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As long as you live, keep the fasting of remaining pure-virtuous.

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Essence: Sweet children, keep the vow of purity (being virtuous in nature) firm for as long as you live because this is your final birth. Become pure and go to the pure world.

Question: Which children does the Father love and have a right over?
Answer: The Father has the most love for those who study and teach others very well and who give the proof of that. Those who study well are the ones who will be threaded in the rosary.

Question: In order to attain a future deity status, what do you have to check in yourself?
 Answer: Check which obstacles come when you are imbibing divine virtues. Find a method to remove those obstacles. Check yourself to what extent you have become pure. No thorn should create obstructions.

Song: Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Sweet Children,
God-Father’s role is to make you children pure, you have to give me your vicious nature in charity. I come in every world cycle to teach you RajaYoga.
The more you leave the body consciousness, you will earn an income in golden age. You have to get rid of vicious nature, become pure-virtuous in nature.
As long as you live, you have to keep the fasting of remaining pure-virtuous.
You know that now, you have to remain pure-become virtuous. God is the only Purifier of souls. You souls become virtuous and make others virtuous in nature. Being at household, you have to certainly become pure-virtuous.
Soul takes rebirth throughout the cycle of golden age, silver age, copper age and iron age. Now it is the confluence age of iron and golden ages, where the souls takes the final birth of the world cycle.
God comes and makes you virtuous. Whatever I teach you ,you have to learn them. There is nothing of blessing. When you don’t imbibe the knowledge, what God-Father can do? Teacher plays the role of teaching not of giving any blessing.
God Father comes in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge. You can ask people about their relationship with the God-Father. You have to become soul conscious in nature. When a sinful action takes place, it has to be revealed to the God-Father. Lust is the greatest enemy. Then there is anger, greed, attachment and ego. Now to become virtuous in nature, remember the God-Father.
First is to get rid of body consciousness, then you have to win over the lust, the greatest enemy. This is an eternal knowledge what is mentioned in scriptures. You have to check yourself and see how much you have  transformed yourselves and given introduction of God-Father to others.
When you belonged to the God-Father, you naturally belong to Father’s inheritance of golden age (divine nature).  God-Father is your Father, Teacher and the Satguru. God is the only One who makes souls pure. God does not have any father and mother.
The New world (heaven-golden age) is known as the world of happiness and later it becomes the old world of sorrows.
People never know about the real meaning of celebrations. Now, it is your final birth, all souls have to go back to their home – soul world. You have to read this knowledge regularly and teach others, so that you attain an elevated status. The more you do service, more you make others like you, that much you earn an income, will come in the garland of victorious jewels.
You have to learn and teach others  this true knowledge of the True Father and Teacher. God makes you belong to the Truth, listen to the truth, to take birth in the True continent – golden age.

Essence for dharna:
1. While living at home with your family, live like a lotus. Definitely observe the vow of purity (being virtuous) for as long as you live.
 2. Instead of asking for mercy, follow the mother and Father. Study with attention and also teach others.

Blessing: May you be a perfect angel who finishes the subtle strings of attachment and flies in the flying stage.
 An angel means one who has no connection with the old world. So, check that no strings are attracting you in a subtle way to themselves because if you like something, it will then definitely attract you to itself. Some say that they don’t have that desire (ichcha), but that they do like it (achcha). A desire is a gross string and to like something is a subtle string. Now, finish that too and become a perfect angel.

Slogan: To donate powers with your mind and virtues through your actions is to be a great donor.


Essence: Sweet children, you now have to leave that old home (body) and go back with the Father. Therefore, remove your attachment from that home. Have the faith that you are a soul.

Question: Which words do not emerge from the mouths of soul-conscious children?
Answer: How can I have peace of mind? These words cannot emerge from the mouths of soul-conscious children. Only those who are body conscious use these words because they don’t have knowledge of the soul. You know that the original religion of the soul is peace. There is no question of peace of mind. When a soul is stabilised in his original religion, the mind will become peaceful. Those who say that the soul is the Supreme Soul aren’t able to understand these things.

Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.

Essence for dharna:
1. Wake up at amrit vela (early morning hours ) and do the business of the jewels of knowledge. Become rup and basant, study and teach others.
2. You have to return home with the Father. Therefore become pure. Become bodiless, stay in remembrance of the Father and gain victory over science with the power of silence.

Blessing: May you be double light and attain the elevated destination of perfection in a short time.
The double-light stage is a sign of intense effort. Such a soul would not experience anything as a burden. Even if any adverse situations come through matter or people, any situation in front of your original stage would be experienced as nothing. Double light means that by remaining up above, you cannot be influenced by anything. By remaining above the situations and the atmosphere down below, you will achieve the elevated destination of becoming perfect in a short time.

Slogan: Step away from the land of sorrow and waves of sorrow cannot come close to you.

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