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The same image, name and place of birth never appear again in next birth.

Murli 01.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, the Father’s shrimat (Godly direction) is: Turn your face away from this old world. In order to attain liberation-in-life imbibe divine manners.
Question: Which manners can no one but the Father teach you?
Answer: Becoming pure and making others pure; these are the greatest divine manners. While living at home with your family, remain pure. Only the one Father, and no one else, can give these teachings. You children have unlimited renunciation. You remove this old world from your intellects. You know that when you imbibe purity, all other manners will come automatically.
Song: We people of today are in darkness.
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song. One end there is the world of devotion and other end you are the children who have knowledge. They climb the ladder of devotion, you children climb the ladder of knowledge and come down the ladder of devotion. For half the cycle you were climbing the ladder of devotion and after that you come down the ladder of devotion and climb up the ladder of knowledge.
Without the True Satguru (God), there is deep ignorance.
Holy men and saints keep remembering the God, reading the scriptures but keep saying when God comes, we will be liberated.
Now you children are not in deep ignorance, Worldly people never know the path of liberation in life in spite of doing tapasya and reading scriptures.
You know about the God who gives liberation in life. Those children who study this knowledge and imbibe virtues, that much they attain elevated status, attain the light of knowledge.
Along with knowledge, there is yog – remembrance. Even in devotion, there is yog, but your yog is with the incorporeal bodiless God Father.No one else has the remembrance with the Purifier, the One who gives liberation and liberation in life.
You children remember the God along with liberation and liberation in life. For liberation in life, you need that much the divine manners.
You have been praising the virtues of supreme Soul. He is the Truth, the living being, the Ocean of Bliss, knowledge, purity forever because God never comes into the cycle of birth and death. These attainments never remain eternal in human beings.
You children remain pure becoming master ocean of purity and knowledge but in a limited manner, not forever. Now, in this confluence age, Father gives the direction of purity.
God Father says, I remain unlimited , I cannot make you unlimited forever otherwise world drama cannot happen. I make you pure for 21births. It is not fixed in the drama for you to become pure forever.
I remain ever pure, I remain in soul world, you live in the world of human beings. I have the knowledge and purity constantly.
Now, I have come to make you the king of kings for 21births, so you have to remember Me to become that. Only those who became in the earlier cycle will become the same again.
Those who are very impure, become pure again.
The Father has to come and clean the souls-clothes. Maya-vices has made you so much dirty through so many births. Now to make the soul pure, Father gives you Laksh (Aim object) soap to wash the clothes-souls.
By the remembrance of God, your stains will be removed. The more you remember the GodFather, that much your light of soul will become bright.
It is Me, who sent you to the heaven, maya had made you impure. I have come now to make you the master of heaven by Godly directions.
Father says, you have to forget all the body and bodily beings and remember Me, so that your soul will become pure, you will receive a pure body in heaven, now you have to forget this old world so that you will come back to me and rule the kingdom in heaven-golden age.
In old world, if something is made new, you name it new like New Delhi. But the whole world remains old, so you children have to remove your intellect from this old world. Your sweet home is soul world and every one of you has to return home now. It is the time of judgement day, so remember Me, so that you will become fortunate.
Many remember the deities, Krishna but no one knows that even the deities take rebirths. Because according to the world cycle, every soul has to take rebirth.
In golden age, there are deities, but even there, they take rebirths, Rebirth starts from golden age. The first prince is Sri Krishna, He is a child who remains completely pure and hence he is praised more. But you do not know that, where is the land of Krishna. The Golden age is known as heaven. People do not know where is  Krishna now, they think Krishna comes in copper age. Krishna comes in copper age but comes in different name and form.
The same image, name and place of birth never appear again in next birth, only you children know about this.
In reality the demons never existed during the existence of Krishna, these things, only GodFather explains you during this confluence age.
God is known as the Seed of the world human tree. Hence certainly He would come and create the New World. You have been calling out for God to create the New world.
Father creates the pure world through the Brahma-Adam. But no one knows all this Truth, only Father comes and explains you the Truth.
Now, you are remembering the Father, you know how Father removes the stains in your clothes-souls. Some clothes tear away, some clothes are completely stained such a way that, it never becomes pure.
Father says, my sweet, beloved children, now remember the most beloved GodFather and also the most beloved land of happiness. Only you children know about this because now, it is the land of deep sorrows, every one keeps fighting against each other. When you come under sorrow, you think about the liberator, GodFather.
You children understand, that Father has come now to take you all to the land of happiness. You children are numberwise in this intoxication. This study is the most elevated that, the Elevated Father is teaching you, the impure souls become master of heaven by this study.
Father explains repeatedly, here you also have to imbibe divine virtues, you must remember the aim object constantly. The manners of purity, no one else can teach you. Sanyasis leave the household and go to the forest, here Father says, you must not leave the household but you have to renounce the whole world. Theirs is the limited renunciation, yours is the unlimited renunciation. Thos who practice limited renunciation are respected more, in future even the sanyasis will surrender to you, those who follow the unlimited renunciation because you give the knowledge of God.
Many do namaste, many say Ram Ram, God Father also says, Namaste, I make you more elevated than Myself, I make you the master of heaven and soul world, I never come into heaven, I give you the inheritance and retire in soul world.
Children you have to turn your face from this old world.
Father explains all these very clearly but only very few understand this knowledge and take the inheritance for the new world by surrendering the body, mind and wealth. Father is known as Saudagar (one who distributes gifts), Jaadugar (Magician). To make the impure ones to become pure is the magic of God, no human beings can do this. I make the residents of hell into the residents of heaven. Father says, children, become the king of all kings, following the direction of God.
The married, unmarried, everyone can follow the Godly direction. You have to receive the inheritance from the One Father. Souls are brothers amongst themselves and hence all brothers receive inheritance from One GodFather.
In soul world, there is only relation of God and children-brothers. All souls are brothers amongst each other.
If God is known as omnipresent, all have the image of God, then, everyone will remain Father. You have made it difficult by saying God is every where.
It is not that you have to just remain in silence, you have to remember the God all the time while carrying out your daily activities. To the extent possible remain in remembrance. You can do eight hours service, and remaining hours you have to remember the Father.
No one other than the Father can make you imbibe the virtue of purity. The whole world has become the forest of thorns, keep pricking each other with thorns. Now, you have to become pure.
You know that the most Elevated Shiv Baba (the Benefactor Father) is teaching you, you are all students. You say that Shiv Baba is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. ShivBaba makes you pure from impure, He is the Purifier.
Father says, I have come now, I will take you back home but you have to imbibe the first Godly direction to become pure. Without becoming pure, you cannot go to the pure world. Only God gives you this guarantee because God Father is the one who gives happiness, establishes the religion of purity. Still many do not know about the GodFather. If you know about the God Father, then you will know about the complete properties – inheritance of peace, love and happiness, and become master of complete Godly properties.
Father says, now make relationship with the New world, forget the old world (by intellect) by remembering the One Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Constantly keep your aim and objective in front of you and constantly imbibe divine virtues. In order to go to the satopradhan (completely pure) world, adopt manners of purity. Your intellect must have unlimited renunciation.
2. Remember your most beloved Father and your land of happiness. Remove your intellect’s yoga from this land of sorrow.
Blessing: May you be a master ocean of peace and spread rays of peace through your peaceful form.
At present, the majority of the souls of the world need true peace the most. Day by day, the causes of peacelessness are increasing and they will continue to increase. Even if you yourself are not peaceless, the peaceless atmosphere of others will not allow you to remain in a peaceful stage. The experience of tension of peacelessness will increase. At such a time, you children who are master oceans of peace have to merge thoughts of peacelessness and specially spread vibrations of peace.
Slogan: In order to experience all the virtues of the Father, constantly remain personally in front of the Sun of Knowledge.
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