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You and whoever you look at, are the unlimited actors in this world drama.

Murli 01.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Essence: Sweet children, help everyone make the lesson of Manmanabhav (Rest the mind on God) firm. Constantly follow the one Father. This is what it is to be co-operative with the Father.

Question: What easy and elevated effort is needed to become the most elevated beings?
Answer: O children who are going to become most elevated beings, constantly continue to follow shrimat. Remember the one Father and don’t interfere in anything. Eat, drink and do everything, but continue to remember the Father and you will become the most elevated beings. Never disobey shrimat (Godly directions) or perform wrong actions.

Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor-God).

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Father says, whose praise it is? Children praise the Father and defame the Ravan-vices. The Elevated kingdom is of the God and the vicious world is of the Ravan. You children wanted to transform the Bharat into Heaven. Those who are resident of golden age have to be elevated. Bharat-India is known as heaven. Those who reside in golden age are known as deities-Angels. The Bharat and people who reside in Bharat become elevated.

It is said Old Bharat and New Bharat which is known as Old and New Continent. The New World is known as New India –Bharat. In New India, the Delhi will be heaven. You children come here to become elevated. Now, it is the higest omen of jupiter, by becoming elevated the highest omen sits over you.

You attain elevated stage through the Elevated Unlimited Father. In golden age, you were pure and slowly you become impure. You know, God is making you elevated. In golden age, there is no lack of food and you never make any effort. Here what you learn is known as easy yoga, I am known as the one who gives liberation in life for all. When everyone receives liberation, they had to leave the body. Father is preparing you, because the wing of the soul is broken by becoming impure. By the power of yog, you make effort to become pure.

Your effort is to receive complete inheritance and co-operate with the GodFather. Children have to give co-operation with the Father. Keep giving the great mantra to everyone to remember the Father. Father tells you in every cycle, to become pure, remember Me, other than by remembering Me, you cannot become pure. Keep remembering the Mahamantr: Manmanabhav which means by remembering Me, you become pure, you become the master of heaven.

Now, Father explains you in detail, you become-imbibe in practical. Father had come and makes you elevated hence you have been calling the Purifier to come. The iron age means, the day has to break after the night. You become more elevated because this is of pure household. There is lot of praise over this confluence age. The golden age is known as the land of happiness. The impure ones bow down in front of the pure ones. By not knowing the Purifier God, Ganga is worshipped as the Purifier. There is the confluence of Ganga (children-rivers) and the Ocean (God).

Father says, Father explains-teaches you children making you very clear, still, Father says, One in million understand the truth, even after listening, speaking-teaching, they go away. When Father comes, you become charitable souls from sinful souls. Children create obstacles, this is very sinful. There sits the tribunal, The right hand of God-Father is the Supreme Judge. If sinful action is carried out, the pain-punishment is experienced by the soul.

The Father keeps the urn of knowledge over the Mothers, then on the brothers. Father is very humble. You have been doing more devotion, I have come to remove your sorrows. Father says, I am the giver of happiness and remover of sorrows for all. During ignorant days, people think God gives sorrows, Father never gives sorrows, this drama has been made according to the karmas. Now, Father teaches you to perform elevated actions, you children become more fortunate that you never undergo suffering through your actions, for 21births, So, Keep following the direction of the Father. Father says, eat, go around, but just remember the Father.

You say, you are all impure. Father says, just remember Me, there is only effort of remembrance, you must not fear about the storm of maya-vices. By pilgrimage of remembrance, you become pure. Children, remember the unlimited Father, you also have to become co-operative in the task of the Father.You can open a centre at any time.

Father says, I create you children through the Brahma-Adam. The aim object of you children is the Lakshmi Narayan (To become King and Queen of Golden age). The sustenance is carried out through the Vishnu (combined form of King and Queen). You children never do any effort to become pure, only you make effort to remember the Father, because you have bondages of birth after birth.Only by remembering the Father you become pure.

You have to keep the chart of remembrance, your fight is with the Maya-vices-obstacles. Soul has the role of 84births recorded in it, this is the unlimited eternal fixed drama. People say,why Father has created such a world?  Father replies: the soul is eternal, remains in soul world, they never increase or decrease in numbers. You are all the unlimited actors. Whoever you look at, that many actors are in this drama. No one gets liberation- heaven at this time (in the midst of the world drama, only at the end all actors return home). People want to get liberated but they don’t. Once they come on earth, since then, the soul keeps playing the roles.

Father says, I too have to come on this impure world in every cycle. Certainly, when even I had to come, so how children can stop coming. You take maximum 84births, I take the help of the body only once (I never take birth). I come and give direction to make you elevated. You children practice it. The most important is of remembrance. You must keep remembering the One Father. This intoxication makes you the one, who remembers the God constantly. Only Father knows the method to make you liberated, no one else.

This is the elevated confluence age comes only once in every world cycle. Here, it is of practical drama. Father explains, do not make effort to do disservice, by becoming a traitor, souls undergo punishment. The sinful soul is the one who disown God and defame Me. The attainment of this study is more elevated,hence Father cautions, children do not make any mistakes. Do not defame the GodFather. Teacher says, if you do not study completely, you never attain elevated status, Father says, those who become pure become elevated deities. Now, in this world there is no one who remains pure. You receive the pure world for 21births, the attainment is very elevated, if that much attainment is not there, you will not be asked to make such effort but Maya-vices-obstacles never allows to make such effort, it even makes the very good children to fall down.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t perform any task that does disservice. Don’t perform any sinful action that defames the Father. Save yourself from being disobedient and become the most elevated of all.
2. Don’t be afraid of the storms of Maya. In order to become pure, make effort to stay in remembrance.

Blessing: May you be a true server and become full of all treasures and serve through your face.

Spiritual intoxication is visible in the eyes and on the forehead of the children who remain constantly full and overflowing with all treasures. Their faces do service. How much each one accumulates – little or more – is visible on his or her face. From the sparkle and intoxication on someone’s face you can tell that he belongs to an elevated clan. In the same way, your face should reveal your every thought and action for only then will you be called a true server.

Slogan: Save your time and thoughts and accumulate in your savings account.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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