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A yogi soul is one who remains introverted and stable in the stage of light and might.

Murli 06.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, this whole world is God’s family, and that is why it is sung: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. You have now become God’s family in a practical way.
Question: What is the easy way to claim the full inheritance of 21 births from the Father?
Answer: Make Shiv Baba (The Benefator Father)  your Heir at the confluence age. Surrender yourself along with your body and you will receive the full inheritance for 21 births. Baba says: I give a return for 21 births to the children who insure all the old things they have at the confluence age.
Song: Show the path to us  blind ones, dear God!
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song, the devotees cry out to God. In devotion people wander a lot.
In Bharat, there was kingdom of deities which was called heaven. Bharat is praised a lot because it is the Birth place of Supreme Soul.
The One Heavenly God-Father creates the heaven.
All are blind at this time , the divine insight is not there now. I teach you RajaYoga now.
Now, you are made to be one with divine intellect. You receive the third eye of knowledge by which you know about the God Father and the world cycle.
At this time the five vices exist and you remain in deep darkness. You children have light within. You souls know about the history and geography of the world cycle.
When you receive the light of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance disappears.
Earlier, you were in darkness of ignorance. The worship-worthy was in light and the worshippers are in darkness.
The Supreme worship-worthy Supreme Soul makes you worship-worthy.
Sri Krishna cannot be called as the God Father. God is also a soul but He is the Supreme. The speciality is, He remains in Supreme land (Soul world) at all the time.
It is said the soul and Supreme soul remained separate for a long time. It is not said Supreme soul remained separate from Supreme Soul.
Soul never becomes Supreme Soul. Supreme Soul never comes into the cycle of birth and death.
You residents of Bharat were worship-worthy. You all belong to the Godly family and hence you say, You are the Mother and Father and we are children.
Soul says Mother and Father and through Him, you get happiness of heaven.
You Mother and Father come and establish heaven and we become your children.
God says, I come and teach you Raja Yog for heaven. The intellect of the people has become ignorant that they call the hell as heaven.
Many believe that all vicious demons – vices appear in heaven along with deities.
You celebrate Shiv ratri (the Night of God Father). Shiv Jayanti (The birth of God Father) is celebrated only in Bharat. The darkness-ignorance of Brahma-Adam (and you children) is known as night. Father comes and gives you the light of knowledge.
Human beings change their name birth after birth. God’s name is only Shiv (Benefactor) all the time, I take the help of this old body of Brahma-Adam, who was worship worthy in golden age.
Who are there in the lap of Shiv Baba? Shiv Baba is the highest on high. The deities have their own roles to play, every soul has the role of happiness and sorrow to play. You know that you have become heir for Shiv Baba because Shiv Baba makes you the resident of heaven.
You remember God to show mercy. The holy men also make effort to get rid of sorrows. To say Soul merges with Supreme Soul is wrong. Soul cannot become leen-merged with Supreme Soul.
You say that, we soul are the residents of soul world. Later, you come into the clan of deities. Then you take 84births. Shiv Baba never comes into the cycle of birth and death. Like in Christian religion there is Edward I, II and III, in golden age, there will be 8 dynasties of Lakshmi and Narayan.
Now, your third eye of knowledge has been opened. The Father speaks to the souls, you have taken so many births. You come into the cycle of 84births.
Your clan is the top most. You belong to the Godly family in practical. By this Godly knowledge, you receive the inheritance of happiness, of Golden and Silver ages, according to your own effort.
The whole kingdom is being established. If anyone leaves the body by doing the effort, Father can tell, what status he would attain. Only by remembrance, your sins of bondages get removed.
I come in Bharat, this is my birth place. This Father explains to you in practical. Then in copper age, your memorial is created.
When you become worshippers, first you create the temple of Somnath (located at Veravel, Gujarat). Bharat – India was the wealthiest, even the temple had all its wealth. Now, the Bharat has become like a shell. Then Father comes and makes it like a diamond.
Everyone knows God is the Creator but they say God is omnipresent which is not true.
The whole world tree has become so old, about to be destroyed.
Check how much you have become worthy to attain elevated status. This world is of impure. The most important is Purity. Now, there is no health, no wealth and no prosperity.
Duryodhan is known as vicious ones, all of you are Draupathis who are affected by Duryodhan-vices.
Father is explaining nicely that those whose intellect is good, they will imbibe divine virtues. You have to remain in household.
You have to leave the body certainly. I am the Death of all deaths, I have come to take you all back home, you must remain happy.
Those who study well become the master of heaven. If you do not study, you become the subjects, you have come here to study and attain kingdom. You have the aim object here, like you have aim object to become barrister in worldly study.
Here Father is teaching you and so you have to have yog-remembrance with the One Father. I come from very far beyond (from soul world) which is far beyond the subtle world, It takes just a second to come here on earth.
You receive the liberation in life in just a second.
Father establishes heaven, all souls go back to the soul world. Souls are immortal, soul is a star, never becomes big or small.
You are the God-Fatherly student. God-Father is knowledge-full, Blissful. He is teaching you. You know that, by this study, you will become the master of heaven. You are doing service for Bharat.
Earlier you have been wandering towards many gurus. Here there is only One Father. The Father gives His wealth to His children. Children, you exchange your useless-vices with the every treasure of God-Father.
Whatever you have, along with the body give it to Me. I make your body and soul pure. Then I give you the inheritance of heaven.
Whatever you have, sacrifice them, so that you receive liberation in life. Say, Baba everything belongs to You. Father says, make Me your Heir. I will make you My heir for 21births. Just follow My directions. Do all your normal actions, do whatever you want, just follow My direction.
Be careful, Maya-vices makes you fall repeatedly. Do not perform any vicious action. If you follow the Godly direction, you will become elevated.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to purify both the soul and the body, surrender everything you have, including your body, to the Father and follow His directions.
2. Make yourself worthy to be seated on the throne of the Mother and Father. In order to become worthy, imbibe the main virtue of purity.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who remains merged in love of the one Father and who constantly experiences the ascending stage.
The main basis of success in service and in the ascending stage of the self is to have unbreakable love for the one Father. You should not look at anything except the Father. Baba in your thoughts, Baba in your words and to have the Father with you in your actions. When a soul merged in such love speaks even one word, then that word filled with love ties other souls in that love too. One word “Baba” spoken by a soul merged in love performs magic. Such a soul becomes a spiritual magician.
Slogan: A yogi soul is one who remains introverted and stable in the stage of light and might.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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