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In golden age you have One world,One language,One religion of peace, love and happiness.

Murli 17.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, stay in the spiritual intoxication of belonging to God’s family and of establishing your incognito divine kingdom.
Question: Which firm habit should you children have so that you remain happy throughout the day?
Answer: When you have the habit of waking up early in the morning and churning the ocean of knowledge, you will have limitless happiness throughout the day. The Father’s shrimat (God’s direction) is: Children, wake up at amrit vela (early morning hours from 4am to 4.45am) and talk sweetly to your Father. Think about which family you belong to and what your duty is. When it remains in your intellect that you belong to this family of God and that you are establishing your new kingdom, your happiness will remain throughout the day.
Sweet Children,
You know that you belong to the spiritual family of Spiritual God. Like in physical world you have parents, now you have spiritual parents. You are the Creations of the Creator. Now you know that you belong to the spiritual unlimited family. The (God) loving intellect becomes victorious at all times. It is not mentioned in Gita or any scriptures about the Spiritual Godly family.
You children are establishing the New Kingdom , You belong to the Godly family. Now, you have to return home to the soul world. You have more happiness. You are all brothers amongst each other. In golden age, it is not said you belong to the Godly family but you belong to deity family. You have to churn like this during early morning hours.
By churning, you will understand the knowledge and you will have more happiness. Whatever direction you receive, you follow them to remain happy. When the New world is being established, your intellect thinks about it. Now, it is the old world, later you would go to the New world where you will wear new dress-body.
Here you never rule the kingdom, here establishment happens. Now, the demoniac directions will disappear, you are establishing the Godly kingdom where you will not remember things of the old world. If you have this remembrance (of old world) in golden age, you cannot remain in happiness. This family is an incognito spiritual family, Godly family, this is also an university. You have to become more loving.
God is the Ocean of knowledge and hence He would give the knowledge to you certainly at this period of confluence age, by appearing in the body of Brahma-Adam.
Every version of this knowledge is worth millions. You know about the world cycle and hence you are known as the one who spins the discus of self realization.
Now, you souls receive the knowledge of world cycle. The beard, moustache is not there in subtle world, which is shown for Brahma-deity. This knowledge is very ancient. The great great grand Father is Brahma-Adam. He is the father of mankind. You understand this.
Every soul is the child of one Supreme Soul. Bharat is benefitting now, all souls will go back to the soul world becoming pure. You are very few who understand this, then it is also explained in nutshell: Children, Rest your mind on Me (Manmanabhav). You spend your wealth in establishing New world. Now, you are seeing this world drama being a detached observer.
Father says, Now the status of world has become degraded and Father comes and makes it elevated. You know that you have received the Incorporeal-bodiless Father of the whole world. Brahma-Adam is also the child of Supreme Father. You mothers say Shiv Baba – (Benefactor Father) is your child. You mothers receive divine visions.
Those who go in trance and say God speaks through me are the works of spirits. Never have the desire for trance visions. These belong to devotion, now you are in the path of knowledge. There is no use in trance visions.
God’s direction is, you must not remember any bodily being by your intellect. You have to remember the God-Father for your benefit.
There are few children, who never speaks - writes to the Father (when Sisters were in Japan for service, they receive the murli every day by post. Brahma Baba- Adam is very particular about sending Murli (the letter of God) to children, wherever they are). He is the unlimited Father, you must write that you remain in Godly intoxication at all times. If you speak to the Father about service, then you will receive guidance.
You listen to the song, those who write the song, do not know the real meaning. The most important, people have forgotten their real GodFather. Now, Father says, I take you in to liberation in life (golden age), and all others will be given liberation (soul world). Only One God Father gives salvation to all souls.
You children know that One Spiritual Father is the Father of all souls. You receive unlimited inheritance from Him. By remembering Him, your sins are removed, you must understand this accurately. Now, you have belonged to the God, this is the true spiritual knowledge.
People who perform all types of charity in body consciousness, day by day make them more vicious and this happens only in the world of vices.
Baba gives ordinance, Children, Be careful, do not indulge in vice, the storm of vices will come, during devotion, you were happy in devotion but now you find difficult to remember the Supreme Father. Father says, children forget this impure world (by the intellect), Remember the land of peace along with the Father, only by remembering the Father your sins will be removed. You must have sweet love towards the Supreme Father.
Only the faithful intellect comes here (in Mount Abu). Father has taken this body of Brahma-Adam who has the most experience of life.
In golden age you have One world, One religion, One language.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Do not remember any bodily beings (by looking at everyone as soul). For this, do not love any bodily beings. Go beyond that and remain very cautious. Don’t be afraid of the sinful thoughts of Maya-vices, but become victorious.
2. There is a lot of interference by Maya in trance and visions. Therefore, save yourself from that interference of evil spirits. Give the Father your true news.
Blessing: May you be an elevated effort-maker and make your stage constant and stable with the great mantra of “Follow the Father and see the Father.”
While constantly keeping in front of you the mantra “See the Father, follow the Father”, continue to move along in the ascending stage; continue to fly. Never look at souls because all souls are effort-makers. Effort-makers have goodness in them and they also have some weaknesses; they are not perfect and this is why it is “Follow the Father” and not “brother and sister”. Just as the Father is constant, in the same way, those who follow Him also become constant automatically.
Slogan: Do not be influenced by the thoughts of others (waste thoughts); instead, become a jewel who has pure and positive thoughts for others.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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