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Now, God has come in person to give you liberation in life.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are the adopted children of God. Become pure and claim your inheritance of the pure world. This is the time of the final period; therefore, you must definitely become pure.
 Question: Why can you give the title of ‘ostrich’ to human beings of today?
Answer: If you tell an ostrich to fly, it says, “I don’t have wings, I am a camel.” If you say, “Achcha, if you are a camel, carry the load!” it says “I am a bird.” Such is the state of people of today! If you ask them, “Why do you call yourselves Hindus instead of deities?” They say, “Deities were pure whereas we are impure.” If you say to them, “Achcha, change from impure to pure” they then say, “We don’t have time.” Maya has cut off the wings of purity. This is why those who say that they don’t have time are like ostriches. You children must not be like ostriches.
 Song: Salutations to Shiva.
Sweet Children,
When children are born,it is like the heirs are born. You belong to God and become rightful owner of the inheritance of golden age in every world cycle.
Hey children, become soul conscious, now the God has come to give you knowledge.
I am the Supreme Soul, I don’t have a body of My own. God is only One in reality. I am your Father, the Supreme Soul. You have been calling out for Me to come.
The Supreme Soul teaches you Rajayoga through the body of Adam-Brahma.
In scriptures, instead of God, Krishna’s name has been mentioned. Sri Krishna is the first prince of golden age. Those who come in the beginning of golden age, will also exist at the end of world cycle but with different name and form.
You children are adopted by GodFather at this time. God is your Father and Teacher as well. Adam-Brahma is known as the father of humankind.
Since you have been calling out for God, I have come now at this time, the confluence of iron and golden age. I give you the mantra of purity – to remain virtuous.
You children are brothers amongst yourselves.
The golden age is known as the eternal world. The religion of deities exist there, it is not known as religion of hindus. In reality, there is no religion in the name of hindus. Christ established the religion of christian. There is no religious founder for hindu religion.In fact, you children belong to the religion of deities not hindus. Only residents of Bharat – India know about deities none other.
Now you have to keep fasting of purity – being virtuous in nature. I have come to make you virtuous in nature.  You become complete with 16celestial degree virtues in your nature.
You have to certainly make effort to become deities-virtuous human being, you become the master of heaven through the power of purity.
You children say that I, soul live in this body, we become pure – virtuous to rule the kingdom of heaven. Now, the soul has the alloy of impurity. When the soul is completely pure, it existed in golden age.
The alloy of soul is removed in the fire of yoga-remembrance of God, to become golden aged. Then in silver age, it gets covered with the alloy of silver. In copperage, it becomes copper aged and now it is iron aged.
Now, the old world has to be transformed. The soul is an eternal being, has to become virtuous-pure. The souls become pure to go back to the home – soul world, along with GodFather.
In reality, you are children of the GodFather. You benefit the souls to come in golden age.
Your body and soul become pure to come in golden age. When you have constant remembrance of God (even whilst performing actions), you become virtuous to come in golden age.
You have to follow the direction of God to become elevated. People never know about the biography of GodFather who makes the souls to become pure-virtuous. God is the Ocean of knowledge.
God says, children, Be very cautious, never give sorrow to anyone. God removes your sorrows and gives happiness. You have to offer the 5vices to God to become completely viceless, 16 celestial degree virtuous, complete in all virtues.
You are a soul, have to just remember the Supreme soul, you have to become soul conscious certainly. By remembering Me being in awareness of soul, your sins will be removed.
Now, God has come in person to give you liberation in life. I give you the knowledge through the body of Adam-Brahma to make you pure-virtuous from vicious.
Children, if you offer the 5vices, you will become pure-virtuous to become the master of the world.
Essence for dharna:
1. Follow the Father’s shrimat and become completely viceless. Claim the kingdom of the world through this study. With the fire of yoga, remove the alloy that has been mixed into the soul.
 2. Become soul conscious and remember the Father. The more remembrance you have, the more the Father will continue to protect you.
Blessing: May you use at the right time the blessings you have received from the Father and make them fruitful and become an image that grants blessings.
 Use at the right time whatever blessings you have received from BapDada and those blessings will remain with you permanently. In order to make the seed of the blessing fruitful, give it the water of awareness again and again and give it the sunshine of remaining stable in the form of the blessing. Then, one blessing will bring many other blessings with it and, as a result, you will become an image that grants blessings. The more you use the blessings at a time of need, the more the blessings will continue to show your elevated form.
 Slogan: When you have natural attention, tension will automatically finish.

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