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The Detached observer remains entertaining and victorious in all situations.

Murli 15.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) Avyakt Murli 19.09.1972
Essence: Strength is the means to finish being dependent (compelled).
Main points: The final stage is of being detached and loving constantly, the stage of being lost in love of One Father and the awareness of inheritance. In this spiritual pilgrimage, you must not stop anywhere being unshakeable, tireless and firm. Unlimited disinterest is not to become serious, there is entertainment along with disinterest. Love means, you become co-operative in their action, not attachment.
Are you stable in immovable, unshakeable and constant stage which is being praised for the Great souls of age old previous world cycle?Are you near to the final stage of being detached and loving? When you are close to something, you find the signs of those objects from a distance. So, are you close to that stage? What is the stage very nearer to the final stage?
Are you moving close to the father? Don’t you get stuck by the side scenes? Do you experience the flying stage, not walking or stopping stage?Here it is the spiritual pilgrimage, you must not stop anywhere, you have to keep moving being in an unshakeable, tireless and firm stage.
By being determined-strong, the weakness never stops you in your effort.
The Great one finishes the weakness in a second being strong. Like that stabilize your intellect with the One Father that nothing shakes you. You are just repeating what happened in the previous cycle. Is it difficult to repeat what you have been doing in previous cycle?
Comparing to the world, you are very few souls, who are fortunate multi million fold times. People of the world are in the deep sleep of ignorance and you are very few who have woken up. When every soul wakes up from ignorance, it becomes too late to receive the inheritance, at that time you will be revealed of your elevated stage. Now they do not know the importance of you elevated souls.
The time of longing to attain elevated status by the souls of the world is not very far away, you souls will be happy that you have attained elevated status, you have attained the God, and you have to be in that intoxication of swinging in the swing of super sensuous happiness even now. Do you have that much happiness now?
Do you get disturbed, become fearful? (Didi and Dadi were in hospital at that time). The light house remains at the top and show light to everyone. Madhuban is the light house and the stage is also very elevated. Like you tell God does the elevated action, Madhuban is the elevated place.The name and action, the speciality of residents of madhuban, they are very sweet, and at the same time have unlimited disinterest, in fact, there is entertainment along with disinterest. The worldly people never have entertainment in disinterest but in reality the disinterest is merged with entertainment.You tell others that soul is peaceful and along with peace the other qualities of love, happiness are merged in it.
Those who remain in an unlimited disinterest never gets shaken up even under great disturbance. They remain free from attachment and remain embodiment of awareness. If you have love for someone, you become co-operative in their action, it is not that you become worried or attached to the one whom you love, if that is the case it is not love, it is called attachment.
You must have the future form and the stage of completion in your awareness, you must have that stage in your awareness constantly.
When you are in deep sleep, you have to be shaken up to wake you up. When you are just sleeping, you need not have to be shaken up. Here too, in the drama, when you, the images that were the form of a warning were shaken a little, everyone awoke, because some of you were in a light sleep. However when you are suddenly awakened, there should not be the slightest trace of any kind of fear visible on your face or in words, to become victorious.
Whatever test paper had come is nothing, more paper has to come what you have not dreamt, or thought about it. So, you must have such practice, like you watch all the scenes of movie being detached, your stage should be stable stage whether the scene-role is of love or pain. Your stage has to be of being detached observer. Many do not even become fearful but start engaging in battling. But the stage of detached observer is different, being a detached observer is known as stable – constant stage, you reach that stage when you are lost in love of the Father constantly, your awareness should be of One Father and the Inheritance. When anyone looks at you, they must feel that you play the roles of being a detached observer. To make you understand your own stage, you receive the test paper, like you have thermometer to check yourself.
Let you know about your stage by yourself, go deep within yourself, so that you will never disturbed. (Dadi and Didi are admitted in Bombay hospital). Father has come just to meet the residents of Madhuban, you are very fortunate being with the Father now. Your spiritual stage is very good, but there should not be even little shaking, even if it is a little flaw, it leads to failure.
Your stage of loving and co-operative is good. The machinery of subtle service is already started from the resident of madhuban. Congrats for this.
The medicines of being cooperative and loving are reaching wherever there is a need to make the souls powerful. With your powerful stage, you move forward. The light of light house is reaching all four directions.
Like those who follow one direction at a high speed, those who remain in remembrance of one Father constantly, to the spiritual army of Pandav and Shakti, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be courageous and by knowing all the many forms of Ravan (vices or obstacles or situations) through knowledge, remain free from their attraction.
Ravan cannot even come close to the children who know the many forms of Ravan very well through knowledge. Even if Ravan adopts a form of gold or diamonds,such souls will not be attracted by those. Become such true Sitas and constantly keep the aim of staying within the line of the code of conduct and be courageous. Then, instead of Ravan’s huge army attacking you, it will co-operate with you. Even the five elements of matter and the five vices will be transferred and come to serve you.
Slogan: In order to attain success in service, adopt the speciality of being humble-hearted.
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