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Become soul conscious - easy, sweet and loving - in nature.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to show (reveal) the Father through your divine, sweet behaviour. Give everyone the Father’s introduction and enable them to claim a right to their inheritance.

Question: What are the signs of children who are soul conscious?
Answer: They are very sweet and lovely. They follow shrimat accurately. They never make excuses about doing any task; they always say, “Ha ji” (Yes, surely); they never say no. Whereas body-conscious people think that they would lose their honour by doing a particular type of work, soul-conscious children always follow the Father’s orders. They have full regard for the Father. They never become angry and disobey the Father. They do not have attachment to their bodies. They make everything of theirs prosper by having remembrance of Shiv Baba; they would not ruin anything.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,
Bharat is a very  ancient land, initially it was Bharat which existed. Bharat was very rich earlier. Very few know about God-Father , that too numberwise. In devotion people worship God but no one knows about God as He is.
God is the creator of heaven, if you know about Him, you would be surprised on why you are unhappy and exist in iron age – hell.  In conversations, you can ask who God is? God cannot be present everywhere, God removes sorrows and gives happiness. It is very simple and easy to know about God.
In golden age, no one speaks about God-Father, no one gives you knowledge there. At this time you create the reward of golden age. It needs effort to become soul conscious, those who remain in God-Father’s service (in remembrance of God), they only experience soul consciousness. Those who are soul conscious remain very loving and sweet. You souls are brothers and sisters amongst each other.
You belong to God-Father and hence you follow Him. Those who are soul conscious become very sweet in nature. Now, you are becoming soul conscious, you have just become tamo from tamopradhan. Some have reached up to rajo. Those who are soul conscious (easy, light and virtuous), never have body conscious-ego. They never feel that I lose respect by doing certain action.
By the body consciousness, you spoil the actions. Those children who just co-operate (in Godly service) become wealthy in golden age. Those who are body conscious receive a low status in golden age. Those who remain body conscious never help themselves or others. The effort is to become soul conscious from body conscious. Here (in the company of God and godly students), atleast there is opportunity to become soul conscious unlike there outside.
By just a look, it is known if the person is body conscious or soul conscious. Now, you children are in confluence age being at household, you become a fragrant flower from being a thorn. People of the world are irreligious,  don’t know about God-Father, especially residents of Bharat.
When you don’t remember the God-Father, the storm of maya (vices-obstacles) comes to slap you. You have to remember the New world being at household. This world is an unlimited school for the souls to learn.  You children receive an unlimited intellect knowing about the soul world, subtle angelic world (the worlds beyond).
You children have to become very very sweet, the more you become sweet and completely virtuous, that much you attain elevated status in golden age. You have to check yourselves if you have any thorn of nature. In golden age, everyone remain soul conscious. They leave one body and take another consciously.
You must have a lot of regard for the God-Father. The storm of maya (vices-obstacles) comes to everyone. By the remembrance of God-Father, you don’t lose-spoil anything. You children have to be stable and strong (in mind). Because you don’t remember God-Father you fail in the storm of maya. If you fall, you have to rise up and keep moving. This world is about falling and rising.
You have to receive inheritance from God-Father. Even those who are in bondage, if leaves the body in remembrance of God, they attain good status. You have to become soul conscious in nature. All the study centres belong to the God-Father. If you open a Godly study centre at your home, it is an act of great charity.
God-Father says, if you remember the God, you attain a very elevated status at the end. You become the master of the world by this spiritual effort. If you open many study centres even with a small area, you will receive a very good fortune in return. This is the act of great charity.

Essence for dharna:
1. Keep the company of first-class enlightened souls. Become soul conscious. Remain far away from the company of body-conscious people.
 2. Serve the yagya with a lot of love and an honest heart. Become very lovely and sweet. Become obedient and don’t be disobedient about anything.

Blessing: May you be a destroyer of obstacles and constantly experience the Father’s hand of blessings over your head.
Only those who have all powers can become destroyers of obstacles. Always have the intoxication: I am a master almighty authority. Use all the powers at the right time. No matter how many forms Maya comes in, you simply have to be knowledge-full. While experiencing the Father’s hand and His company, remain in the combined form. Every day at amrit vela, bring into your awareness the tilak of victory. Experience BapDada’s hand of blessings to be over your head and you will become a destroyer of obstacles and remain constantly carefree.

Slogan: Those who experience imperishable happiness through service and give others that experience are true servers.

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