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Souls remove the sins of so many years in a second,with the pain of those many years.

Murli 05.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, never attach your heart to this old world or to bodily beings (look at them as souls). If you attach your heart to those things, your fortune falls apart.
Question: What deep secret of this play has the Father told you children?
Answer: Children, because this play is now about to end, all souls have to be present here. Souls of all religions will now become present here because the Father of everyone is now present here. Everyone has to come to salute the Father. Souls of all religions will go back with the mantra of Manmanabhav. However, they will not imbibe the mantra of Madhyajibhav or become rulers of the globe.
Song: May the heart not be broken away from its support and thereby break the fortune that has been created.
Sweet Children,
You Children listened to the song now and others would listen after 2-3 days. If your mind gets attracted to the old world, old body, your fortune becomes reduced. By coming into body consciousness you break the fortune that has been created.
To become fortunate, remember the God and His fortune, to the possible extent.
Now only few days are left out, you have to become complete in divine virtues of 16celestial degrees.
Now you have to become companion of the Father in this great service of transforming the world.
Whatever had appeared and disappeared will appear again. Golden age had disappeared where the deities ruled the kingdom. Now they are in their 84th birth, they had become impure. Now, God Father is making you pure from impure, so you have to remember the Incorporeal Father by your intellect, not to remember any bodily beings.
Only the One Supreme Father can make the souls pure, not any one else. Only one God has been praised, He is the Purifier of all souls, He is the Liberator, He shows mercy towards everyone, He is the Blissful. Human beings cannot show mercy even to themselves. Then how will they show mercy to others?
Father gives the easiest and effective method to remain healthy and wealthy constantly. Father says, you have remember Me alone because you have forgotten Me. You are happy in golden age and hence you do not remember Me there. I explain you the history and geography of 84births. You come and receive the inheritance in every cycle (from Me).
Only Father gives you the method to become master of the kingdom. By the fire of yog (remembrance), your bondage of sins will be reduced.
Krishna and Radha become Lakshmi  Narayan. Krishna never comes in Copper age to speak Gita (which was written by Ved Vyas). Krishna’s soul takes 84births and once again becomes Prince in golden age. Hence he has to be present in confluence age certainly. Only God Father knows this, only God Father knows the past, present and the future. Along with Krishna there will be other prince and princess to study together. Golden age is the vice-less world.
Only God comes and gives liberation and liberation in life to every soul.
During Golden age, only one religion existed. All other religions appear later-from copper age.
The residents of Bharat leads a life of pure household in golden age but become vicious from copper age.
When you do any sinful action, those images appear at the end. Whatever sins-indecent acts you have performed in this birth, you must reveal them to the God Father, so that one half will get reduced. By bringing out the hidden sins, you will be relieved out of it. God is an eternal Surgeon. If you do not speak about the illness to the Doctor (due to shame), how you will get cured?
If you do not speak out the sins to the Father, the sins become accumulated and you get entangled in it, instead of being reduced by half.
Do not keep any relationship with your body, If you remember Me alone, you will not perform any sinful-dirty actions. The more you come closer, that much you will get images.
God is also the Supreme Judge. Now it is the time of judgement day. You  say that you receive liberation in a second. Like that, souls will receive the punishment (painful thoughts) for the sins of so many years, in just a second, with the feeling of undergoing the pain for so many years. It is a very subtle machinery, it is the time of final judgement for everyone, souls will have to undergo punishment-transformation, then every soul will become pure and go back. Only the Father comes and makes every soul pure, no one else has this power.
Your pot of sins has become full with the sins of 63births. There was Lakshmi Narayan I, Lakshmi Naryan II, III....(up to 8) , you were pure and had to become impure according to the eternal fixed world drama.
You were worship-worthy in golden age, later you started worshipping your own image of deities, from copper age. Father comes in Bharat and gives the knowledge to become deities.
You were happy in golden age, so why do you have to remember the God Father? In golden age, you were soul conscious, now you are both soul conscious and God conscious. You have the pure awareness that you are receiving inheritance from the Father at this time.  God is the Father, Teacher and the True Guide.
Father explains with lot of sweetness, Children, you have become impure, now once again remember the Father to get rid of the alloys of sins-rust.
Now it is the end of the drama, all souls have to appear on earth. The religious founders will also come to the Father to take His blessings. They will not rule the kingdom but will remember the Father. They take only the Mantra of Manmanabhav – Remember the God Father alone. But you receive the Mantra of Manmanabhav as well as  Madhyajibhav. Father explains you a very good method.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. While living in this old world, you have to make effort and definitely become full of all virtues. Don’t attach your heart to your old body or the old world. Become fortunate!
2. Remain soul conscious and God conscious. Don’t hide anything from the Father at this time of settlement. Continue to take advice from the eternal Surgeon.
Blessing: May you be a natural and constant yogi who transforms complaints into remembrance.
The speciality of the confluence age is that you make effort now and you instantly receive its fruit. You become an embodiment of remembrance (of God) and you immediately experience its attainment. Of course you have the guarantee for the future, but the fortune of the present time is more elevated than that of the future. Maintain the intoxication of this fortune and remembrance will become natural. Where there is remembrance there cannot be any complaints. “What can I do? How should I do this? I cannot do this,give me a little help”. All of these are complaints. So, stop complaining and become a natural and constant yogi.
Slogan: Those who move along considering themselves to be guests experience an elevated stage.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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