religion, one opinion, there was no illness, it was named as Heaven. Now you have the awareness. Every world cycle, you lose your awareness, then once again you get back. People have forgotten about the Creator and the Creation, but you know about them.
Even in golden age, you never had this knowledge although there were kings. In golden age, Rishi Muni (saints and renunciates) are not present. During copper age Rishi Muni appears and was taken care by kings. It is said ancient Rajayog, not ancient rishis. Rishis and Munis follow the kings, they say themselves that they do not know about the Creator and Creation. At this time, no one has the true knowledge, now you children have become knowledge-able.
You can ask in the temple of Lakshmi Narayan, how the deities attained their status, where were they now, what happened to them , you can explain the autobiography of everyone-deities. You can write to them, give us time, we will explain about their history, and even about Shiv. If you explain to VIPs,  through them words can be spread very easily. In reality VIP never spread the news much, you can even explain to the President, they say that you are very good, but they do not understand Who God is. They simply say, it is a good path to attain peace.
Father says, you have to explain this knowledge to VIPs, you must do 50 to 100 exhibitions constantly, you can advertise in News paper. The Bharat is very big, if people read where exhibitions take place, they would come and listen. You have to create exhibitions with lot of interest, children have to make effort, all this has to be understood.
Shiv Baba comes and creates creations-children through the Brahma-Adam, the father of mankind, only during confluence age. You understand it practically, it is not mentioned in any scriptures. Father comes to make the impure world become pure. Father creates the creations through Brahma-Adam but when He does it, no one knows. They think Brahma is in subtle world but you know Brahma is present on earth. You become an angel-deity after belonging to the Father.
In subtle world, there is only movie (without sound), you would have seen the movie in bioscope. You go through the subtle world, supreme region (moolvatan) and physical world. In supreme region, there is only silence (no actions). In physical world certainly there will be sound. First there is supreme region-soul world, then subtle world, then now on earth it is the confluence of iron age and golden age.
BapDada make lot of effort  to make you children beautiful. Muslims speak about the Garden of Allah. In Karachi, there was a muslim brother, who comes in front of Baba and would go into trance. He use to say, he went to the garden of Allah and Allah had given him a flower. He never understands about the garden of Allah-heaven. Here on earth , now it is the jungle of thorns, Golden age is the garden of flowers. You have complete world cycle in your intellect, in short.
You understand about the beginning, middle and the end of Creations.  First creation is of Brahma-Adam ,then there is children of God created through Brahma-Adam.This is the spiritual sacrificial fire, this is known as spiritual knowledge. The Spiritual Father comes and gives spiritual knowledge to the spirits-souls. Human beings never teach this knowledge, only God-Father comes and teaches this knowledge. It is said, the Creation is created through Brahma. The Supreme Father Supreme Soul creates through Brahma-Adam, later Vishnu (deity of golden age) is created (formed) for the sustenance in heaven. After 84births, Vishnu becomes Brahma and in just a second (of realization of soul and Supreme Soul) Brahma becomes Vishnu. These are all unlimited knowledge known through unlimited Father to attain the unlimited inheritance.
It is not that, body receives knowledge through soul, it is soul which receives knowledge. You children must be very happy to receive the knowledge. It is said, not to give sorrow to my soul. You have received the light of knowledge, you must remain happy constantly. You get refreshed with the Ocean and have to rain the knowledge (clouds) to others. You have to co-operate with each other in creating exhibition, you must have a lot of interest, Now it must be only service, service and service.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Churn the knowledge you have received from the Father and maintain infinite happiness. Have an unlimited intellect and do service with great pomp and show.
2. Don't forget the awareness that Baba has reminded you of. Completely fulfil the promise you have made to the Father to remain pure.
Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and transform with benevolent feelings the sanskars of all souls.
Your intellect has one hundred percent faith in the Father so that no matter how much someone tries to make you fluctuate, you do not fluctuate. In the same way, no matter what type of test paper someone from the divine family or worldly souls give you, if they oppose you with anger, defame you or insult you, you do not fluctuate in any of that. For this, simply have benevolent feelings for all souls, for these feelings will transform their sanskars. Do not be impatient in this. You will definitely receive the fruit according to the time because it is fixed in the drama.
Slogan: With the power of purity, make your thoughts pure, filled with knowledge and finish all weaknesses.
For service through the mind:
Day by day, hopelessness is increasing in souls everywhere. Therefore, make time to serve them through your mind. Sit in solitude and give them powerful rays. Ignite the lamp of hope in souls who have become hopeless.
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