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supersensuous joy and sweet silence are the foundation of purity.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to become rup and basant (an embodiment of yoga who showers knowledge) the same as the Father. Imbibe knowledge and yoga and then donate according to the personality.
Question: What system continues from the copper age, a system which the Father stops at the confluence age?
Answer: The system of bowing at someone’s feet continues from the copper age. Baba says: Here, you don’t need to bow at anyone’s feet. I am Abhogta (beyond any effect of experience), Asochta (One who is free from thoughts) and Akarta (One who doesn’t have conscious of doing anything). You children are even greater than the Father because children are the masters of all the property of the Father. Therefore, I, the Father, salute you masters. You don’t need to bow down at all. Yes, regard does has to be given to young and old.
Song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.
Essence for dharna:
1. Use your time in a worthwhile way in every aspect. Donate knowledge to worthy personalities. Don’t waste your time chasing after those who don’t want to listen to you. Donate knowledge to the devotees of the Father and the deities.
2. Imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge and become wealthy. Definitely study. Each jewel is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. Therefore, imbibe them and inspire others to do the same.
Blessing: May you be an image of experience who overcomes obstacles considering them to be a game by learning the lesson of “nothing new”.
Do not be afraid when you see obstacles. You are becoming an idol and so there will be some hammering. It is only by hammering the idol that they make it right. The further ahead you go, the more storms you will have to cross. However, these storms are a gift for you to become experienced. Therefore, do not think: Are all the experiences of obstacles going to come to me alone? No. Welcome them: Come! If you have made the lesson of “nothing new” firm, then these obstacles will feel like a game.
Slogan: If you have the speciality of truth, the sparkle of the diamond, the soul, will automatically spread everywhere.

Essence: Sweet children, only when you have knowledge in your intellects will remembrance of the Father remain permanently. Stay on the spiritual pilgrimage and enable others to stay on it with intellects filled with knowledge.
Question: God is the Bestower, so why is there the system of donating in the name of God on the path of devotion?
Answer: Because they make God their Heir. They believe that God will give them the return of that in their next birth. To give in the name of God means to make Him your Child.
On the path of devotion too, you make Him your Child, that is, you surrender everything of yours to Him. Therefore, in return for your surrendering yourself to Him this once, He surrenders Himself to you for 21 births. You bring shells to the Father and receive diamonds from Him in return. The example of Sudama is based on this.
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off.
Essence for dharna:
1. Instead of asking the Father for blessings, remain engaged on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Never become tired on the spiritual pilgrimage.
2. Make Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father) your Heir and surrender yourself to Him completely. Follow the mother and father. Claim the happiness of the kingdom for 21 births.
Blessing: May you be a great soul who puts a full stop to any adverse situation and claims a right to receive blessings.
A great soul is one who has the power to change the self and who first offers the self in putting a full stop in any situation: I have to do this, I have to change. Those who make such an offer receive three types of blessings. 1) Blessings from the self in the form of happiness  2) Blessings from the Father. 3) Blessings from the spiritual Godly family. Therefore, do not bring about carelessness thinking that this happens all the time, that it will do. Put a full stop and, by transforming carelessness, become alert.
Slogan: Only with the concentration of your thoughts can you have a fast speed for elevated transformation.

Essence: Sweet children, continue to churn knowledge and you will never become confused about anything. Always maintain the intoxication that incorporeal God, Himself, is the One who is teaching you.
Question: Which children can experience the imperishable intoxication of these jewels of knowledge?
Answer: Those who are poor children. Only poor children become multimillion times fortunate through the Father. They can be threaded in the rosary. Wealthy people have the intoxication of their perishable wealth. At this time Baba doesn’t need multimillionaire children. Heaven is established with every penny of the poor children because it is the poor who have to become wealthy.
Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to go to the ocean of milk, have true love for the one Father. Stay in unadulterated remembrance of One and remind everyone else of the one Father.
2. Don’t have intoxication of perishable wealth. Maintain permanent intoxication of the wealth of knowledge. Claim a high status through the study.
Blessing: May you be a constantly powerful soul and put a full stop by having control on yourself with controlling power.
The awareness of the Father, the Point, and the point form of the soul makes you powerful in being able to put a full stop. A powerful soul has the controlling power to be able to control the self. Such a soul will not control others but have control on the self and use the power of transformation. Such a soul has the power to change wrong into right. That soul will never say: Is it only I who have to die? Is it only I who has to tolerate?” A powerful soul will understand that that is not dying, but receiving self-sovereignty of heaven.
Slogan: Only those who have the speciality of determination in their every thought will become instruments to reveal the Father.

Essence: Sweet children, imbibe the sweet points of knowledge that the Father tells you. Become very sweet, like milk and sugar. Never become like salt water.
Question: With which great mantra do you children receive the tilak of the new kingdom?
Answer: At this time, the Father gives you children the great mantra: Sweet, beloved children, remember the Father and your inheritance. While living at home with your family, live like a lotus and you will receive the tilak of the kingdom.
Question: It is said: As is your vision, so the world. Why is there this saying?
Answer: Human beings at this time are impure and ugly and so they accordingly create such images of their worthy-of-worship deities Lakshmi and Narayan and Rama and Sita. They even create images of Shiv Baba (God - the point of light) in black stone and worship Him. They don’t understand what that means. This is why there is this saying.
Song: O man, look in the mirror of your heart!

Essence for dharna:
1. Do everything you have to do with love, not with anger. Remain constantly cheerful by remembering the Father. Constantly continue to smile like the deities.
2. Through the fire of remembrance remove the alloy mixed in the soul. Have your sins absolved. Become courageous and do service. Don’t be afraid.
Blessing: May you be complete and perfect and experience supersensuous joy by making the foundation of purity strong.
The foundation of spiritual life is purity. If this foundation is strong, you can experience complete happiness and peace. If you lack the experience of supersensuous joy and sweet silence, the foundation of purity is definitely weak. It is not a small thing to adopt this vow. BapDada gives blessings from His heart and congratulates the souls who observe the vow of purity. In order to receive the blessing of being complete and perfect by observing this vow, bring about transformation by putting a full stop to thinking, seeing, speaking and doing anything wasteful.
Slogan: To remain constantly lost in the depths of One is to be one in solitude.

Now go beyond the stage of just using the method and become an embodiment of success. (Spoken on Janamasthmi.)
Essence: Signs of close and equal, subtle and great.
Blessing: May you be the most elevated and prosperous souls who maintain spiritual intoxication with the faith of having all rights in an unlimited way.
At the present time, you children become so elevated and have all rights in an unlimited way that you have a right to the Almighty Authority Himself. Children who have Godly rights attain the rights of all relationships and all prosperity. It is only at this time that you receive from BapDada the blessing of being the most elevated and prosperous souls. You have the imperishable wealth of all virtues, all powers and the most elevated knowledge. This is why no one else is as prosperous as you.
Slogan: Remain constantly alert and carelessness will then finish.

Essence: Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and remember the Father with a lot of love and your intellect will change from stone to divine.
Question: What is the way to become prosperous for 21 births?
Answer: Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge and you will become prosperous because each jewel of knowledge is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. The more one donates and stays in remembrance of the Father, the higher the mercury of one’s happiness will rise.
Question: What precautions must you observe so that you don’t perform any sinful actions?
Answer: You need to take a lot of precautions with your food. When you take food from a sinful soul, it affects you. The Father gives advice on seeing the circumstances of each one.
Essence for dharna:
1. Develop the practice of waking up early in the morning. Wake up early in the morning and definitely churn knowledge. Sit for half an hour or even 45 minutes and talk to yourself. Make your intellect full of knowledge.
2. In order to receive blessings from many, open a hospital or college on three square feet of land. Become egoless, the same as the Father and do service.
Blessing: May you be an accurate yogi who even transforms a storm (toofan) into a gift (tohfa) with your controlling power.
A true and accurate yogi is one who is able to focus his intellect wherever and whenever he wants in a second. When the situation is one of upheaval, the atmosphere is tamoguni and Maya is trying to make you belong to her, even then, to be able to concentrate your intellect in a second is to have the power of remembrance. No matter how many storms of waste thoughts there may be, have the controlling power to transform those storms into gifts and move forward in a second. Such a powerful soul would never think that he didn’t want to do something but that it just happened.
Slogan: Souls who are yogyukt and who perform yuktiyukt actions are those who become obstacle-proof.

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