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Christ,Nanak were not present in their younger days,but come later to establish religion.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual surgeons and professors. You have to open hospital-cum-universities and benefit many.

Question: The Father establishes a religion, but other founders of religions also came and established religions. What is the difference between the two?
 Answer: The Father simply establishes a religion and goes back, whereas all other founders of religions go back having created a reward for themselves. The Father doesn’t create a reward for Himself. If the Father were to create a reward for Himself, He would also need someone to inspire Him to make effort. The Father says: I do not want to rule a kingdom. I create a first-class reward for you children.

Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off.

Sweet Children,
You children understand the meaning of this song. At this time, it is known as the deep darkness of ignorance. You become virtuous to go to the world of silence and happiness. The Beloved who appears in the body of Adam-Brahma is your Incorporeal-bodiless God-Father.
God-Father takes you children along with Him to the world of silence. You have to certainly become virtuous, remember the God-Father and the world cycle. You become ever healthy and wealthy.
To the extent possible, open the spiritual university, you can get rid of bondage of sins. In future, you will see that many spiritual college and hospital open up. It is a common knowledge that after iron age, certainly golden age has to come.
You give happiness by your mind, words and actions. Mind remembers the God-Father. Words are to remember the God-Father and the world cycle. Every soul belongs to the One God-Father. But you have to explain how God-Father comes and gives the inheritance. You know how many births souls take in golden, silver, copper and iron age.
Every soul has to remember the God-Father and receive the inheritance. You must give introduction of God-Father, at the same time you also have to become very sweet. You have to get rid of all types of attachment.
You have to imbibe virtues and make others virtuous. Keep serving through your mind. This is a wonderful knowledge. God-Father comes at the end of iron age to give you the inheritance of heaven. You know that the deities of golden age have made their spiritual effort at this confluence age. In golden age, there will not be anyone to make you do spiritual effort.
Only Incorporeal God-Father can make you do such an elevated spiritual effort. I give you most elevated first class fortune of  kingdom of golden age.I establish the ancient virtuous religion. God never takes any reward according to this world drama.
I teach you the essence of all Vedas and scriptures of the devotional service. In devotion, you step down and in knowledge, you climb up. Now, you children become 16 celestial degree virtuous for golden age. Then in silver age, you lose 2 celestial degrees. You children have to make effort  and make others do spiritual effort.
God comes and creates the golden age of New world. The old world is known as the hell. Here, you are never taught of any blind faith. You receive the reward of this spiritual study in golden age. You know that all that of devotion had to take place according to the world drama. 2500years, there is knowledge and 2500 years, there is devotion.
God has taken loan of the body of Adam-Brahma. I never use this body all the time. Christ and Nanak were not present in their younger days, they appear later and establish their religions. Only pure souls appear and establish the religion, people never understand this.
Radha Krishna becomes Lakshmi Narayan when they grow up. You children know that God appears only once to make the vicious souls virtuous. As long as you live, you have to keep the fasting of purity. Sri Krishna is known as ShyamSundar – ugly to beautiful, the memorial of you souls transform from vicious to virtuous.
God comes to show you the path of the world of silence.  At the end, people will come to know that they have wasted their life, and others have used their life on Godly service.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become a conqueror of attachment and connect your intellect’s yoga to the one Father. Become soul conscious and imbibe these teachings and also inspire others to do so.
 2. Give Bharat happiness through your thoughts, words and deeds. Relate two words of knowledge to others and benefit them. Have positive thoughts for others and show everyone the way to the land of peace and the land of happiness.

Blessing: May you be a true server who becomes a spiritual social worker who gives courage to overcome adverse situations at the time of an upheaval.
Now, from time to time, upheaval is going to increase in the world. Upon hearing news of peacelessness and violence, you children who are the spiritual social workers have to remain alert and with your powerful vibrations fill everyone with the courage of peace and tolerance. Be a lighthouse and give everyone the light of peace. Fulfil this duty at an intense speed through which souls receive spiritual re-assurance. While burning in the fire of sorrow, let them experience being filled with cool water.

Slogan: In order to receive respect from everyone, be humble-hearted.

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