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God says,Hey soul,I am your Father,I had come now,know the truth about Me.

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Essence: Sweet children, if you want to become a master of heaven, promise the Father that you will become pure-virtuous and definitely co-operate with Him, that you will be His worthy child.

 Question: For whom does the tribunal sit at the end in order for them to clear their accounts?

 Answer: Who would file a case against those who kill so many with bombs in anger? This is why a tribunal sits for them at the end. Everyone settles their own karmic accounts and returns home.

 Question: Who becomes worthy of going to the land of Vishnu – human being with divine virtues?

Answer: 1) Those who live in the old world and yet do not attach their hearts to it. It remains in their intellects that they must now definitely become pure-virtuous because they are to go to the new world.

 2) It is this study that makes you worthy of going to the land of Vishnu. You study in this birth and receive a status in your next birth from this study.

 Song: You are the Mother and Father.

Sweet Children,

The unlimited Father gives unlimited peace and unlimited happiness. The resident of Bharat (world) lives in golden age for 21births. God takes you to the land of peace and happiness.

It is the soul who speaks and listens, soul takes maximum 84births in the world cycle. Soul and body are different, now the body has become very old. You live in hell at this time. Heaven is created through you children. You have to become pure-virtuous to rule the kingdom of golden age.

You offer the five vices here. The children who follow the Godly direction receive the inheritance of heaven.

Now, children are born in the jail of womb. In golden age, the womb of mother will be like a heaven.

God is knowledge-full, no other souls can explain this knowledge to you.

Somnath temple is the first one built with lot of wealth in memory of GodFather shiv (Benefactor).

It is God who teaches you the spiritual pilgrimage, takes you to the land of peace.

You have to finish even the trace of attachment to this old world.

In golden age, children are born with lot of happiness, you study here to rule the kingdom of golden age.

God says, I make you the master of the heaven, you become god and goddess of golden age. I am the only One who gives liberation and liberation in life.

If a soul leaves the body of a child, people blame God for it. In golden age, no one cries, soul leaves the body when the body becomes old, and on their own, to take a new body.

This RajaYoga is very ancient, I open the gateway of heaven through the mothers. You become master benefactors, you just ask people to remember GodFathe, since the destruction-transformation going to take place. Very little time is left out for you to become a virtuous fragrant flower.

God does not have a body, human beings cannot be called God at anytime. God gives happiness and removes sorrow. I make you a divine human being complete with virtues from being  vicious.

You have to understand the working of this world drama. God says, Hey soul, I am your Father, had come now. Now, follow My direction to rule the kingdom of heaven.  God makes you a charitable soul. In the golden age, you don’t have a spiritual Father.

You study this knowledge in this university, I take loan of this body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge.

People say, God is present everywhere and every leaf moves because of Him, in fact the leaf moves because of wind.

You study this elevated study to attain elevated status;


Essence for dharna:

1. Very little time remains; that is why you have to change from thorns into flowers, make everyone into flowers and show them the path to the land of peace and the land of happiness.

 2. In order to go into the clan of Vishnu, perform good deeds. Definitely become pure. Remain constantly engaged on this spiritual pilgrimage and inspire others to do the same.

Blessing: May you be a contented soul who observes the variety of cartoon shows of Maya and matter as a detached observer.

 At the confluence age, the special gift from BapDada is contentment. In front of a contented soul any situation of upheaval would be experienced to be like a puppet show. Nowadays, there is a fashion for cartoon shows. So, whenever a situation arises, always think that a cartoon show or a puppet show is being shown on the unlimited screen. This is one show of Maya and matter which you have to see while being stable in the stage of a detached observer, while maintaining your honour and being an embodiment of contentment. Only then would you be called a contented soul.

 Slogan: To remain beyond any type of defect is to become perfect.

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