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By knowing God and His love,you never sin,and all your desires get fulfilled.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to decorate you with the real decoration of knowledge and yoga. Body consciousness ( I and mine) spoils this decoration. Therefore, remove your attachment from the body (by the awareness of soul in self and others).

Question: Who can climb the steep ladder of the path of knowledge?
Answer: Those who don’t have any attachment to their bodies or bodily beings, who have true love for only the one Father, who never become trapped in anyone’s name or form. Only such children are able to climb the steep ladder of the path of knowledge. All the desires of the children whose hearts have love for only the one Father are fulfilled. The illness of becoming trapped in name and form is very severe. Therefore, BapDada warns you: Children, don’t become trapped in one another’s name and form and thereby destroy your status.

Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world; the earth and sky all belong to us!

Sweet Children,
You understand the meaning of song, when you receive God, you receive everything. You are the children of God belong to Sun dynasty (of golden age). Now, God is creating the new creation.
You receive the Godly inheritance through the Adam-Brahma, the whole world is covered in it. You make effort to receive this inheritance, in every world cycle.
You residents of the Bharat-India, the one belong to sun and moon dynasty rule all over the world. Others appear on earth later, from copper age.
Only at this time, you understand how you attain the world inheritance and how you lose it. In golden age, you don’t have this knowledge. Now, the unlimited God has come to give you the knowledge.
You build temples from copper age. Now, you listen to God directly. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma, you belong to God once again, like in every world cycle.
Now, God explains you the secret of complete world cycle. Only God has the knowledge of it, He is known as Janijananhar, the knowledge-full.It is not that God knows what is in the hearts of people but the beginning and end of the world cycle.
Now, you have to remember the GodFather, you have been remembering bodily beings for half the world cycle.
God comes to decorate you children, with virtues. You become deities (virtuous human beings) from human beings. By knowing about God, you never commit any sin, you will never eat anything of tamopradhan. Here, you have to donate the five vices of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. Children, you have to get rid of  the attraction of body – body consciousness. You must be attracted to one God-Father alone, not to any name and form of bodily beings.
Now, you children have to follow the Godly direction without which the soul never attains elevated status. You know the history of Adam-Brahma  to follow Godly direction. Many are egoistic that they receive Godly direction. Here, you receive the Godly direction through the physical body of Adam.
You know that God makes you elevated through the physical body of grandfather Adam-Brahma. You receive direction to become master of the world. By having love for God, all your desires get fulfilled. You become beloved of the God-Father.By remembering the father, you receive the inheritance.
You souls are the children of GodFather receive inheritance from Him. By knowing yourself as a soul, you have to remember the Supreme Soul. Becoming Ashiq (beloved) of God, all your aashas (desires) get fulfilled. Ashiq remembers the Mashooq. Children remembers the Father and the property. Here, the souls have to become Ashiq of the true Supreme Mashooq.
You receive everything in the form of inheritance through GodFather. No other desires will be left out. In golden age, there is nothing of sorrow exist. You make this spiritual effort to attain elevated status like the status of Prime Minister, President, Queen and King. To receive inheritance of heaven, you have to follow the world mother and world father – Eve and Adam.
There is praise of World Mother – Vande Mataram. Bharat is the eternal continent, where the GodFather appears. Hence, the whole Bharat has to be praised a lot. You mothers are praised a lot, you transform the world into heaven. Only One GodFather transforms the vicious to vice-less. The Praise of Bharat is very great. Bharat-India is the eternal continent.
God appears in Bharat in the body of Adam-Brahma, who is known as the fortunate chariot (body).  Every world cycle, God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma. Rishi is the memorial of purity-virtuous. You are the rishis who also take care of the household unlike the other rishis who renounce the household.
You remain in this old world and receive the inheritance of the new world cycle. Hey the highest children, this study is very elevated, you create the new world, you have to remember the GodFather a lot. There are many children who get entangled in the name and form of bodily beings (by not looking at everyone as a soul).
God cautions you, you lose your inheritance-elevated status by entangling yourself in name and form, others get benefitted by the knowledge you give but you lose the inheritance. You have suffered a lot for half the world cycle, now all the suffering has disappeared by receiving-knowing about the GodFather, and you receive happiness. Through suffering you have become tamopradhan, but now you make effort to become satopradhan, the elevated status.
You become the master of the world by this study. You wanted to receive the complete inheritance from GodFather by all means. Now, the light of hope is lighted within your heart. All your sorrows are about to disappear, the days of happiness are about to come.  You become rightful owner to receive the world inheritance.
You have to become number one charitable soul of sun dynasty, you have to become a stick for the blind. You have to give introduction of God-Father, you become virtuous. You transform the Bharat in to heaven. The world cycle is like the game of somersault. You go to the eternal world of golden age from this world of death-suffering.
The status what you receive depends upon your spiritual effort, even the new ones reach elevated status than the old ones.
You have to prove the real God of the Gita – Is it Shiv (Benefactor God) or the Krishna (the prince of golden age)? Half the world cycle, there is devotion and scriptures, and the other half, there is liberation in life. People become happy when you explain to them in simple terms.
In soul consciousness, you never become tired, you keep flying. By body consciousness, you become heavy in heart.

Essence for dharna:
1. Never sulk out of body consciousness. Take directions from the Father through the corporeal one. Become true lovers of the one Beloved, God.
 2. While looking after your home and family become Raj Rishis. Have the total desire to go to the land of happiness and have deep love for making effort to attain that.

Blessing: May you be loved by God and experience the carefree stage by giving all worries to the Father.
 The children who are loved by God are always seated on the heart-throne. No one would have the courage to separate them from the heart of the Comforter of Hearts and this is why you tell the world with spiritual intoxication that you have become those who are loved by God. Because of maintaining this spiritual intoxication you are free from all worries. You cannot say, even by mistake, “Today, my mind is a little sad” or “My mind cannot be connected”. Those are wasteful words. To say “mine” means to fall into a difficulty.

Slogan: The means to finish any type of upheaval is to have unshakable faith in the world drama (predestined).

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