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Be aware that, you are a soul who lived with the Supreme Soul and have come to play different roles.

Murli 14.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet sensible children, always remember that each one of you is an imperishable soul. You now have to go to the first floor with the Father.
Question: What effort does each of you children definitely have to make?
Answer: Continue to keep in your heart all the knowledge that Baba (Father) gives you. Churn it within yourself and digest it. By doing this you will receive power. Each of you definitely has to make this effort. Those who make this incognito effort remain constantly cheerful. They have the intoxication of who it is that is teaching them and in front of whom they are sitting.
Sweet Sweet Sensible Children,
Here, God-Father and Brahma-Adam (together known as BapDada) are speaking to you. God-Father says, I am the Ocean of knowledge. I always remain soul conscious, I never come into body conscious.
Father explains that, I come only once in world cycle, I am known as the Incorporeal-bodiless Supreme Father Supreme Soul.
The bodiless-incorporeal God-Father never becomes body conscious, His incorporeal form is also being worshipped in the form of point of light-ling.
The God-Father never takes a physical body.
In golden and silver ages, the images or light are not worshipped. The Supreme Father does not have an image-body either subtle or physical (but only a point of light).
The Supreme Father stays in the highest abode-Soul world, the highest floor.
The second floor is the subtle world where deities live in subtle form.
The third floor is the physical world where the human beings live in physical form.
You souls lived in the form of incorporeal soul in soul world. Then you appear as living being-living soul in the physical world-earth.
Remain in the awareness that, you are an incorporeal soul lived with the Supreme Soul and come down on earth to play different roles.
You must have the intoxication that you are a soul. The soul is an eternal being. The awareness of destructible body is known as body consciousness. Which is good? The awareness of eternal soul or the awareness of destroying body ? You become sensible when you have the awareness of soul.
Souls live in the world beyond, come down to earth to play different roles.
Brahma-Adam is known as the father of humanity.
God-Father is known as Shiv (the Benefactor), the souls are known as saligrams. The Creator has to be there for souls, isn’t it?
You must keep churning this knowledge so that you can imbibe the knowledge with faith.
You must have faith that, you souls lived together with the Supreme Father.
There is a world human tree, which keeps growing.
You children know that, you souls lived in Soul world-the world beyond-the Supreme abode. The highest is the God-Father.
The Spiritual Father appears in the body of Brahma-Adam and is teaching you. He gives knowledge to you Children.
You have to return home-soul world where the Father and children lived together, you children-souls live as brothers  in soul world. In physical world, you are known as brothers and sisters.
The God-Father is known as the SupremeFather.
Now, you souls are Sitas who cry out for One Ram, the God-Father. You never call out for the Ram who lived in Silver age but the God-Father.
You children never call out for anyone, for half the world cycle.
People say that, soul becomes merged with the Supreme Soul, which never happens. Father says, souls are eternal, not a single soul can be destroyed or become merged. Like Supreme Soul is imperishable, you souls are also imperishable-eternal.
The whole world has become impure and Father comes to make the impure world to pure world.
Father is the eternal and souls are also eternal, the world cycle is also eternal. You children know that, how the history of world cycle repeats. First you belong to the Sun dynasty with 16celestial arts-virtues. Then comes the Silver age where only 14celestial arts-virtues exist and hence they cannot be called as deities, in reality.
You become completely virtuous with 16celestial arts, those who take complete 84births.
Initially in golden age, everything remains New, later it becomes old.
The sky is an unlimited space, it cannot have a boundary-end. Scientists try to see the end but in vain. Likewise the Brahm element (Soul world) is also unlimited and you souls occupy a very little space in it. You souls live there which is also known as akhand jyoti (Eternal-unlimited light). Soul lives there without a body and never takes food.
All these knowledge, only once you receive in the world cycle and the God-Father comes and teaches you. In the whole world cycle, no one knows about these.
You must have intoxication that, you belong to the deity clan. You were here even 5000years before, to become an elevated being.
God-Father is incorporeal-bodiless, appear in the body of Brahma-Adam. Like you souls play roles through the physical organs, God-Father uses the physical body of Brahma-Adam to give this knowledge. Even Shiv-Jayanti  is being celebrated in Bharat (India). Otherwise How God can play His role (without the use of physical body).
To make you deities from human beings, only One God-Father teaches you RajaYoga. Only I know the beginning, middle and end of this world human tree.
Now, you know that, God-Father appears in the body of Brahma-Adam and teaches you all these knowledge.
God is the purifier, everyone has their unique role to play. Souls play the role of prime minister and other roles. God has to take the help of human body to play His role. God never has a body of His own, hence He takes the help of Brahma-Adam’s body and gives you the nectar of knowledge.
People call out for the God to save them from sorrows. Only One Surgeon can make you all become pure. God-Father teaches you the elevated actions to perform.
In golden and silver ages, you never experience pain of actions. No one knows about the karma, akarma (Neutral action of golden and silver ages) and vikarma (actions done in body consciousness during copper and iron age), only God-Father gives the knowledge of actions.
Every object remain pure-sato in the beginning, later it undergoes rajo and reaches the stage of tamo. In golden age, you remained sato, later undergo changes as rajo and tamo. Only God Father can explain clearly and no one else can explain about these (truths which are beyond human intellects).
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Perform such elevated actions, according to the Father’s shrimat (elevated directions) from now, that you never have to repent for your actions, that is, you don’t have to experience punishment for your actions.
2. Don’t have intoxication of any perishable things. Even your body is perishable. Don’t have intoxication of that either. Become sensible!
Blessing: May you be powerful and remain constantly content by experiencing problems to be a means of the ascending stage.

Powerful souls overcome problems as easily as passing along an easy and direct path. For them, problems are a means for the ascending stage. They experience every problem to be familiar. They are never surprised about anything, but remain constantly content instead. The words “Because of” and “reasons” never emerge from their lips, but they are able to transform reasons and excuses into solutions at that time.
Slogan: To remain stable in your original stage and overcome all adverse situations is greatness.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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