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The Supreme Father asks you to become soul conscious,remain pure-virtuous like a lotus flower.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father’s orders are: Become soul conscious. Become pure-virtuous and enable everyone else to become pure-virtuous. Have faith in the intellect and claim your full inheritance from the Father.

Question: At the end, when leaving the body, who will have to cry in distress?
Answer: Those who don’t die alive and make full effort and don’t claim their full inheritance will have to cry in distress at the end.

Question: Why are there so many types of fighting and quarrelling and partition etc. at this time?
 Answer: Everyone has forgotten their real Father and become orphans. They have forgotten the Mother and Father from whom they received so much happiness and have said that He is omnipresent, and this is why they continue to fight and quarrel among themselves.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Sweet Children,
The soul is eternal, the body is perishable.  Souls pass through the world cycle of 84births, but not all souls.
The God lives in the Incorporeal soul world. He is known as the Mother and the Father.
The pure-virtuous world exists in golden age where pain never exists. No one remain vicious there.
People remember God without the real knowledge. In fact souls receive the unlimited happiness through GodFather.
The residents of India-Bharat ruled the world during golden age. Now it is not so. People never know the Mother and the Father. GodFather explains you about this world cycle.
There is Supreme Soul, but you don’t know about His biography. People say God is omnipresent which is not right.
The unlimited Father is the Creator, He makes the soul virtuous-pure. People think God is present everywhere, how can God present in a stone? People worship dolls, they cry for God to give divine intellect.
The Husband of all husbands, the father of all fathers  God says: children, become virtuous-pure, your soul has lost its purity leverl. You were golden in nature became silver, copper and now iron in nature. You have become tamopradhan in nature.
The old world will be transformed in to New world of happiness. Only God gives you happiness. In golden age, every soul remains in happiness. Now, all the souls are vicious-impure, God makes them golden in nature.
At this time, souls give sorrow to each other. Lust is the greatest enemy. God comes to make you 16 celestial degrees virtuous. Those who become virtuous through God will become the master of the virtuous world.
The Supreme Father asks you to become soul conscious. Never leave your household. You reply that we will follow your direction certainly. Will remain pure-virtuous. I have come to transform the vicious souls into virtuous souls.
You belong to the religion of virtuous deities. Those who become vicious will become virtuous in nature once they complete the 84births.
I make you virtuous through the body of Adam-Brahma.There is the father and mother of humankind. The Supreme GodFather makes you belong to Him and gives you the inheritance of GodFather.
You have to remain pure-virtuous like a lotus flower, you need not have to leave the household. Become virtuous like deities. You will become virtuous like in previous world cycle.
This is the world of sorrows, you must not remember any bodily beings (look at everyone as a soul with the awareness of self as a soul). You children of God make a vow to remain pure-virtuous in nature. You can remember GodFather being at home.
All of you souls have to come to Me, every soul has to leave their body.
Bharat is the eternal continent, every soul will be taken back by the GodFather to the soul world-resident of souls.
Now, the golden age is being established, every soul has to leave the body. You become worshipworthy from being a worshipper. At this time, people rule over the people. The golden age has to come. You belong to God, you are the children of GodFather. This is Godly family.
You have to remember GodFather. You remember the resident of souls and the world of happiness. This is the perishable world, you remember the Eternal Lord to go to the Eternal world of heaven.
Souls will come in huge numbers, to belong to God.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim your inheritance of heaven from the Father, while living at home with your family, look after your creation and become as pure as a lotus.
 2. Show everyone the way to become happy for 21 generations. Sit on the pyre of knowledge and change from vicious to virtuous and then to deities.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance and remain soul conscious with the light and might of knowledge.
 Your eternal form is of the incorporeal point of light and your original form is the deity-virtuous form. You will be able to have both forms in your awareness when you have the practice of remaining in the stage of soul consciousness on the basis of the light and might of knowledge. To become a child of God means to become an embodiment of the light and might of knowledge. Those who are embodiments of remembrance remain content themselves and also make others content.

Slogan: To experience greatness in something ordinary is to be a great soul.

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