Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Be ignorant of wasting time,breath,words and actions,that is,be innocent to experience divinity.

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Essence: Sweet children, you now have to become lighthouses. In one eye, you have the land of liberation and in the other, the land of liberation-in-life. Continue to show everyone the path.
 Question: What is the method to accumulate an account of an imperishable status?
 Answer: Constantly spin the discus of self-realization in your intellect. While moving around, remember your land of peace and your land of happiness. Then, on the one hand, your sins will be absolved and, on the other hand, your account of an imperishable status will accumulate. The Father says: If you want to become a lighthouse, have the land of peace in one eye, and the land of happiness in the other eye.
 Song: Awaken, o brides, awaken! The new age is about to come.
Sweet Children,
You know that you souls reside in soul world.
You must have this knowledge in your intellect. This old world has sorrows and the New world is the world of happiness.
Everyone remains happy in golden age with unlimited wealth. The cycle of this world drama keeps  repeating.
You have to remember this world cycle, remember GodFather so that your imperishable accounts will be accumulated.
The most important is Alpha and Beta – the world of peace where God resides and world of happiness. You must keep these two in your awareness and one who remember this is known as spinner of discus of self realization.
God comes and establishes the New world of heaven. He wants you to remember the land of souls and land of happiness, so that your boat of life will move across. You also have to remain pure-virtuous certainly.
The land of Rama is not known as heaven but the golden age – the land of Sri Krishna. Silver age – the land of Ram is known as Semi-heaven.
People build temples for deities without knowing about their birth and real history.
At this time, all the souls are resident s of hell give sorrow to each other.
God is your Father, you never go to any saints and rishis but to GodFather. Those who want to create an elevated fortune make spiritual effort.
You receive a most elevated fortune, and hence you must have great regard for the GodFather. You rule the whole world by the power of yoga – remembrance of God. 2500 years, there is world of sorrow and other 2500years, there is the world of happiness.
You must not become angry, never give anyone sorrow. If you give sorrow, you would leave the body undergoing sorrow.
Essence for dharna:
1. Have regard for the Father and the study. Create methods to refresh yourself from time to time and become an instrument to bring benefit to many.
 2. Talk only about things of knowledge among yourselves. Remove any trace of anger. If you hear anyone speaking harsh words, just ignore it.
Blessing: May you be innocent of waste and be an embodiment of ignorance and experience divinity by making your deity sanskars emerge.
 When you children were in your golden-aged kingdom, you were innocent of waste and of Maya and this is why deities are said to be saints and great souls. So, make those sanskars of yours emerge and become an embodiment of ignorance of all waste. Be ignorant of wasting time, breath, words and actions, that is, be innocent. When you are ignorant of all waste, you will easily and naturally experience divinity. Therefore, do not think that you are making effort anyway, but be the soul (living being) and enable actions to be performed through your chariot (body). Do not repeat a mistake twice.
 Slogan: A spiritual rose is one who remains loving and detached in the midst of thorns.
Jwalamukhi Yog
Finish the old sanskars-resolves and habits to open the gate of liberation in life,by the powerful remembrance of GodFather.
Become complete in all virtues. Remain combined with One GodFather being in soul conscious.
Emerge the natural qualities of soul and become embodiment of those qualities.
Let the link of remembrance remain connected without any break.
Be in the company of souls but in a detached way. Like it is easy to come into relationship, remain that much detached naturally.
Concentrate the mind and intellect within a second, in its seed form, wherever you intend to. Practice applying the complete brake to your mind whenever you want. Keep your sense organs under your control.

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