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practicing angelic in one moment and incorporeal in the next,makes you unshakeable.

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Essence: Sweet children, there is very little time left. Therefore, do spiritual business. The best business is to remember the Father and your inheritance.

Question: What concern should you children have?
Answer: How to reform souls who have been spoilt, to liberate everyone from sorrow and to show them the path to happiness for 21 births and to give everyone the GodFather’s true introduction. You children should be concerned about all of this.

Song:     No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,
GodFather says, Children, you can do a lot of service – give this Godly knowledge in temples.
God makes you children become the master of the world, for half of the world cycle, you never become ill for 21 births.
When you imbibe this eternal knowledge, you can benefit many souls.
God establishes the kingdom of God – heaven in golden age.
No one other than God, can give happiness to the souls of the world.
God-Father feels mercy for the children, wants children to come and receive their inheritance.
People think God is present everywhere which is not true. If God is present everywhere how it is possible to worship God?
You children have to wake up your brothers from  the sleep of ignorance, you have to become very sweet, never haven even an iota of anger.
God understands that it takes time to over come the vices, you have to involve in benefitting the souls, the job of you children is to teach this Gita. Tell them to remember the Alpha – the God and the beta – the inheritance of golden age.
It is very easy to explain to others, ask them if they know about GodFather. God expects everyone to identify GodFather and get rid of their sorrows.
God is merciful, blissful and peaceful. You children also have to become merciful like God and benefit every soul.
Certainly the inheritance has to be received from God-Father. Here, you receive liberation and liberation in life in just a second. You show the path to happiness to the people.
In devotion, people wander a lot on pilgrimages, fasting etc,. Here,in knowledge, you just have to remember the God-Father. Now, it is the retirement stage for all souls, the transformation is about to happen, hence remember the GodFather and receive the inheritance.
You receive the inheritance very easily. In golden age, there is no name of unhappiness or vices, hence belong to God-Father and receive the happiness of heaven. To the extent possible benefit others.

Mamma’s  (World mother – Eve) Murli:
Essence: The meaning of this Godly knowledge is to die alive

The Godly knowledge is to die alive and hence very few in millions keep courage to receive this knowledge. No one can give this knowledge other than God Himself.
Manmanabhav is to remember God alone to get rid of sins. By imbibing this knowledge, if you make others imbibe, you receive the happiness of golden age-heaven as inheritance from GodFather.
To receive knowledge is to die alive (from body consciousness and become soul conscious mentally). To die alive is to get rid of vices – old sanskars of lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego.
If you do now, you will receive the inheritance of heaven.
God is known as the sat chit anand. Sat means, He is eternal. Chit means, God is  knowledge-full and peaceful, He gives knowledge appearing in the body of Adam-Brahma. Anand means He is blissful and the embodiment of happiness. All these qualities are present in GodFather and He remains indifferent to happiness and sorrows. God remains blissful always, He gives happiness and removes sorrows, He never gives sorrow to anyone. He is the store house of bliss and happiness.
God is known as karankaravanhar. He comes at the end of the world cycle. The happiness and sorrow of the world is not created by God, they are made eternal till the end. The God and the world cycle are eternal. The seed when sown, the tree has to appear. God is also the image of Seed of this world human creation. God’s role is to sow the seed of this world human tree, for new creation.The seed and the world tree both are eternal. Unless the seed is sown , how the tree can be created?
God becomes the Hero actor to sow the seed of this world human tree by giving this divine knowledge to become virtuous, so that the old world gets transformed to the new world of happiness. God plays the role in the beginning and the end of the world cycle. God is said to perform everything, it means He plays the role at the beginning and end of the world cycle.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Become very, very sweet. Remove even the slightest trace of anger. Become merciful like the Father and remain engaged in service.
2.            Death is just ahead. It is now your stage of retirement. Therefore, remember the Father and the inheritance. Use everything of yours in a worthwhile way in order to make Bharat into the kingdom of God.

Blessing: May you be equal to the Father who remains unshakeable in the midst of upheaval through the practice of the subtle and the incorporeal stages.

Just as it has become natural to be in the corporeal form, in the same way, both the awareness of being a subtle angel and an elevated incorporeal soul should be natural because Father Shiva (Benefactor) is incorporeal (point of light - silence) and Father Brahma (Adam) is subtle (angelic virtuous body). If you have love for both, then become equal to both. While being in the corporeal, practice being angelic in one moment and incorporeal in the next. This practice will make you unshakeable in an upheaval.

Slogan: To attain divine virtues is the most elevated “Prabhu Prasad” (holy food offered to God).

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