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Strength and Support from the One,keeps you in a constant and stable stage.

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Essence: Sweet children, make effort to stay constantly in remembrance of the one Father. This is unlimited satopradhan effort.

 Question: Which company should you children keep and which company should you not keep?

 Answer: Keep the company of those who talk about knowledge and are serviceable. Stay away from the company of those who gossip and talk about useless matters. Hear no evil, see no evil!

 Question: What damage is caused by being careless?

Answer: Those who are careless keep making mistakes at every moment. They continue to defame the Father’s name. Everyone dislikes them. They do not reach the golden age; they accumulate a lot of severe punishment.

 Song: Mother, O mother, you are the bestower for all.

Sweet Children,

The song is about the praise of you mothers. Only God is known as Avatar, who comes to purify the souls. The Delwada mandir (of Mount Abu) is the memorial of you children.

In copper age, when the world becomes impure – you undergo sorrows. You children of God spin the discus of self realization.

There is also memorial of Achal garh, Gurushikar. God is the ocean of knowledge. You are here, to come in the rosary of Highest God-Father. When you become stable, you come in the rosary of God.

When you become pure, you go back to your Home along with the God-Father. You make effort to become pure-virtuous. There are stages of sato, rajo and tamo. You children are making unlimited effort to attain the unlimited happiness. You have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan to go to the golden age-heaven.

Those who listen to this knowledge play roles in golden age, becoming virtuous. Every soul has to leave the body and go back to the soul world, to come in the New world. First you come in the sun dynasty, then you come to moon dynasty. There are rosary of 8 victorious jewels, then there are rosary of 108 and 16,108.

God comes and makes you mothers knowledge-full – guru (to share knowledge with others). The world mother is praised for this role. Sanyasis leave the household  to remain pure, from copper age(Not before). Major transformation had taken place in the beginning of copper age. Now, once again you have to go back to golden age from iron age.

When you have complete knowledge and make complete effort, then you will have the unlimited happiness. At the end, everyone will come to know about their status. Those who cannot reach golden age at the end, will undergo pain for their sinful actions. You finish your karmic accounts of so many births by the power of remembrance  and avoid the pain-punishment.

Now it is the time of judgement day, every soul has to finish their accounts to return home. You finish your accounts by remembrance and knowledge. People fall in to vice by coming into body consciousness. It takes time to go back to your virtuous stage.

When your stage becomes good by making effort, you come into body conscious to become careless. It takes effort to climb up. You have to study this knowledge every day without fail, you receive new points everyday. Keep remembering the God-Father. This unlimited play is coming to an end now. You have to receive the inheritance once again from the God-Father.

Based on your actions, you will receive the reward. You win over the vices and receive your kingdom numberwise. You attain the elevated status according to your effort.

The Sun dynasty begins with Sri Lakshmi Narayan. Everyone has to check their spiritual effort, you have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. You promise to study completely and remember the God-Father constantly.

You receive the light of knowledge at this time. By knowing about the world cycle, you know well about the future. Many children forget, being careless and become instrument in defaming the unlimited Father.

You have to be far away from the company of those who are lustful and angry. You have to remain in the company of those who speak knowledge. You must not listen to anything (gossip) other than the knowledge. Children: Hear No evil, see no evil, talk no evil….you must not get entangled in waste chit chats. All these make you fall down.

God comes to make you elevated. In golden age and silver ages, no one remembers God since they remain liberated in life. Hence God never appears in golden and silver ages. From copper age, you keep calling out for God-Father and hence He had to appear on earth at this confluence age.

Other than God, no one knows about the world cycle. Now, you children understand about the world cycle. The whole world never listens to this knowledge. Only those who studied in the earlier world cycle would listen to this knowledge. You soul know that, you were the elevated satoprdhan soul ruled the Sun dynasty. Now, God is teaching you personally. God explains about your different stages in world cycle.

God cautions you: Children, only by this study, you can reach an elevated stage. You have to become pure-virtuous and go to the golden age. By the power of remembrance, you become ever healthy. By the power of knowledge, you become ever wealthy. Only by becoming pure, you can have an eternal life in golden age. You never get destroyed, all other things get destroyed – transformed.

Chidren, if you become virtuous, you will rule the pure world. Otherwise, you would undergo a lot of pain – punishment. Hence, you have to become very strong, listen to the knowledge everyday. The more you listen, that much you would make a fast spiritual effort.

You have to receive complete inheritance from the God-Father. No one can give excuse for not studying this knowledge. Eight hours you can do your job. Rest of the time, you have to check how much you remember the God-Father and perform  spiritual  service.

As of now, no one has reached the stage of golden age. You children must not gossip or listen from others. Check for yourself how much you do spiritual effort. The temples are made in the memorial of you children. You have to go back to the real Gurushikar – soul world. People never know about the truth.

You were satopradhan earlier, have become tamopradhan. Once again you have to reach the stage of satopradhan. Souls understand this knowledge according to their role in golden age. There are many children who have body consciousness, you have to make such a effort that you don’t have the body consciousness at the end. Even amongst sanyasis, when they leave the body consciously, they spread the vibrations of silence, still they have to take rebirth amongst the householders.

There are many souls who remember God constantly, being far away and they certainly attain elevated status. You have to become satopradhan being in the body. As long as you live, you have to study this knowledge. At the end, you reach the karmateet stage, free from bondages of actions. Let your intellect remain beyond this limited world. It takes effort to reach the elevated stage.

By fast effort, you have to experience yourself in the stage of satopradhan certainly.


Essence for dharna:

1. Fill your apron with the imperishable jewels of knowledge and decorate yourself. In order to experience supersensuous joy, fill your intellect with knowledge.

 2. Telling tales causes a lot of damage. Therefore, don’t listen to or talk about anything except knowledge. Remain distant from the company of those who say false things.

Blessing: May you be full of all powers and remain constant and stable in the midst of upheaval in adverse situations with one Strength and one Support.

Souls who have one Strength and one Support would remain in a constant and stable stage. A constant and stable stage means to be constantly unshakeable with no fluctuation. A soul who remains full of all powers by receiving all powers from the one Father can remain unshakeable in the midst of upheaval in any adverse situation. A constant and stable stage means to experience the sweetness of all relationships and all attainments with One. No other relationship can attract such a soul.

 Slogan: To have the elevated attitude of unlimited service is to be a world benefactor.

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