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This knowledge of God is not taught in any of the scriptures.

Murli 18.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, ask yourself: Have I become a conqueror of my physical senses? Are any of my physical senses deceiving me?
Question: What should each one of you children promise yourself in order to become karmateet (free from bondage of actions)?
Answer: Promise yourself that none of your physical senses will ever cause mischief. I have to control my physical senses. I have to put into practice all the directions Baba (Father) has given. Baba says: Sweet children, if you want to become karmateet, don’t perform sinful actions through any of your physical senses. Maya is very powerful. The eyes are very deceitful and this is why you must take care of yourself.
Sweet Children,
Do you remain in soul consciousness, everytime? You have to check yourself if you remember the Father. Here in this spiritual army, there are people of different ages, from young child to old age person, to win over vices and receive inheritance from the Father.
Children know that Maya-vices are very popular. Which is the sense organ deceives you a lot? Eyes are the ones deceive you a lot. You are attracted to other women , feel to touch others. Always remember that you are all brothers amongst yourselves.
Check yourselves throughout the day, which sense organ deceived you. Surdas, a devotee  removed his eyes for deceiving – not to see anyone other than God. Check if eyes deceive you a lot. Many leave the wife and get influenced by the beautiful women. Although you do this Godly service, still your eyes deceive you a lot. So, You have to take care in this regard.
The good effort maker should write down that your eyes got attracted to women and you yourself should give punishment.
When such a beautiful women comes, move away from her instead of looking at them. That is why Sanyasis - renunciates keep their eyes closed and make the women sit behind in the gatherings.
It is not that easy to attain the kingdom of golden age. There is a lot of effort in this. You receive all attainments in heaven.
There is a difference of day and night between the end of iron age and the golden age. There is nothing in need in golden age.
Now you belong to the GodFather, but many are there who can never see the heaven at all. Your religion of deities gives you more happiness, people are not aware of heaven.
Sense organs deceive you a lot, so you have to be very careful in this. To attain elevated status, you have to follow the direction of the Father completely. Father says, if you do not follow, maya-vices brings obstacles. Now check yourself all the activities of the day. This eye deceives you a lot. When you look at someone you feel they are good, some gift to be given.
In golden age, you do not have any worries, if there is , then there is no difference between golden age and iron age.
Father is teaching you, If you have vicious vision, you lose your earnings. Now, check yourself, do you give sorrow to anyone? you have to become victorious over vices. There is karam (action), akaram (neutral action in golden age) and  vikaram (vicious action in iron age due to body consciousness). In the world of vices, whatever action people perform, it becomes vicious. In golden age there is no vicious action, everyone remains pure. Now you are becoming Trinetri (One who has the third eye of knowledge), Trikaldarshi (One who knows the past, present and future) through the GodFather. You have become a theist now.
You have the knowledge of three worlds (Soul world, subtle world and physical world) and the world cycle. You take 84births. The gurus never give salvation to any soul, Religious founders are not gurus, they become instrument in establishing various religions. By remembering them your sins are not removed, you never attain salvation.
Children Maya-vices are very clever, make you fall in vice. You are all spiritual guides show the path of soul world and golden age to all the souls. If you perform any sins even after understanding the truth, you become eligible for hundredfold punishment.
The sense organs deceive you a lot. Father knows the stage of you children by looking at you. By seeing yourself as men and women, you get deceived. You must know that you are children of One Father, brothers (souls) amongst each other. If your sense organs are under your control, only then you can reach the stage of karmateet. It is easy to say that, you will become deities, but that much understanding is also required.
Father says, follow the direction constantly, always remember that you will receive the inheritance completely. You will not receive such a Teacher at any point of time.
God Father gives you the kingdom of golden age, not Brahma-Adam. Brahma also receives inheritance like you. If it is not there in the destiny, the intellect finds difficult to understand. Unless you remember the Father, you cannot get rid of sins. Then you may have to undergo punishment. The complete kingdom is being established.
The kings of iron age have lots of servants, and in golden age, the kings will have many more servants. Here, Father is establishing heaven. By your chart, Father can say what you will become in the future if you leave the body now. You attain karmateet stage at the end according to your status. This is your income. People keep busy in their business all the time. Such people find difficult to listen to the spiritual knowledge. Father says, you have to just remember the Father to get rid of sins.
Father says repeatedly, Children you have to give the message of God to everyone that no one should say that they do not know that God had come.
There are many children who come into tears of love just by hearing the word God Father. Many long to come and see the Father. But children who sit in front of Father do not have that much importance.
At the end many will receive divine visions. At this final period, you have to remember the Father, when you have opportunity for service, make it up. There are many children who never understands in spite of repeated explanation.
Father says, make such effort that you become more elevated human beings. Your aim object is to become elevated deities from human beings.
This message of God to be given to every soul of the world, it has to be explained in such a way that they understand immediately.
The Peace and happiness have to be established in Bharat-Heaven. Many pamphlets are to be printed that everyone come to know about the Father, so that no soul can blame you. Give the message to all, give ads in News paper so that you can tell them that you have informed the message.
This knowledge is not taught in any of the scriptures.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Check all the bad habits you have in yourself and make effort to remove them. Keep your chart honest. Follow the Father’s directions.
2. Don’t perform any such actions through which you would defame the Father’s name. Be concerned for your own progress. Don’t have the slightest bad visions!
Blessing: May you be a spiritual server who becomes a spiritual rose and spreads spiritual fragrance far and wide.
A spiritual rose spreads its fragrance of spirituality through its spiritual attitude. The Supreme Spirit is always merged in his vision. Such a soul always looks at the soul, the spirit, and speaks to the spirit. I am a spirit, walking constantly under the canopy of protection of the Supreme Spirit. Karavanhar (One who makes you move) the Supreme Spirit, is the One who inspires me, the spirit. Those who experience the Lord to be present in front of them at every second remain constantly imperishable and constant in their spiritual fragrance. This is the number one speciality of a spiritual server.
Slogan: To be free from obstacles and claim a number ahead means to be number one fortunate.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD https://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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