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At the end,you get visions of sins you performed,to experience punishment.

Murli 02.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, in order to receive blessings from the Father, become worthy, serviceable children and give everyone happiness. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.
Question: In order to free yourself from the punishment of Dharamraj (Supreme Judge), what Godly disciplines do you have to pay attention to?
Answer: Having made a promise to God, don’t disobey Him. Don’t cause anyone sorrow. Those who become angry or distress others or behave in a way that would defame God’s name will have to experience a lot of punishment. Therefore, don’t perform any such actions. No matter if an illness breaks out or how many storms of Maya-obstacles come, constantly remain free from performing wrong actions by using your intellect to judge what is right and what is wrong.
Sweet Children,
You children have faith that Supreme Father is Shiv (the Benefactor). You have been adopted through Brahma-Adam.
You Children know that you are receiving the highest property, the inheritance of heaven.
You listen to the God-Father directly with lot of intoxication. You have lots of love in the heart that you are receiving inheritance from the sweetest unlimited Father, you understand that Father is making you the master of heavenly kingdom.
Every soul belongs to One Father. If you do not have faith, you do not have that much love and intoxication which is revealed in your face.
You know that you are the most beloved of the One Bridegroom.
There is a story that one king got married to a village girl but the girl’s mind was after the field, and so, she was sent back saying you are not worthy of being Princess.
Here also, Father is decorating you to remain worthy of heaven but many do not understand due to irreligious mind. People think all natural calamities will keep happening, world will move on like this.
Now you children imbibe divine virtues, belong to the divine clan.
Father is transforming you from impure to pure, you belong to the deity clan by becoming pure. Earlier you were in the lap of demons now have come into the lap of God. You are all brothers and sisters of One God-Father.
You belong to the divine clan, hence, you have to follow the direction of the Father, you have to give happiness and show right path to everyone. You explain to others, how to receive inheritance from God. You know by intellect that those who received inheritance of heaven in the earlier world cycle, would come to receive it again.
Even amongst you, you understand number-wise. Many belong to the Father and later leave Him. If you become pure and later influenced by impurity, you become more sinful soul.
Many commit suicide, but if you promise to remain pure and later become impure, then the sins what you incur will be more than sins incurred by committing suicide. You never incur much sin during ignorance than after receiving knowledge. Here if you become angry you receive more punishment, hundredfold, you keep falling down because you don’t follow the direction of God. You are receiving the direction of God-Father to become pure. If you belong to the Father and don’t keep up the promise, you receive hundredfold punishment.
Father even gives visions of Supreme Judge. You receive visions of sins during punishment, without visions, you never experience punishment.
Father says, if you want to see the most sinful soul, you can see here. When dhobi has the very dirty cloth, it was beaten hard and so tears away.
Here, if you belong to the Father and perform sin directly to the God, you incur more sin.
The Centre-in-charge has more responsibility, even if one among the soul, who was pure becomes impure, the Centre-in-charge becomes responsible, you must not bring any impure one in this gathering of divine souls.
It is mentioned in the scriptures that, one who goes against the law becomes a stone, lose the status of attaining a kingdom. If any poor one surrender to the king and if that person becomes not worthy and sent away by king, the person will feel very bad, becoming useless. Here also Father says, you must not perform any sinful actions.
God Father is very ordinary. He gives you direction that, those who become impure cannot sit in this gathering. They do disservice instead of doing service. It is shown in memorial that different types of flowers, fragrant flower and non-fragrant flowers are showered on the image of Shiv, You know what type of flower you are?
This is a garden of flowers, you are also known as the Knowlede-full river ganga, Father is the Ocean. This Brahma-Adam is the longest river Brahmaputra. In Calcutta, river Brahmaputra is the longest, there the Sea and river meet at one place.
In Haridwar, there is the image of deity near the shore of river Ganga, the deity is also known as Ganga, but people do not about the memorial of this deity.
You children are the real deity of knowledge-rivers, people take dip in river instead of taking dip in the rivers of knowledge.
There is a difference of day and night in the happiness of golden age and iron age.
The main point is to know about God, If you do not know about God, you may not know about yourself. You have to check yourself how much happiness you give to others,do I speak anything opposite, do I become angry.
Father understands about the person just by looking at the person. Father loves the child who is serviceable. Every soul cannot be loved alike. Serviceable children receive blessing automatically from within. The Father likes the faithful children. It depends upon the destiny. Many are more serviceable and others are not. In this path of knowledge, you have to be very careful (in imbibing virtues).
If you offer to God, you receive in return for 21births. You have to remain in household, take care of children and home, being a trustee.
Here you have to become pure, impure ones cannot come in front of the Father, there is the philosophy of karma, you have the highest aim. If you belong to the Father, you will come under more obstacles, but you must not become afraid. All disease has to come out if you take medicine. The maya-obstacles will come as a storm but you have the discrimination power to discriminate right and wrong.
At this time no soul has the discriminating intellect. Even amongst you very few does very good service.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. After becoming God’s child, don’t disobey Him even slightly. Don’t perform any sinful actions through the physical organs. Don’t use wrong words. Become worthy and claim blessings from the Father.
2. Be a trustee and look after your household. Completely follow the laws of the path of knowledge. Understand right from wrong and remain cautious of Maya-obstacles.
Blessing: May you be double light and make difficult tasks easy with the constant awareness of the combined form.
The children who stay in constant remembrance experience constant company. When any problems come in front of them, they will experience the combined form and not be afraid. The awareness of the combined form makes any difficult task easy. If any big situation comes in front of you, then hand over your burden to the Father and become double light. Then you will continue to dance in happiness in your mind day and night like an angel.
Slogan: Jewels of contentment find a solution to any problem, they remain content and make others content.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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