Monday, 27 August 2012

Now, the God-Father comes and meets the poor to make them wealthy.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to make a vow to remain pure-virtuous. There is no need to go on hunger strike or go without water. Remain pure and you will become the masters of the world.
 Question: At this time, who are the best of all in this world and in what way?
Answer: At this time, the poor are the best of all in this world because the Father comes and meets the poor. The wealthy do not listen to this knowledge. The Father is the Lord of the Poor. He makes the poor ones wealthy.
 Song: What has happened to human beings of today?
Sweet Children,
The God is the True Father, the True Teacher and the True Guru, who comes and gives knowledge. It is said, to be in the company of Truth. You children are present in front of GodFather. The True Father is only One by whom you become the master of the world.
You are listening to the True Knowledge through GodFather.
People say God is present everywhere, but in fact, the five vices are present everywhere, not the God.
Adam – Brahma says, I am the child of God, and I belong to Him and none else.
You souls come into the cycle of 84births of 5000years. For first 2500years, no sorrow exists.
Hey souls, just  remember Me, so that your sins will be removed and you will go to the world of happiness. You also have to remember the inheritance of heaven.
You have to perform your day to day actions.Those who perform charitable actions take birth in the family of kings.
God has come now to make the poor ones wealthy.
You are the grand children of Adam-Brahma, you have complete rights over the inheritance given by GodFather.
The real form of fasting is to  remain pure-virtuous. You remain pure and make the whole world pure-virtuous by the power of yoga-remembrance of God.
If you just remember Me, I make you the resident of heaven. I am the Husband of all husbands, the Father of all fathers.
You are the brothers and sisters amongst yourselves, you tell everyone that if you remember the GodFather, they will become pure-virtuous to rule the kingdom of golden age.
Now, you are the children of God, then you will become deities – virtuous human beings of golden age.
Remain in household, perform all action in the awareness of self as a soul (point of light at the middle of eyebrow-forehead).
You have to involve in the true service of true GodFather.You have to show the path according to their karmic resolves.
Now, the kingdom of God is being established. Remember Me, Give introduction of GodFather to others, so that you will attain an elevated status.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to imbibe knowledge, keep your heart very clean. Engage yourself in the Father’s service with a true heart. Don’t ever tire of doing service.
 2. Make this promise: Mine is Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) alone and none other. Renounce the body (consciousness) and false bodily relations (by looking at self and others as souls) and have all relationships with One. Donate the wealth of knowledge to the poor.
 Blessing: May you pass with honours and experience closeness by flying with love.
 All the children are moving forward with the power of love. The flight of love brings you close to the Father in body, mind and heart. In knowledge, yoga and dharna it is numberwise, according to each one’s capacity, but each one is number one in the subject of love. All of you have passed in the subject of love. Love means to remain close (paas) and pass (pass in exams-obstacles) and to pass (cross) easily through all circumstances. Only those who remain that close are able to pass with honours.
 Slogan: To remain safe from the storms of Maya (obstacles-vices) and matter is to be seated on the heart-throne (of GodFather).

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