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very soon,in golden age,every one will remain virtuous and sweet in nature.

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Essence: Sweet children, this confluence of the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, and the Brahmaputra River is like a diamond. You children come here to change from shells into diamonds.

 Question: When and how is the golden-aged kingdom established?

Answer: When the whole of the impure world is cleansed, that is, when the old world is destroyed-transformed, the golden-aged kingdom will be established. You have to become ready before then. You have to become pure. The era of the new kingdom will begin when not a single impure-non virtuous person remains. That era will not begin here. Although Radhe and Krishna will have taken birth, it won’t be called the golden age at that time. It is when they sit on the throne of the kingdom in the form of Lakshmi and Narayan that that era will begin. Until then, souls will continue to come and go. All of these things have to be churned.

 Song: This is the Spring to forget the world.

Sweet Children,

You children have come here to Brahmaputra (Adam-Brahma) and the ocean of knowledge (God Benefactor-Shiv) to become a diamond. The confluence of river and Ocean is known as diamond harbor. Here Adam and GodFather remain combined to give you children the Godly knowledge.

You children are the rivers of knowledge, can flow anywhere. You become like a diamond here by imbibing virtues. Some rivers are long and others are small, make everyone like a diamond. Those who make even a little effort, come in golden age.

You are present  with the GodFather. God, the Ocean appears in Brahmaputra – Adam (Brahma) to give you knowledge.

In golden age, every one remains virtuous, it is known as the New World. After iron age, there comes the golden age. When the Lakshmi Narayan sits on the throne, the golden age begins. It takes time for the complete transformation. The confluence-meeting of God, the Ocean of knowledge and you children takes place only in this confluence age.

God gives you the inheritance of golden age and makes you diamond like. People go to river ganga, remain pure in thoughts, words and actions. In Amarnath, people become happy looking at the ice formations. In reality you do the true spiritual pilgrimage by remembering the God-Father.

Soul is a subtle point of light located at the middle of eyebrow, people apply signs over their forehead in memorial of soul. You receive the sign of heavenly kingdom. Souls look like a star, even Supreme soul is like a star. Although Supreme Soul is also a point of light, He has complete knowledge in Him.

Like you souls have divine visions of soul, you also have visions of Supreme Soul. People say everything is created by God or carried out by God. In fact, it has to be said everything is carried out by the world Drama. God is the world almighty authority, He is the Ocean of knowledge.

Those who read scriptures cannot be called as Ocean of knowledge. No one has the knowledge what GodFather has. Yours is the gathering of rivers with the Ocean of knowledge. You rivers appear from the Ocean of knowledge. God is the only Creator and His creation is also one and it is eternal in nature.

In golden age, festivals of iron age are not celebrated. The saints-gurus are never present in golden age, they appear from copper age. There will be the kingdom of heaven, now it is the iron age of sorrows. This world drama keeps repeating.

God explains the essence of all scriptures through the Adam-Brahma. This world (of 5000years) is eternal, keeps repeating. You know that you were worshipworthy and becoming like that once again. You children understand the role and action of God. In devotion, the good wishes of people are fulfilled through the GodFather.

Those who come in golden age will listen to this knowledge and receive their inheritance of heaven.


Essence for dharna:

1. Continue to make effort while you are alive. Put the Father’s teachings into practice. Become a master ocean of knowledge, the same as the Father.

 2. Become a spiritual guide and enable everyone to go on the true pilgrimage. Become like a diamond and also make others the same.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who creates an elevated reward by knowing the importance of the confluence age.

 The confluence age is a small age and it is only in this age that you experience the Father’s company. Both the time of the confluence age and this life are as valuable as a diamond. Knowing this importance, do not leave the Father’s company for even one second. If you lose a second, it is not a second lost, but a great deal is lost. This is the age in which you accumulate an elevated reward for the whole cycle. If you remember even the importance of this age, you will claim the right to a kingdom through your intense efforts.

 Slogan: To give everyone love and co-operation is to be a world server.

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