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make a vow that, always you will remain happy and very sweet like God-Father.

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Essence: Sweet children, while sitting or moving around and doing everything, remain silent. Remember the Father and you will receive your inheritance. There is no need for songs or poetry.

Question: Which particular aspect is proven by calling the Father the Liberator?
 Answer: If the Father is the One who liberates us from sorrow, that is, from the five vices, then it must surely be someone else who traps us in them. The Liberator can never trap you. He is called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Therefore, how could He cause sorrow for anyone? Children remember that Father when they are unhappy. Ravan-vice is the one who causes you sorrow. Ravan, Maya, curses you whereas the Father comes to give you your inheritance.

Song: The shower of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.

Sweet Children,
People remember God because they experience sorrow by entangling into the five vices.
God is known as the one who removes sorrow and gives happiness.
All over the world, now, every one undergoes suffering.
Other than GodFather, no one can explain knowledge to souls.
By the power of purity-virtues, once again the heaven is being established.
You become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Only you children understand this.
GodFather gives you the inheritance for 2500years.
You children belong to God and follow the direction of GodFather.
Like God does not have a body but a point of light, you souls are also point of lights in reality.
God makes you 16 celestial degree virtues. God is known as the Purifier.
God explains you the secret of old world and new world.
Whoever remains pure-virtuous are praised by others. The deities are praised because they lived a virtuous life in golden and silver ages.
God Father speaks to you souls. He calls you, children. You have to keep attention on God and the inheritance.
God transforms the hell into heaven through you children.
God’s direction is: become pure-virtuous. Make others virtuous. You must not get angry. When you become pure-virtuous, you will become the master of the virtuous world.
Those who do service without saying are known as deities, those who do service on request are known as  human beings.

Essence for dharna:
1. Always remember: When others see you doing something, they will do the same. Therefore, never perform any action that is against shrimat under the influence of the vices.
 2. You have to be interested in doing service. Engage yourself in service without being asked. Never become like salt water with one another.

Blessing: May you be a powerful soul and use all the powers to finish all complaints and become complete.
 If you have any weakness inside you, then understand the reason for that and resolve it because it is Maya’s discipline to come to you through whatever weakness you have and not allow you to become a conqueror of Maya. Maya will take benefit of that weakness and it will even be that weakness that deceives you at the end. Therefore, accumulate a stock of all powers, become a powerful soul and, with the experimentation of yoga, finish all complaints and become complete. Remember the slogan: If not now, then never!

Slogan: Only those who finish the obstacles with the powers of peace and patience are destroyers of obstacles.

Essence: Sweet children, the sweet Father has come to remove you from this bitter world and to make you sweet. Therefore, become very, very sweet.
Question: Why do you children dislike this old world?
Answer: Because this world has become the extreme depths of hell. Everyone within it is bitter. Impure-vicious ones are called bitter. All are floundering in the river of poison. This is why you dislike it.
Question: People make two mistakes in one of the questions they ask. What is the question and what are the mistakes?
Answer: People ask: How can my mind become peaceful? This is the first mistake because until a soul becomes separated-detached from the body, how could he receive peace? The second mistake they make is when they say that God has many forms and omnipresent. If God is omnipresent, then who is it that needs peace and who can give it?

Sweet Children,
This world is full of sorrows, you must become disinterested with the sorrowful world.
People have become vicious in nature. Now, you will go to the world of silence. People of the world look for peace everywhere.
Unless you become soul conscious, get detached from body consciousness, the soul cannot experience peace. Peace lies in your neck in the form of garland, you need not have to look outside for peace, it is already within. You souls are embodiments of peace, you have forgotten your original nature, you forgot about GodFather.
You souls remain in soul world, God also resides in soul world. God is known as the Ocean of knowledge. (without knowledge of God, you cannot have yoga with God). By knowledge you become pure- virtuous.
The people at this time are vicious in nature. The people of golden age remain virtuous in nature. You have to become soul conscious and remember the Supreme Soul to get rid of sins and become virtuous in nature. The early morning hours are very good to remember the GodFather.
In golden age, your store house remain full, you never worry about anything there. In golden age, it is known as the liberation in life. In iron age, it is known as bondage of sins.
The Supreme GodFather is very innocent, He takes you to the world of heaven. He comes from the world of silence to give you knowledge. People defame Him saying God is present everywhere. Even people defame Krishna, from copper age.
Whatever the memorials (temples) you have of your divine nature will not exist in golden age. You follow the Eve and Adam (World mother and Father) in your spiritual effort.
God makes you do spiritual effort to become pure-virtuous in nature. If you remember the GodFather, you will become the master of the heaven. People go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. There cannot be any confusion in this.


Essence for dharna:
1. Stay in remembrance of the Father and eat pure food. Take great precautions about anything impure. Follow Mama and Baba and make effort to become pure.
2. Wake up early in the morning and remember the sweet Father and the sweet kingdom. Settle all your karmic accounts at this time of settlement with remembrance of the Father.

Blessing: May you be one who has determined thoughts and keeps the flag of the Father’s revelation hoisted in your heart at every moment.
Just as it enters everyone’s heart because of love that they definitely have to reveal the Father, in the same way, hoist the flag of revelation in your heart through your thoughts, words and deeds. Constantly perform the dance of happiness, not that you are sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Imbibe such a determined thought, that is, make a vow that for as long as you live, you are going to remain happy. Let the song automatically continue to be played, “Sweet Baba, lovely Baba, my Baba” and the flag of revelation will begin to fly.

Slogan: In order to become a destroyer of obstacles become full of all powers.

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