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become firm in soul consciousness and save yourself from sinful actions.

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Essence: Sweet children, the religion and action of you children of the confluence age is to drink the nectar of knowledge and also to give it to others to drink. You do the service of changing residents of hell into residents of heaven.

Question: Of which deep philosophy of karma have you children been given knowledge?
 Answer: If, after belonging to the Father, you ever perform a sinful act through your senses, there will be one hundred-fold punishment for each sin committed. You children have this knowledge and this is why you cannot perform any sinful actions. The aim of you children is to become full of all virtues. Therefore, you have to make effort to remove your defects.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,
God is known as the Innocent lord, He gives you the inheritance of heaven in return of your worthless vices. God makes you virtuous deities, which no human beings can do. God comes in the world of sorrows to give you the eternal knowledge.
By drinking this nectar of knowledge, you belong to the Godly clan to become virtuous deities. God explains about the world cycle of 5000years and the number of births souls take in each age.
All karmic accounts are to be settled and you have to take birth in new world. You have the karmic accounts of 2500 years – since copper age. By the bondage of sins, souls have become completely tamopradhan.
You receive direction from God-Father at this time. Perform your daily actions and at the same time remember God-Father, the world of souls (Brahm element) and the world of peace and happiness (golden age heaven).
You must not perform any sinful actions by your sense organs. You children must not have any type of vice within. The most important vice is body consciousness. Because of body consciousness, you become egoistic and all other vices come one after other.
God says, get rid of your body consciousness – ego. The unlimited God-Father says, remember Me, don’t perform such action that defame GodFather.
God Father makes you the master of the world of happiness. The purifier is only One God-Father not the water of Ganga. At this time, every one of you are making effort, you have not become completely satopradhan.
GodFather transforms the Bharat-India into heaven through you children, not through any deities. The unlimited God-Father creates the New World of heaven for you children. The old world will become New world. Hence, now remove all the religion and relation of body (from your intellect) and consider yourself (and others) as soul. The body and world has become old, now you all have to go to the New world. I have taught you the Raja Yoga even 5000years before. Every world cycle, I come and make you virtuous.
Souls cannot escape from this world cycle, otherwise this world drama would come to an end. I come at the end of the world cycle, at the confluence of iron age and golden age. I give you liberation and liberation in life. You go to the world of silence and then come to the world of peace and happiness.
All souls have to pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. At the end, your stage will be very good. At amritvela (early morning hours), you remember the God-Father. You can also remember GodFather even in the evening. In fact, God’s remembrance must be constant throughout the day.
Every day before going to bed, check yourselves if you have committed any sinful action. God’s main direction is : Children, become soul consciousness, do not perform vicious actions, otherwise you would defame yourselves and the Godly clan. This is the battle of storm against the lamp.
Let the storm (of thoughts) come, but you don’t perform any sinful action by your sense organs, since you receive a very elevated status. Here, you have to become firm in soul consciousness and save yourself from sinful actions.

Essence for dharna:
1. Pay attention that your register is not spoilt. Obey the Father’s orders and become soul conscious. Don’t make any mistakes through your physical senses.
 2. In order to become full of all virtues, don’t perform any sinful act, through your physical senses, which would make you accumulate sin. You have to settle all your old karmic accounts.

Blessing: May you have a pure attitude with your mind full of power and thereby sustain everyone through your awareness of being an ancestor.

Whenever you see or meet souls of any religion, have the awareness that all of those souls belong to the progeny of your great-great-grandfather. We souls are ancestors and ancestors sustain everyone. The form of your alokik sustenance is to fill other souls with all the powers that you have received from the Father. Sustain the soul with whichever power that that soul needs. For this, your attitude has to be very pure and your mind has to be filled with power.

Slogan: Those who have the imperishable wealth of knowledge are the wealthiest of all in the world.

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