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The soul struggles (undergo hell) until it becomes light - relieved from pull of the body.

Murli 10.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, destruction (transformation) is definitely fixed in this drama. You have to become karmateet (free from bondage of actions) before destruction takes place.
Question: Which words spoken by the Father attract you a great deal when you are in front of Him in person?
Answer: When you are in front of the Father in person and He says the words “You are My children”, they attract you a great deal. You enjoy it very much when you hear this personally. Madhuban (Mount Abu) attracts all the children because this is God’s family here. This is the gathering of spiritual children. You only exchange knowledge amongst themselves.
Song: Our pilgrimage is unique and we are the stars of the world.....
Sweet Children,
Children know that you are doing pilgrimage of remembrance by which you will go away from this world of death, people go on pilgrimage to return back. You lucky stars should remember about this pilgrimage.
I, the soul plays different roles. In the worldly drama, people do not know that they will leave this old body-dress and go back to home. This dress of body, is of 84births old, you leave this and take new dress in the golden age.
The deities wear a new dress. You are going to rule the kingdom, you will go and wear divine dress. You say that you do not have any virtues , God makes you virtuous, it is God’s role to make you completely vice-less.
Here it is the bondage of life, you understand how you become impure from pure. You know, now it is the end of world of vices and world of heaven is about to come. Now it is the confluence where God Himself has to come.
People come to know that it is the time of destruction, and God is present somewhere on Earth in an incognito way.
Now, you souls are incognito. Soul and body are different. Now, human beings are incognito (hidden) in the body. God had to appear in a body in an incognito way. You are a soul and God is a Soul. Now souls become attached to the Supreme Soul, it is sung about the love of the Father – to leave everyone else and remember the One God. You sing that, Like You are free from attachment, we will become like You.
Many children lose their status falling in vices-attachment. How you will become free from old world and body? When there is destruction (transformation) of old – impure world, then the world of peace and happiness will be established.
Now every soul has become sorrowful and impure. God comes and establish the temple of God, Heaven, the kingdom of deities. Where there is  an image of God, that temple is not real, but Heaven is the real temple of God.
Now you are becoming worship-worthy, you have the knowledge now. You never go to the temple of deities and bow in front of them. You go into the kingdom of deities, you know that you were the living deities but now you are becoming a deity. Those who lived in the past, pictures-images are made out of them (to worship).
Birla makes temple of Lakshmi Narayan-deities, you have to tell them the true history and geography of deities, mothers can explain to them about the truth with a lot of interest.
Father explains that if you do not find time, remember the Father when it is a holiday. Murli – God’s elevated versions, you receive it anyway. It is not that you remember much here unlike at home. The clouds, you children come here to become refreshed.
Give direction to everyone to remember the God-Father, the Supreme Father. You are spiritual children, your job is to give knowledge to others.
This world has very limited happiness, you know how much pure and happy you live in Golden age. Bharat had a life of pure household, Bharat was a heaven.
One end 1) you cry out towards the Father (seeing God as an individual Supreme being) to make you pure, other end 2) you take bath in rivers to become pure and 3) you call God as omnipresent (see God as a being which is present everywhere), then next you say, 4) soul becomes merged with Supreme Soul, you do not believe in rebirth. Different types of ideas prevail.
You also know how the religion of saints - great men develops. Those who follow any religion leave the body, take birth with the same knowledge.
When you say, I am this and that, all these are body conscious, you have to know yourself as a soul, you should not see the body although you see (which means look at the soul).
Along with body and all bodily relations, remove all attachment, have faith yourself as a soul and remember the Father. It takes a lot of time, vices make you divert, otherwise it is easy for anyone who is retired. Now it is retirement stage for you souls, one end there will be destruction, other end, soul take rebirth. If you had to take rebirth, souls come back, appear in womb or appear somewhere else, everyone will come back to finish their accounts. If there is some accounts left out, then souls undergo punishment-pain very well to become light (relief from any pull of the body).
It is not that you sit in remembrance and at the same time you keep doing sinful action. You have to become vice-less before becoming karmateet. Many children writes chart of remembrance and other end say they are affected by vices.
Father explains that, you must think yourself as you are here only for a very short period, later you would go back. Every thing is being destroyed. If you remember Me, your sins will be removed. Check yourselves, to how many souls you do spiritual service. Till the end you have to become helpful by thought, health and wealth.
Soul says mind is not peaceful. Father says, Soul is originally peaceful in nature, when you are in soul world, your mind remains peaceful. It is not that you have to become unconscious by closing your eyes for days together. Like there are time bombs which explode after a fixed time, you then come out of the unconsciousness.
You know that you were impure, now will become pure, then leave this old body and everything will be finished.
At the end, souls will go back like the swarm of mosquitoes, souls will leave the body, when you all become karmateet, there will be scenes of destruction – transformations, it is all fixed in this eternal world drama.
You know that your stage will be stable and remain happy constantly.
This old world has to be transformed every cycle with natural calamities along with bombs.
Children should understand that you have to go back home now. The more you remember the Father that much you will become pure. The charity begins at home.
Tell everyone, God Father says, if souls remember the Alpha-God, you will become pure and receive inheritance, the master of kingdom. Children have the duty to give this message to all souls, you have been doing this in every cycle.
You tell that Father comes and makes you resident of Bharat. The God is the Creator of New Creations (of golden age). Father says, if you remember Me, your sins will be removed. Now, the Father has come, whether you believe or not , it is up to you. God is the remover of sorrows, giver of happiness. It is your job to inform others and keep moving, there is no effort in this.
Father says, Remember Me, become soul conscious. You can explain to the devotees of God Shiv (Benefactor-point of light) and Deities-Lakshmi Narayan, explain about their history and geography.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become a helper in spiritual service through your body, mind and wealth. Give everyone the introduction to Alpha and enable them claim the right to their inheritance. Stay in remembrance of the Father in order to become karmateet before destruction takes place.
2. Become a conqueror of attachment like the Father. Remove any attachment the soul has to other souls and love the one Father.
Blessing: May you constantly be an embodiment of success and victorious in every thought with the company of the sakar (Brahma-Adam) and the incorporeal (God)Fathers.
Just as you can carry out every task with the combined form of the incorporeal (bodiless) soul and the physical body, in the same way, when you keep both the sakar and incorporeal Fathers with you or in front of you when you have any thoughts or perform any actions, you become an embodiment of success. When BapDada is personally in front of you, you definitely, do everything with faith and fearlessness after having it verified by Him. By doing this you save time and thoughts; nothing will go to waste and every action will automatically be successful.
Slogan: Spiritual love is even more valuable than wealth and this is why you have to become master oceans of love.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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