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Purity in thoughts, words and actions brings Peace and Prosperity.

Murli 03.05.11
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Essence: Sweet children, Baba (Father), the Death of all deaths, has come to enable you to conquer death. Only with the mantra of Manmanabhav (Remembering One God alone) will you be able to conquer death.
Question: What special teaching does the spiritual Father give you spiritual pilgrims?
Answer: O spiritual pilgrims! Renounce body consciousness and become soul conscious! Ravan made you body conscious for half the cycle. So, now become soul conscious! Only the Supreme Spirit, and no one else, can give you this spiritual knowledge.
Song: Salutations to Shiva (The Benefactor), He is the Father, Mother, Friend and every thing.
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the praise of your God-Father. It is said God is the Highest on high, Father of all souls who are brothers amongst each other. He is known as Shiv Baba (The Benefactor Father).
In devotion you have two fathers – physical father and spiritual Father.
You receive unlimited inheritance from the One Spiritual Father. He is known as Supreme Soul Shiv (The Benefactor). Your intellect goes towards the bodiless-incorporeal Supreme soul who lives in the land of peace. You get limited inheritance from physical father.
God is the Benefactor of all souls. He lives in the highest abode known as soul world (Paramdham-Supreme Abode). He is known as the Purifier, Liberator, Guide, remover of sorrows and creator of happiness. Only resident of Bharat knows about the Supreme Father. The birth of Shiv is celebrated only here in Bharat.
Now it is the land of sorrows, Bharat was the land of happiness.
Father says, you , the resident of Bharat was the master of heaven, now has lost the religion and attitude.
Till the end of iron age, there is devotion. You receive salvation by Truth which you receive by knowledge. Until the liberator of all Souls God-Father comes , no one becomes liberated.
There are saints who remain pure but they have to come again in birth and death, they are born by means of vices.
This knowledge is known as the spiritual knowledge, given by the Supreme Soul who is the Ocean of knowledge, the Purifier.
In devotion you read scriptures, fall down by doing pilgrimage and other acts of devotion.
You had health, wealth 5000 years before, the Bharat was heaven at that time and only one religion of ancient deities existed then, which was established by God Himself. The Creator is only One Incorporeal-bodiless Supreme Father, not Krishna who is the first prince of golden age.
Only through the Creator, the creations receive the Inheritance, not through any other soul, for 21births.
Father establishes the religion of Sun and Moon dynasty. The Spiritual religion of confluence age is the more elevated.
Father is the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of happiness and He makes you souls become like Him. Bharat was the land of happiness, now has become the land of sorrow.
From the beginning of golden age and till end of iron age, the complete history and geography belong to Bharat, not to any other Continent.
The Lakshmi Narayan (deities) were healthy and wealthy, never fall ill, they win over the death at this time.
The Death of all deaths makes you win over the death (even by taking different bodies you never lose your happiness).
You have been saying God is omnipresent, God is present in cats and dogs, this is known as defame of religion, you have been defaming God. At this time of transformation-during copper and  iron age, the intellect thinks in a wrong way.
Even in Gita it is mentioned, the world transformation (destruction) happens .
The mother of all scriptures is the most elevated True Gita (of Shiv). All the scriptures come out of this Gita.
Father comes to make you more elevated Spiritual children and master of heaven-Sun dynasty, later you come in Moon dynasty and lose your status in Copper and Iron age.
The residents of Bharat who come first in golden age takes maximum 84births. The minimum number of birth soul takes is one birth.
By saying - the Purifier, the Ocean of knowledge, your intellect will reaches up above, towards the Supreme Soul. The liberator of every soul is only One God-Father. Then how every soul comes into sorrow? Due to Ravan (of 10heads) – five vices of men and five vices of women.
Father says, every world cycle, I come and give liberation to you souls. In golden and silver ages, who rules the kingdom and the period of those ages, only you understand. The duration of Christian, Buddhism, Islam, you understand now.
You come in Golden and silver ages, later you become the spiritual children.
Bharat becomes the heaven and hell, followers of other religions never come in heaven (because only one religion exists in heaven).
The residents of heaven will take rebirths in heaven. The Lakshmi Narayan receive the kingdom through the God Father.
During Golden age, the scriptures or knowledge never exist.
You have been coming down the ladder of 84births from completely pure to pure to completely impure. It takes 5000yrs to come down the ladder.
The soul becomes stained with the alloys of copper and iron ages. You take complete 84births, This is being explained to the Spiritual children by the Supreme Spiritual Father. You souls are known as ones who play all rounder roles.
You have to become soul conscious. By the appearance of vices, everyone has become body conscious, now you have to know yourself as a soul, now the cycle of 84births has come to an end, your body has become old. From copper age, the vices exist. In Golden and silver ages, you were soul conscious, in Copper and Iron age, you have become body conscious.
Soul is a unique star, sparkles between the eyebrows- at the forehead, it cannot be seen without divine vision. Soul leaves one body and takes another. You souls have taken complete 84births. The Supreme Soul is a point of light, He is known as the Ocean of knowledge, One who Purifies the impure souls.
Supreme Soul has the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world cycle, hence He is known as knowledge-full. He is the form of Seed (of human tree), He is known as Sat Chit Anand. This is the spiritual knowledge, the father of all souls comes and teaches the souls. You have to become soul conscious.
Shiv Baba is teaching you, He is knowledge-full, He comes and creates the heaven, makes you worthy of heaven. No soul knows the secret of this world except the Supreme Soul.
Bharat had purity and so there was peace and prosperity. Now it is hell, you have become one with a stone intellect.
Whoever dies, people say they had become resident of heaven (which is not true). When Father comes, He comes with the gift of heaven, makes you masters of heaven. Those who received the inheritance in previous cycle will receive it once again.
All souls are created (by means of knowledge) through the Brahma-Adam. Father keeps saying: Children, remember Me, so that your sins will be removed. This spiritual knowledge, only Supreme Soul gives you. You are becoming soul conscious leaving the body conscious. Soul is eternal. All the roles are stored in the soul. How you take 84births from golden till iron age, you understand now and once again you are becoming the resident of heaven.
Father gives the direction, Remember Me alone.
The God of the True Gita is God Shiv not Krishna, the soul of Krishna is also learning this spiritual knowledge at this time, through the Supreme Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Stay on the spiritual pilgrimage and also inspire others to do so. In order to make yourself satopradhan (completely pure), remember the one Father. Make full effort to become soul conscious.
2. In order to conquer death, pay attention to the Father’s teachings. Consider yourself to be a spirit and give knowledge to spirits.
Blessing: May you remain constantly beyond and, with the awareness of being a guest, make your family elevated and your stage high.
Those who move along while considering themselves to be guests become free from attachment to the building of their own bodies. Guests do not have anything belonging to themselves. They use everything but not with the feeling of possession. While adopting all means, to the extent that they remain detached so they are loving to the Father accordingly. They easily remain beyond their bodies, bodily relations and physical possessions. To the extent that they have the awareness of being guests, so their families become elevated and their stage becomes high.
Slogan: Make your nature pure and clean and success will be merged in every step.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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