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True Satsangh between God and children takes place only once in 5000yrs.

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Essence: Sweet children, never miss this spiritual study. It is through this study that you receive the sovereignty of the world.

Question: By having which firm faith would you never miss this study?
Answer: If you have the faith that God, Himself, in the form of the Teacher, is teaching you, that you receive the inheritance of the sovereignty of the world through this study, that you receive a high status and that the Father takes you back with Him, you would never miss this study. By not having faith, you do not pay attention to the study, and so you miss it.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

Sweet Children,
In satsang, people just listen to others. Here, you understand that you are present in front of God-Father and receiving inheritance from Him.
In worldly study, they know that they would become Barrister, Engineer. In satsang, there is no aim object, they just want the blessing, mercy from the gurus. Now, you have come here (to knowledge) after doing a lot of devotional service. Here, you know that you receive unlimited inheritance of heaven-golden age on earth, unlike in satsangs.
Now, you know that God has come from Paramdham (the residence of God-soul world) to give you happiness. God is the Almighty Authority. Children are numberwise, make spiritual effort. Here, you listen directly from God. You understand about the world cycle.
This Company of Truth – Satsangh between God and children takes place only once in the world cycle. God appears in the body of Adam - Brahma to teach you. The unlimited Father, the God of the world is teaching you, you must have a lot of happiness.
You souls have to return home – soul world - now, along with the unlimited GodFather God makes you the king and queen of the world by this study.
No people know that God comes and teaches you. You have been doing devotional service till you belong to the GodFather.
People remember God but they don’t know how they undergo sorrow. Now, the unlimited GodFather, the creator,is teaching you. You had all virtues but you lost them while passing through Golden, silver copper and iron ages.
People were calling for God to make them pure without knowing about God. When you are present here, your attention remains towards GodFather.
God cautions the children, don’t perform vicious actions, don’t miss this Godly study. Now, God comes and explains you the knowledge.
God does not have a body, He is an eternal being like you souls. He gives knowledge to take you to the world of silence (soul world) and to the world of happiness (golden age). This world is a perishable one and you go to the eternal world of golden age to rule the kingdom for 21births.
The unlimited God is only one who comes to the world to make it pure. You souls play different role on earth.
Few in millions listen to this knowledge. There are many listen to this knowledge and later leave the study. They cannot be blamed for this, the maya-obstacles bring them into the storm of thoughts.
You have to consider yourself as a soul and remember the GodFather. When you were in golden age, you were soul conscious in nature, then after 2500years, you come into body conscious.
Souls when they don’t understand this knowledge leave this elevated Godly study.

Essence for dharna:
1. Follow the orders of the one Father and only listen to the one Father. Do not be influenced by the wrong things people say. You mustn’t keep wrong company.
 2. Always remember the study and your Teacher. You must definitely come to class every morning.

Blessing: May you be completely pure and with the royalty of purity reveal the speciality of Spiritual life.
 The royalty of purity alone is the speciality of spiritual life. You can tell when a child belongs to a royal family from his face and activities. In the same way, Spiritual life is recognised by the sparkle of purity. The sparkle of purity will be visible in your activities and on your face when there is no name or trace of impurity even in your thoughts. Purity means that there should be no influence of any vice or impurity for only then can you be said to be completely pure.

Slogan: A holy swan is one who transforms the wasteful into powerful.

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